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Samsung i5800 Galaxy 3 – the new smartphone middle class

Rarely, there are

true smartphones for beginners. Only the trend in 2010 towards cheap phones operating system away from the proprietary operating system a real Smartphone. Follows this trend with his new cell phone manufacturers Samsung – Samsung i5800 Galaxy 3. It’s a Smartphone that runs Google’s Android and in terms of equipment is very similar to the Galaxy i7500 and Galaxy Spica i5700 models available already on the market. Because it is a mid-range phone, also the price in a middle category takes place. This is indeed unbeatable 207,95 euro.


heard the Samsung i5800 Galaxy 3 in terms of equipment clearly the category of new smartphone mid-range phones. Mobile Internet is available to the user via HSDPA (3,6 Mbps) and Wi-Fi. On visited sites are then visible on the 3.2 inch display. This has a resolution of 240 × 400 pixels. Of course, also a camera belongs to the Smartphone. It has 3.2 mega pixels. The internal memory is not so great with 170 megabytes, but can be extended by micro-SD card. The battery is full 15000 mAh strong, which means the use of several days without charging.

Android 2.1 and Touchwiz

the Samsung Smartphone running the Android system 2.1. Even with the Galaxy 3 i5800 Samsung is to find familiar Touchwiz 3.0 user interface. Still, besides all of the Google services are installed. Also one bidder the Smartphone access to Samsung apps, a download platform designed specifically for Samsung mobile phones.

Availability and price

You can order already now the Samsung i5800 Galaxy 3 and in the online-shop of bridgat. The price of well-equipped middle class mobile phones without a contract is 207,95 euro.

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New Samsung phones: S5330 wave Pro, I5800 Galaxy 3 and B7350 Omnia Pro

Samsung now slowly but is starts, particularly to maintain a new product line: affordable smartphones in the, which are already to the market launch for under 500,-€. This marks the beginning of a development that predictably. Smartphones will replace cell phones with proprietary operating system sooner or later. What operating system is ultimately the best, yet everyone can decide, because Samsung has no clear line. Samsung S5330 wave 2 Pro runs the in-house operating system Bada, the I5800 Galaxy 3 with Android and the Samsung B7350 Omnia Pro 4 Windows Mobile.

Samsung S5330 wave 2 Pro – first full keyboard phone with Samsung Bada

On mobile phones, providing Samsung with Bada operating system among the people, Samsung is no slouch himself. Already the Samsung S8500 wave was a blast with truly outstanding hardware and the operating system very appealing – at a cost of less than 300,-€ in the bridgat shop but a real surprise this year. At the Samsung S5330 wave I expect again a top, this rather compact phone with top hardware and processing 2 Pro. At least some key figures are already known: the Smartphone to only 80mb internal memory, but can be expanded via Microsd card. Otherwise there’s not much to complain about, because the 3.2 ″ display is at least 240 × 400 pixels resolution. All modern interfaces, that were limited to only high-end smartphones, are beimn S5330 wave 2 Pro integrates (WLAN N, Bluetooth 2.1, A-GPS and HSDPA). A camera with 3.2 megapixels and video functionality is also on board. Mention I must of course again the full keyboard in the QWERTY format, that represents a premiere on the Bada operating system. 1200 mAh battery of the Smartphone should have what for sufficient, if not also superior battery life should be enough.

Be available to the Samsung S5330 wave 2 Pro from August at a price of approximately 250,-€.

Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3

Also the Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 belongs to the ranks of middle-class smartphones, but quite big brothers to hide not needed. At the store, the Samsung Smartphone with Google Android not quite so sparingly, as the S5330 wave 2 is Pro version 2.1. At least 170 mb of memory are integrated internally and one is 1 gb memory card into the micro SD format. Otherwise, there are as usual much offered. Even with the Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 there is a 3.2 ″ screen with good resolution of 240 × 400 pixels. This Smartphone also dominates current transmission standards of WLAN N, Bluetooth 2.1 and A-GPS for navigation via mobile phone. Here is the Google navigation free integrated, what but a data plan is required, since the card not on the phone are stored be retrieved online. The 3.2 megapixel camera has integrated auto focus and can absorb nantürlich videos. Highlight of the smartphones will be the battery life, because Samsung installed a large here 1500 mAh battery, which should open up quite strong terms periphery and hardware.

