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Catching up: Already 50,000 apps in the Google market

As we have also been extensively reported, as we the issue “ what are apps? ” gone to the bottom is probably the driving force Apple, when it comes to applications for mobile phones. Outstanding position in the app market hasn’t changed though with the appearance of the Android OS, but Android catching up! In comparison, Apple has something more than 200,000 apps in its app store on sale. The 2008 first published operating system Android today already 50,000 with a striking upward trend.

Chase: now 50,000 apps

You can say

almost exponential growth the Google market. Per month (in April, there were 9000 new applications) the Appstore for Android smartphones will probably become in future to 10,000 applications – strong and rising. As the graph shows, this is a trend that should not be underestimated. It is not unlikely that Google can close up in a not-too-distant time the Apple’s competitors in these growth figures and pay of 200,000 apps can offer. Currently, about 60% of the offered applications for Android smartphones are free of charge. Only 25% of the available applications are currently free from Apple.

Current Smartphone with Android

Of course, the success of the Google market has also reasons that are quite apart from the actual operating system. The Smartphones with Android are very attractive to a large extent and provide basically almost the same benefits as the iPhones from Apple. While the Android smartphones are but hardware actually consistently more potent than Apple’s Vorzeigesmartphone: with powerful cameras, OLED displays or some much better hardware can the models right there accents, where the breath goes out the Apple phone.

Motorola milestone: the QWERTZ-King

Who want a full keyboard in seinesm mobile and sympathises with the Android operating system, which is definitely understandable for the currently barely a route on the Motorola milestone passes. Meanwhile the powerful runs, very flat but some heavy cell phone (165 g) in the current version of Android 2.1 and offers everything you would expect from a top current Smartphone actually. In addition to the lavish high resolution (854 × 480 pixels) display with a diagonal of 3.7 ″ the Motorola milestone has even HSDPA, Wi-Fi, A-GPS and a 5 megapixel camera. The slimmest slider with full QWERTY keyboard makes good in every way.

HTC legend: noble ALU all-rounder

The HTC legend is already before you turned it, because it is simply very well in hand. This is because that the Android Smartphone is made entirely of aluminium. It’s to connect balanced hardware differently than at the technical highlight HTC desire, not the best and fastest technology on the market, but about a class design. There’s no shaky parts or a battery cover – the HTC legend is milled from a single block of aluminum. But also the hardware doesn’t need to hide: 600 MHz processor and 384mb of RAM is not the class it safe, but this performance is also still more than sufficient. The OLED display with a diagonal of 3.2 ″ makes her a lot. As well as HSDPA, Wi-Fi, A-GPS and the capacitive and thus very sensitive touch screen. The 5 megapixel camera is more than sufficient for snapshots.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10: stylish and powerful

Clear that even Sony Ericsson takes the chance to throw an Android Smartphone on the market. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 is the result of this work, and it has quite a few advantages. In addition to the powerful hardware with a 1000 MHz processor it offers an 8 mega pixel camera which provides for a razor sharp photos. In addition, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 provides an interface developed by Sony Ericsson extra running on Android based. Hereby, for the first time, a full synchronization from Internet contacts with local contacts (Timescape) and Internet media and local media is possible. In addition, the Xperia X 10 does even the bite from, available in trendy white, but also in black.

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Android 2.2: Improve performance by factor of 4.5!

Android 2.1 was already fast, at least, there was current Smartphone with Google operating system never really great juddering or dropouts. The gigahertz team à la HTC desire or the upcoming Samsung I9000 Galaxy S deal of course anyway with the operating system, even if run multiple applications at the same time. Android 2.2 now ever tested: the computing power was on that 4.5 fold increased – outstanding at least in theory!

Performance x 4, 5 with Android 2.2

Basis for the test served as the top Smartphone Google nexus one. The software for the benchmark (an artificial performance test), attested to a computing power of 37.6 mega flops the Google phone with a gigahertz with Android 2.2. With the old version of Android, there are just 6 – 7 mega flops. This unit identifies the million floating point operations per second, so the theoretical performance of a Smartphone and also PCs, by the way. The greater the number of mega flops, the faster can arithmetic operations performed. The benchmark was by the way performed by the bloggers by

Android 2.2 is 4.5 times better than Android 2.1?

