Carpones Fishing Tips

“Carpones to the view!”. In the jargon of CARP fishermen, said is the exclamation point that amateur and all who surround him scream when they take a huge piece of this cyprinid. Equal that is says that in the life there is that planting a tree, write a book,… a fisherman sports of any mode must, unless one time in the life, practice the fishing of the carpones with Andrewfishing and although not is sewing and sing if there are large possibilities of get a beautiful exemplary and with technical very different: to fund, cup, Bologna, English ,…

Carp Fishing Tips
But start with the basics: what is a carpones? I think that all of us, put a weight, a size for any species that a time surpassed consider it as great capture. For me, this category in the tents is above the 15 kilos of weight.

The carpones fishing tips

All the fishermen know there are no magic formulas to achieve a large catch, but some techniques that can help us to get it. With the large tents have the advantages that there are many reservoirs that harbor them, but also a disadvantage because… these fish all know it is! Therefore, here I leave a few small tips that we can help.

Not all baits are the same:

The tents not only live of corn, and the large, less. That does not mean that we can assist in any bad tomorrow, but if you want to focus on catch weight, bet by the boiles on a large hook. Which you, know that it will be of category.

Carpones Fishing Tips 1

The carpones fishing must ‘work’ many days:

It may from time to time you pull the shank and a few hours already have a great part in your hands, also called luck of the fisherman, but no mistake, little happens. If like to fish a great tent you must bet you several days in your place of fishing. What do these days? First, observe the movement of the big fish close to the shore in spring or in greater depth in summer and winter. Secondly, choosing our location ideal, and in third place, make a prime area.

Be precise in the priming:

You can use primers leads on the day of fishing, but before, practice with the choke Slingshot. It uses hardened pastes or the own boiles you have left to dry well in previous days. Thinks that are creating a zone of fishing that must last at least all your day.

Carpones Fishing Tips 2

Patience in the bite:

The marquee big pulls much towards the Fund. This allows that if the Dunk is good to work with patience, avoiding unnecessary tensions. That Yes, sometimes can be a time to take it to the Bank. It will be then when that magical moment in which give all the fishermen of your around come to see your screenshot.

Very good team of carp:

Carpones Fishing Tips 3

It is advice that I give always, but I can’t stop repeating it. By luck or great technique you have, if you’re not accompanied by good team you can lose many parts. So nothing gray of hypermarket, a good telescopic with reinforced toe that allows a wide arc, along with cross-wire maximum resistance (minimum 18 kilograms) and with a reel that accompany you.

Finally I leave you a video of the fishing of the carpones

It is only tell you that you seek your favorite corner and for them with patience and a good rod.



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