We can offer Samsung I5800 Galaxy currently for about €210!

Samsung B7350 Omnia Pro 4

The “ Pro ” is actually not much more at Samsung, as that is a full QWERTY keyboard. In the case of the B7350, it sits directly under the comparatively small 2.6 ″ screen that has an unusual format with 320 x 320 pixels with 65 k provides even less colors than both models previously. This is the Smartphone with Windows Mobile but also more compact, I’m almost inclined to say in the “ BlackBerry format ” – maker RIM is easy with this form become known. The Samsung B7355 Omnia Pro is a very flat with 11, 9 mm depth phone that runs on Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional. I.e. this Samsung Smartphone is an actual “ professional ” variant, which is rather designed for business use. Accordingly, there are also “ only ” the normal Wi-Fi (without the N), Bluetooth 2.1, A-GPS, and HSDPA. In contrast to the two models previously is still a secondary camera for video calling. The camera on the back has, however, but also the 3.2 megapixels, autofocus and video function. As at the Samsung I5800 Galaxy should be here too the battery 1500 mAh a real highlight.

The Samsung B7350 Omnia Pro 4 will be available from August 2010 for approximately 250,-€.

Conclusion: Pro must be not business

The Windows Mobile Smartphone Samsung B7350 Omnia Pro 4 is a true workhorse with push mail function, clear and adult-acting surface. Also it is flat and has a discreet, high design … the perfect business companion! Sure, the Samsung S5330 wave 2 Pro has a full keyboard in the slider mechanism, no business smartphone, but certainly in the heart but rather on the use of social networks. For the business, operation is the Bada OS with Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 also too colorful, too unaufgeräumt. Still, the cell phone is suitable of course wonderfully in everyday use for all tasks that have to do with writing long messages, but as real business … that you prefer to fall to the Samsung B7355 Omnia Pro with Windows Mobile. Operating system probably has the best equipment and the best multimedia the Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3, because Android 2.1 version offers many apps and also a free navigation with Google maps.

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Sound & smoke? Presentation of the HTC desire HD in September

Has to HTC so thought: only the Group publishes a mysterious invitation to the press, then all should worry what now insane is presented. The Photoshop connoisseurs under the Handybloggern have now changed the invitations by contrast changes and visualized as the HTC desire HD which was previously only very slightly hinted at in a cloud of smoke. We reveal here, what to expect on September 15 at the press conference the journalists.



HTC desire HD – flat Android all-rounder

has made the Android blog thenextweb search and edited the image with Photoshop. Everything indicates that the idea will actually apply the HTC desire HD, as can be seen reasonably well on the screen. The HTC desire HD is an Android Smartphone based on the hardware of the HTC desire. Only the housing has been revised heavily and seems to be now much flatter. Also the camera has 8 Megapixels and can record HD video. The Smartphone to run with Android 2.2 and is probably against at the end of the year to project a. We reported already in detail about the HTC desire HD, which is known also as HTC ACE. The alternative HTC desire (no HD) is still recommended and one of the most popular phones of this year!

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Motorola milestone 2: The mile stone enters the second round

The Motorola milestone is the most successful smartphone with full keyboard last year and did especially in the United States, big waves. Under the name “ droid 2 ″ is now the Motorola milestone 2 in the starting blocks. As of today it can already with the American operator Verizon at a price of $199 plus a contract with 24-month minimum term available for pre-order. On the outside not much has happened at the milestone successor. Some small changes have been made in detail, but honestly: that was actually hardly necessary, right? The milestone is probably already the most elegant representatives of smartphones with QWERTY keyboard.

Optics update for the Motorola milestone 2

At the Motorola milestone successor there, as already mentioned, only a few small innovations: hardly any differences be seen only NAV keys has been omitted, so that there is now more room for buttons on the housing. Look yourself. The following image shows the Motorola milestone, left and right, the Motorola milestone 2.