Of course the theoretical account won’t open in direct comparison in everyday use: not effective any application is open 4.5 times faster Google Android 2.2 and also subjectively feeling the applications will not significantly change sure. Interestingly, Android could be 2.2 above all for multi-tasking. Sure the released performance here could cause a lot. Android 2.2 could also make the update for rather low powered devices interesting: while the update to Android 2.1 for many Smartphones is not opened, because this version brought very high requirement. Possibly the user directly on Android 2.2 can jump up and come in enjoy of animated wallpapers and other innovations that were previously install version 2.1 not because of weak hardware.

Flash in Android 2.2

With the new version, including Adobe’s Flash on the Android comes platform in version 10.2 is possibly the new computing power also make sure that Flash on any Android Smartphone will be available. Most are Flash ads or Flash animation quite demanding what’s computing power and even Netbooks sometimes cause problems. Here is then also the new version of Android in the game and will make possible even this innovation.


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Other iPad competitors: Asus Eee pad and EEE Tablet

The Tablet hype is unstoppable since the release of the iPad. Permanently take manufacturer competitors on the market and thus follow the great pioneer Apple. The manufacturer of ASUS just increases with a two Tablet PCs in the competition. In the following we introduce both devices. To get a complete overview of the current offer on the Tablet PC market, come look at our market overview. Introduces additional potential competitors of the iPad.

Asus Eee Pad

The brand Eee ASUS tried to score points with equal two novelties in the Tablet market.
The Asus Eee pad EP101TC or EP121 enters the market. This is a Tablet PC, there will be once in the version 10-inch touch screen and once in the version 12-inch touchscreen. Distinguish the two versions also in are that the EP101TC with an NVIDIA Tegra processor is equipped and Windows Embedded compact 7 as operating system. The EP121, however, is powered by an Intel CULV CPU core 2 Duo. As an operating system it has Windows 7 Home Premium.

Price and availability

The first speculations that the price of the Eee pad will be there approximately $500 and that’s only commercially available early 2011 will be State. As soon as we have news in this regard, we will publish it in our blog from bridgat!

Asus Eee Tablet

Is a slightly different idea goes behind the Asus Eee tablet, with the ASUS in the Tablet market. The Eee tablet will serve mainly as eBook reader, as well as digital drawing board. Supposedly, the touchscreen so finely resolves touches as you write on a real piece of paper. It requires no backlight and has 64 gray levels. With on board 2 megapixel include camera, a speaker, and a microSD card slot one.

Price and availability

, Still no exact figures are known here, too. The Eee tablet with a price of between 200 and 300 dollars will probably be cheaper than the Asus Eee pad. Supposedly it is also earlier on the market are reportedly already in September 2010.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 in the test: Small and powerful!

, The Xperia X 10 from Sony Ericsson is not necessarily hit like a bomb, but not bad either arrived. Probably it provides too little the techies and all others are somehow suspect, because then yes some functionality into the device and the display is 4 ″ diagonal pretty huge. A little balanced, kind of sweet but still stylish mini Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X 10: The Smartphone is less than half as large as an iPhone and … with us in the test!

Fits in your Pocket: Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 mini

Da Sony Ericsson has done a lot, that I dimensions even alone the Xperia X 10 mini an own heading can enjoy with a clear conscience. The mini Smartphone is just even half as big as an iPhone and therefore also considerably smaller than the Xperia X 10’s big brother. While the hardware can be really see, as has been demonstrated also in our test. The Xperia X 10 mini runs with a 600 MHz processor, which provides sufficient power for Google Android, so scrolling and opening applications quickly by hand. Also the 2.6 ″ display responds quickly and accurately. Only the resolution of 320 × 240 pixels disturbs a bit, particularly in Web applications. Is due to the exceptionally small size, leading also to a great weight of only 88 g, is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 mini is good, but getting in the hands. However, the touch screen very easy to operate. At this mini-Smartphone, there is but no on-screen keyboard in the QWERTY format, but only a virtual keypad. Anything else would make no sense. The operation via keypad works but fluid and the proposals of the integrated dictionary are mostly useful to write messages faster. Incidentally, the Xperia X 10 has everything you need on technical Spielerien: A 5-megapixel camera with photo light, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and A-GPS for navigation with the little all-rounders. Incidentally, the Xperia X 10 mini in black is available, but the back can be replaced. Sony Ericsson has reported here are some colors on offer, such as the Sony Ericsson product launch blog in the unboxing. Various colors are to order directly at bridgat.

