Carnival – 6 Questions to be Asked

It’s time again, the 5th season is coming. If you still do not know how to celebrate your carnival, you should slowly think about this topic. In a few days the starting shot will fall and there is, above all, in the Carnival high-rise castles, absolute exceptional condition. In order for the carnival festival to be a success for everyone, we have listed a few questions you should ask yourself about the carnival week.

Do I Already Have a Costume?

No? The time has come. Whether one is more of a classic, like the Indian or pirate costume, or rather creative sewing and sewing something is left to everyone. If you do not want to rely on the tried and tested panels, or are particularly creative, there are other solutions. How about a “group costume”? Think about it with friends and choose your costumes according to the topic. Such a motto could be “animals”, “cleaning women”, “Lindt gold hares”, “hippies” or “unicorns”. If you pull together, attention is guaranteed.

How Do I Get into Carnival Mood?
Decorate your apartments! The shop windows and shops in the city have long been decorated in colorful colors and bring color to the dreary February gray. But not just streamers and confetti help to agree on the probably most crazy time of the year, even the right music is a must.

What Songs Belong to My Playlist?
When it comes to the selection of the best carnival hits, “De Hens ” are by no means missing. The ultimate carnival song “Viva Colonia” comes from this group. Also the band “ink Fooss” should be known to all the Jecken. With songs like “Mer losse de Dom in Kolle”, earworms are guaranteed. “Cat Ballou” and “Kasalla”, which bring us to the “Schunkele” with their fresh way, are no longer an insider’s tip.

Where Is Celebrated?
The majority of the celebrities will be found in the city center in bars, pubs and on the street. If you prefer cuddly, consider alternatives. A visit to the pub around the corner can also be very funny and you have the chance to meet nice people from the neighborhood. Another possibility is the private carnival party. Invite friends, get nibbles, cold drinks – and the party can go up.

Who Is Celebrating with Whom?
When you’re celebrating with friends, something can never go wrong. Carnival is also the ideal opportunity to get to know new people. If you are in a good mood, it is already half the rent and you are welcomed by the carnivalists. Maybe there is also one or the other “Butzje”, since one must be particularly nice.

Finally, What Can Not be Missing?
The Carnival Treats. Whether the donuts, the Berliner, the Mutzen or the American, the Mett-hedgehog or the “Halvehahn”, the carnival days are the last chance to sincerely sin again before the fasting season starts on Ash Wednesday. So also served plenty of the jecken treats.

And if you decide to escape from the Carnival high peaks, you should grab your bags as soon as possible, because in just a few days you will be able to hear “Helau” and “Alaaf” calls in the streets.