Technical innovations

much more important at the milestone successor: the technology has been revised. The already quite fleet was 550 MHz OMAP processor through a 1000 MHz replaced model and increases the memory of 256mb to 512 mb. In conjunction with the version 2.2 of the Android operating system this should provide a very snappy and fluid operation, as compared to Android 2.1, the speed has been significantly increased. Otherwise, there is of course the features that brings the new version of the operating system: so you can install card (internally the milestone has 2 but ohnehion 8 gb) apps as well on a SD and mobile can be used as a portable Wi-Fi router, so that you can surf on the go with multiple devices via HSDPA on the Internet. You can also present themselves Flash in the browser. The camera offers no new features at least as regards the mega pixels. Also the good at the previous display with 3.7 ″ diagonal and a high resolution of 854 × 480 pixels was not changed.

Availability and price

In the United States the Smartphone is available to pre-order today and will then probably also available. It is anticipated that the milestone will be to have 2 dan in the not-too-distant future in Europe. Currently, but still no release date is known. It may be however at the latest available 7 phone to the release of Windows in the autumn, to match wits with the new competition. Price iPhone 4 reach the milestone 2 not sure on this, but are not cheaper than the Samsung I9000 Galaxy or comparable high end smartphones. We hold regarding the new smartphone of course posted in the bridgat blog! Currently, the Motorola milestone XT720 is available that is available but only without a full keyboard. The nearly identical Motorola milestone, also an update to Android 2.2 has received in the meantime, is still available.


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HTC desire successor: desire HD / ACE [with video!]

HTC desire yet long not passé is and one of the top seller this summer next to the Apple iPhone 4 and the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. But it is the successor in the wings: we recently have reported that the HTC desire HD is now in the starting blocks. Now there’s even a video of the desire successor, now with the name “ ACE ” is traded. The Super-flat Smartphone seems to be, as has been suggested in the reporting but not entirely from aluminium.

HTC desire in a new guise

Have the HTC desire was quite convincing users: beautiful finish in a flat housing with Google Android as the operating system and only small errors in detail make the HTC Smartphone really attractive. We have discussed, by the way the HTC desire in a test. The HTC desire HD / ACE has to offer than its predecessor, but it’s really not bad in this case hardware no longer: 1 GHz processor, 512 mb of memory and a powerful graphics unit ensures a fast working speed. Here the Android operating system is scheduled now from the outset 2.2, so for the HTC desire HD applications can be installed directly on a micro SD card and can exploit the full memory. One of the biggest changes involves the display: with 4.3 ″ the HTC desire HD / ACE is as big as the HTC HD2. Also the probably 800 × 480 pixel resolution can be seen. It is that HTC here installed the new Super-LCD technology due to the delivery of display problems by Samsung. These can keep up not quite with AMOLED, but offer a very good quality compared to the normal LCD. The built-in camera was also drilled: 8 Megapixels compared to 5 has to offer the HTC desire HD and also a HD video function. Videos can be recorded with this in the format of 1280 × 720 pixels. HTC uses an extravagant mixture of lots of aluminum and plastic on the back in the design. The very flat Smartphone can be quite, as shown in the following video.

Worth the wait?

In principle the HTC desire offers all functions that the HTC desire HD / ACE. Even HD video was or update comes after (the network operators the update pending) with the firmware. In addition, also the HTC desire offers an impeccable processing and the hardware is the same. Also, still an AMOLED display for use, that has certain advantages over the new Super-LCD comes with the HTC desire. It acts as a whole not quite as elegant as the HTC desire HD and with 3.7 ″ a smaller display, which can be of course but also an advantage. If you want more power, not passes currently on the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. With a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, 512mb memory, and a 4.0 ″ Super AMOLED display is currently the technical highlight of the Android smartphones. We have already tested also this Smartphone and even with the twice as expensive compared iPhone 4.


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24 mobile phone comparison: iPhone 4, HTC desire & Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

Have you been mobile comparison by bridgat? Not? Reason enough for us, the function of the shop even to imagine with the current top models Apple iPhone 4, HTC desire, Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. With the mobile phone comparison you can compare the data sheets of all models from the bridgat shop and so at a glance see which Smartphone or mobile phone has more power under the hood. To read more, we recommend but still have a look at the bridgat blog. The appropriate article to the shop offers find each at the bottom of the page.