Faster than the Xperia X 10?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10’s big brother had to insert some criticism because the elaborate applications Timescape and Mediascape want to run in 3D even on the Xperia X 10 with a gigahertz processor power not so properly liquid. So it happens that we at the Xperia X 10 mini although a slightly stripped-down and adapted to the size of the display operating system with the Xperia will find typical shade of blue, the mini is running but even smoother than the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10. This of course but only applies to the ground surface. Of course, the Xperia X 10 mini is not a surf machine, that is made for the mobile Internet experience. However, With some useful features, such as navigation with one finger via small magnifying glass, that is always sufficient for short trips on the Internet and yet fun on the mini Smartphone. Android does its part here: the browser is fast, there’s a Google market access to thousands of applications and look good does the operating system with the Sony Ericsson user interface in particular. What you want? The 600 MHz sufficient even today for the majority of applications and browsing photos, play music and videos look just wonderful liquid works. It has to be exactly: with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 mini has Sony Ericsson all that done right, what made even the biggest criticisms for the Xperia X 10.

Uncompromising small?

This is really too good to be true: the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 mini has a camera, high-speed Internet, a top Smartphone operating system and as small as hardly an another Smartphone. Uncompromising can’t of course. Sony Ericsson had to make some cuts in the mini Smartphone: this begins with the battery. Which although has 950 mAh sufficient power for the small smartphone, but he is unfortunately firmly installed. That is, the Xperia X 10 mini is not a device for eternity. At some point, goes each battery in the knee and loses power. Due to the small size, this was probably not otherwise possible. There are also some small restrictions on software page: so can set only a single email account and there is no push service (i.e. Auto-check mail). The store has become unfortunately too tiny 128 MB. Luckily you can upgrade but card up to 16 gb with a micro-SD, what should be sufficient for larger amounts of data.

Conclusion to the test of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 mini

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 mini is the first full-fledged mini smartphone at an attractive price, that I would use myself. This has several reasons: the Smartphone looks good, is very light and small and has all the features I need in principle. Especially thrilled the rapid repositioning via A GPS to navigate made me (a trial version of WisePilot is included) and the very fluid menu. Even scrolling photo gallery with 100 photos works yet fluid and easy. Disturbed has the limitation of the Xperia X 10 mini to an E-Mail account. Here you can help out but surely yourself with applications. Finally I can pronounce a real buy recommendation for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 mini! At a price of just over 200,-€, we get a compact performance miracle.


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Between Tablet and Smartphone: Dell streak

Is that iPad too big for you? Are smartphones too small for you? Dell now has the solution with the name Dell Streak in the portfolio: A 5 ″ touch screen there was so far no mobile phone. Competition for the iPad is not the Dell Streak but that is, after all, almost twice the size of the touch screen of the Apple Tablet … also you can not even call with the iPad. In addition to the large touch screen offers the Dell Streak even powerful hardware and to appear even in the near future (allegedly had June 2010) in Germany!

Giant touch screen between Tablet and Smartphone

In your Pocket may not necessarily fit the Dell Streak, but probably it also doesn’t have that. Who buy such a large Smartphone, know exactly, where it eventually ends up. With rich 5 ″ diagonal and a high resolution of 800 × 480 pixels at the touch screen the Dell Streak replaces the biggest touchscreen phone HTC HD2. Whether it’s iPad competition? At least you could with a 5 ″ display well considering move to abuse the Dell Streak as a E-book or surf station for the sofa. At the latest look at the film, iPad would be preferable but then. Decide yourself! I think this size is a good compromise between usability and portability of the Smartphone.


Hardware power on the amount of time

the Dell Streak has not only a large screen, but can shine with current hardware. The Dell Smartphone, what makes sense at that size for compute-intensive applications has a gigahertz processor. With Wi-Fi, HSDPA, A-GPS and Bluetooth is also to be expected. In addition, Dell bought his big Smartphone 2 gb internal memory. The camera of the Dell streak has 5 megapixels and a dual LED flash. Further technical details of the manufacturer has been silent out is still, but with the known data, the Smartphone plays with Yes also already very front! By the way, the Android operating system is used in the Dell Streak. Which version is still unclear. Initially, it was said that it will install Android 1.6. But I think it will more likely be the current version 2.1 or 2.2 installed.