The mobile phone comparison

Click in the shop on “ cell phones ”. You can see the features of the bridgat shop, you might not even have noticed. Including they see rightmost cell phone comparison, with which you can directly compare the datasheets.


iPhone 4, HTC desire and Samsung I9000 Galaxy S compared

have you in the next selection screen then selected the models and run the comparison, you can see the comparison in a table view. In our example these are the current top models on the market: Apple iPhone 4, HTC desire and the Samsung I9000 Galaxy s on the basis of the comparison see the pure technical data that give a rough overview of the functions. There is still no score or detailed information in this comparison. So processor have a gigahertz as all of us here in the example of shown smartphones, so that may give the impression, that the phones are equally fast. In reality there are Samsung and Apple but tie and the HTC desire with the Qualcomm processor is much slower than the two place deer. Basically, this comparison is perfectly suitable to compare specifications, such as display resolution or weight. So you can see that the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S compared is the lightest mobile phone, in spite of the 4 ″ largest displays. Here you can see our example from the mobile phone comparison.


For more information at bridgat

now have basic information compare and example for the HTC desire decided. Want to look even more information to rethink their purchasing decision, simply click on the selected mobile phone. You end up on the article page that provides in principle for the first time no longer information, as you have already seen in the mobile phone comparison. There’s usually still an article, which can include even interesting information. In addition, you should take a look at the reviews above all:


we continue to offer with our bridgat blog news, ideas, tests and critical articles on the respective models of the manufacturer. The functions presented here know not many bridgat users and should be regarded as less an insider tip. Scroll just to the end of the article page, to find the respective blog articles. There is in the case of the example iPhone 4 including news updates and whether a jailbreak at the current firmware is possible. Unfortunately, the blog articles not directly compared with the mobile are displayed, so that you “ normal ” will have to go through the search.


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Motorola sets up: new Android phone Motorola Kobe

, The rumor mill bubbling for several weeks. The cell phone manufacturers Motorola rumors will bring an Android phone on the market soon to result. Already the Smartphone named Motorola Kobe with the type designation MB520 was spotted a few weeks ago. The device offers everything that belongs to a good Smartphone (such as a 3.5-inch sharp display). Saving is however when it comes to camera. Here, the user must come unfortunately with only three small megapixel camera without Flash. It is unclear when, and at what price the Kobe with us will be available. Supposedly it will initially be available in the United States.

Features of the Motorola Kobe

Motorola brings the rumors to sequence a Smartphone on the market, which is characterised in particular by its display. This supposedly has a size of 3.5 inches and to a sharp resolution of 854 X 480 pixels. The Smartphone will be equipped with the Google Android 2.1 operating system and the user interface familiar from Motorola Motorblur. Still, the rumor has it that are we going the Kobe with an OMAP processor from Texas Instruments 800-megahertz. But still, it is unclear whether it should be an OMAP 3440 or an OMAP 3630. What is certain is that the Smartphone will have a 512 megabyte memory and two gigabytes of internal memory. The space can be of course as usual with a microSDHC card. The memory card is expected to be included. Somewhat carelessly, camera was however dealt with the feature. Here, the Kobe offers little three megapixels, which must also do without Flash.
It is interesting however again that here such as the Samsung Galaxy S will be entering text Swype as well as additionally installed the Voice software vlingo.

More upcoming Motorola phones

Also announced, but so far still not available, is the Motorola charm. It’s a Smartphone with a solid equipment, which however also the camera has been somewhat neglected. The Smartphone in its optical strongly reminiscent a BlackBerry. It offers a full QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen 7.1 cm in diameter. Also of course fast Wi-Fi, HSDPA and HSUPA connections are guaranteed, as well as quick GPS navigation. As already mentioned: was saved at the pixels of the camera. It offers only three megapixels as also the Kobe. Continue to be available soon will be the milestone 2 Motorola. This offers five with a megapixel camera a little more in this area. It also has a huge touchscreen display with 9.3 cm in diameter and it runs with the new operating system from Google Android 2.2

Availability and price

When exactly the Motorola Kobe will be available, is it so far. As soon as we have information about it, as well as the price, you can learn it in our blog by bridgat. Also the Motorola charm and the Motorola milestone 2 can still waiting. We can inform you as soon as the Smartphones with us will be available. To do this simply click on the button “Notification when available” next to the phone in the shop and once the desired Smartphone is available, receive from us free of charge and not binding an email reminder.


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To the freak out: Motorola discovered the quadrature of the mobile phone

The Motorola Flipout is not a classic bar phone, no touchscreen Smartphone, and also not a standard slider as we are used to. New ways are gone with the Flipout: Motorola relies here on the previously unused quardratische format. The Android Smartphone is aimed at young people, adventurous buyer and opts for the popular smartphone operating system Android version 2.2.

Design: square = practical and well?

The Motorola Flipout is anything but conservative, when it comes to the shape. Apart from the fact that it is certainly visually takes getting used to, but the format carries no special advantages or disadvantages. Under the 2.8 ″ touch screen can be to reveal a keyboard. For this there is no slider mechanism is responsible, rather it tilts the display upwards (hence the name Flipout). The keyboard can be operated perfectly and has a full fledged QWERTY layout, so that short messages and emails are quickly written.

Technical equipment

The technical equipment of the Motorola Flipout is good, though not overwhelming. The Smartphone is powered by a 700 MHz fast processor that provides decent performance. 256 mb of memory to the page are him. Weak point of the device is secure the 2.8 ″ touch screen, which is resolved only with 320 × 240 pixels. In times of iPhone 4 and other high resolution Android that is unfortunately too little for the relatively small size devices like the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. Otherwise there are typically common features across Smartphone Wi-Fi (without the new standard N), A-GPS for navigation via mobile phone and of course HSDPA. There is also a photo camera on board, which has 3.2 mega pixels and provides sufficient quality for snapshots. The 512mb of internal memory is somewhat small, but can be expanded via Microsd card.

Software: Android 2.2 with Motoblur

, According to Motorola the current version 2.2 is installed in a visually heavily revised version of Android. The interface, which is installed on the Smartphone, called Motoblur. With it, the creation of various personalized home screens is no problem. Also the Organizer features are so clearly as useful integrated on the Motorola Flipout. With Motoblur, a set of contacts is possible online so that you can synchronize the contacts if you change to another Motorola phone.

Availability and price

The Motorola Flipout, suitable to the offered facilities, more in the middle class is

priced. According to Motorola, the mobile phone will cost about 350,-€. The recommended retail price distinguishes itself but precisely because of its non-binding nature, so that we can offer usually a better price at bridgat. Shows if the Motorola Flipout already, but currently not available. Like to check on the article page of the Motorola Flipout, is it now yet available. If not: we can learn also like free of charge, as soon as the mobile shop is available. To do this just click “ notification when available ” and enter your email address. You will then receive from us a message, once the Motorola Flipout is available.


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Android soon with music store “ Google music ” [short news]

iTunes from Apple is anyone a term 80% of global music downloads are handled with the store. Reason enough for Google to follow suit: so far, Android Smartphones have no direct access to legal music downloads. Already from the 4th quarter of 2010, with the release of Android 3.0, the music store will be integrated. The downloads can be purchased separately or included in the unit price according to the model of Nokia’s “ comes with music ” is not yet known.

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Matter of faith? Galaxy tab vs. Apple iPad – Tablet comparison

For Apple products the minds differ, which is known. But when tablets? Since the situation is very complicated, because here is even a fight, what the “ Riesensmartphones ” are good at all without the phone function. There also, the Galaxy tab from Samsung is no exception, that already in the mid of the month against the Apple iPad to compete. If the Tablet is similar good competition, such as the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S for the iPhone 4 and if the decision is a matter of faith, we educate in the bridgat blog!


Technology in the check

Hardwaretechnisch the Samsung Galaxy tab is a strong competitor to the iPad. Despite the stronger smaller dimensions (190 x 120 x 11.9 mm are in the Galaxy tab compared to 242.8 x 189.7 x 13.4 mm at the Apple iPad) and summa is the better technology significantly lower weight (380 g against 730 g iPad) in the Galaxy tab sammarum. Apple can score points only in the display: the LCD is IPS, which means a better illumination. In addition, the display of the iPad with 9.7 is ″ bigger. The Galaxy tab has “ only ” 7 ″ display. This is a matter of taste but more or less, because both displays are very legible, capacitive and offer multitouch.

Otherwise the Galaxy tab is iPad but far ahead which in technical terms. It has a 3 megapixel rear camera. In the front one is installed 2 mega pixel camera, which is suitable for video telephony. Also, the memory via micro SD can be extended map so that Android 2.2 also on the external card can find apps space. Bluetooth 3.0 is also available and you can even phone calls with the 7 ″ large Galaxy tab. Thus the device is when it comes to the hardware, and the Apple iPad a track more versatile, at least. This point seems quite clear goes to Samsung.

Design and processing

You’d think almost on the faith issue here, because the discussion has become known since the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S: no, the cell phone is not inferior processed, it is not also the Galaxy tab. Now comes the big but “ but ”: the Galaxy tab is easy and not nearly so noble resembles Apple’s competition through the full plastic jacket. Advantages for the Galaxy tab but due to the smaller size when writing on the virtual full keyboard and also when transporting. 7 ″ would fit better in a Pocket than the 9.7 ″ of the iPad. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy tab only half as much as the iPad weighs.

That seems iPad, however, as you could so that meat tapping. IPad just very high quality housing in almost perfect workmanship looks through the aluminum unibody. The impression is intensified due to the typical Apple minimalist use of interfaces, the iPad as “ seamless ”. The higher weight, which is located but still well below the a Netbooks with 730 g is negative certainly depending on the application area. In terms of product quality and feel Apple is probably currently undefeated, as the design of the Galaxy tab also can’t keep up. Apart from S. sees the Galaxy tab as a mix of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 G The edgy side of the tablets are reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and the smooth plastic backing on the iPhone 3 G s

What does one do with a Tablet?

, The purpose of a Tablet is as different as controversial, depending on the user. Most probably buy a Tablet and just look whether resulting applications. A Tablet is at least not to expect it to work like a notebook. Write long texts or edit images with Photoshop? This is not the area where tablets feel more. Goes very well but what: surfing with a new and much more direct experience on the Internet, participate in forums and write emails. Typical is also be used as an E-book reader or retrieving messages.

Advantage of the iPad: the iPad is certainly better for viewing media content due to the larger display, be it in relation to E-books or even watching movies. In addition, the software from Apple is mature. The Appstore offers many apps adapted to the resolution of the iPad and these are also mostly qualiativ in order. The offering collected applications, games, as well as movies, E-books or music. The awareness and popularity of iPad and iPhone is especially useful, because many German news portals such as, der Spiegel, focus, or even n-tv have their own, free apps, which very comfortably messages retrieve allow.

Advantage of the Galaxy tab: the Galaxy tab can not boast of such variety of extra customized apps and this will not improve in the near future. The offer in the Android market is set to English language apps previously and the quality of apps can also reach not the almost continuously high level of apps in Apple’s Appstore due to the variety of available device with Android. But: The Galaxy tab runs with the also quick and sophisticated Android 2.2, which is constantly improved by updates. The advantages over Apple’s tablet are obvious in the flexibility: with the Galaxy tab can take pictures, make a call, pull data via Bluetooth or even drag-n-drop to the device and use by tethering the device as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Bottom line: no doubt, but a question of the use of

While the iPad is an Apple product, can be very probably objectively report itself. Now in our comparison, the iPad or Galaxy tab is good, can be flat rate not to answer. This decides the type of application and personal preferences. While the Galaxy tab technically more flexible and with smaller and lighter is iPad than Apple, the noble Apple flounder first and foremost as an E-book is reader and surf station for home. One cannot be truly productive with both devices, comfortable to write with the virtual keyboard you can only short messages.

Priced Apple iPad 3 G and Samsung Galaxy tab are currently with a non-binding price recommendation level (€799,-). However, it is expected that the Galaxy tab will quickly lose value. Apple products are however very stable due to the constant request and the special price policy by Apple, so here, no major changes are to be expected.

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