Availability and price

The Dell Streak certainly don’t cost much less than Apple’s iPad. This is only an estimate on my part, with prices around €500 is about. In Germany, the Dell Streak from June 2010 to be sold exclusively at O2. Of course, you can have with us in the bridgat free of charge and with no obligation learn shop if you want to be reminded when the Dell Streak is available. To do this you simply look at the Dell Streak in the bridgat shop and then also click “ notification when available ”. You will then receive after registration of us an email as soon as the Dell Streak with us is available.

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Android 2.2 update: performance plus and new features

Froyo (short for “ frozen yoghurt ”) means the Android update from version 2.1 to 2.2. It is not only a rich performance plus give a total, but also new features integrate. So this version of Google’s operating system has Flash 10.2 on board, which is fully supported in the browser. Also, the Smartphone can be used as a Wi-Fi router for up to 8 devices. Read more details and features programmer with us in the blog bridgat.


Performance, Flash and camera functions

the performance improvement compared to version 2.1 is enormous according to Google and some Internet reports. So the Web browser Java engine is much faster to work. The overall performance of the Android Smartphones should increase by a factor of 2 to 5, which should be especially for processor-heavy applications (such as games). Smartphones keep selfsame a smoother appearance with less memory through improved management, even when programs are opened. The Flash has received support also indent making browsing also Flash content can be displayed. Unfortunately, enabling Flash makes noticeably slower, the browser so that it is not recommended as a whole, as y reported. On the other hand is also reported from, it not was nexus one of the currently available version for the Google to the final version, so that any improvements to be expected! The camera, there are some minor improvements, such as that you can use the LED light at the movies as lighting or even the use of the camera in portrait mode (so the phone upright keep).

More innovations

Still are some small improvements with Android 2.2. It is now possible, to use the Smartphone as a mobile Wi-Fi router for up to 8 devices. For a strong Internet tariff is assuming, of course, which allows the so called tethering. It is also now possible to install apps on an SD card, and not only on the internal memory. A complete list of the new features was released on (in English). Most of these innovations are quite clearly shown in the following video.


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New competition for the Apple iPad: Android Tablet by 1 & 1 and Toshiba libretto W100!

The hype of Apple iPads is unstoppable. More and more manufacturers move up and bring Tablet PCs on the market. There are now two new potential competitors on the way. It’s once a Tablet PC from the German DSL provider United Internet – the mother company of GMX, and 1 & 1 and the other to the libretto W100 Toshiba manufacturer. This Tablet PC is equipped with dual display.

iPad from Germany

Early July the German iPad competitor on the market to come said. It’s an Android tablet from the DSL provider United Internet. The PC should be distributed initially only with a DSL access, come later but also with an online contract in the trade. Visually, there are extreme similarities to the Apple iPad. Also at the “ German ” iPad, the touch-sensitive display is found. The equipment must not hide behind his competitors. This includes a comprehensive multimedia software. The royalty-free Android by Google is supposedly used as the operating system.  United Internet rumors has developed an own software store result. This is similar to the app store of Apple’s pioneer. The reason for this is that Google has so far prohibited the access the tablets on his download platform. The use of the Android market is so far reserved for smartphones only.

Availability and price

Come early July the German iPad on the market, at a much cheaper price than his great predecessor: depending on equipment it will cost 499 to 799 euros.

Toshiba libretto W100

Let Toshiba trying to conquer the market, consisting of two displays, which fold like a book with a Tablet PC. It will take still something to the Toshiba libretto in the market is introduced – however we can look forward to a good outfit. A 2 gigabyte memory, processor, 64 gigabyte includes a hardware package 1.2 gigahertz solid state disk (SSD) and microSD slot.  Toshiba Windows 7 used as operating system Home Premium with specially adapted user interface. Of course also a webcam with 1 megapixel. Toshiba has placed the focus however clearly on the two screens. Both are 7 inches tall and have a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. They be served naturally through multitouch gestures. Practically: Both screens can be also a common view! Of course you can use both for different things parallel.

Availability and price

So far is the Tablet still in planning – however to come on the market in the summer. The price is expected to be whopping 885 euros! Who continues to the iPad competitors want to learn about, which can look like the market overview of Tablet PCs in our blog by bridgat and get more information.


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9 CyanogenMod Sees The Light in Form of Alpha for The Nexus S

In the last few days we were talking about how CyanogenMod was working in a new version his popular ROM, which includes as main novelty Ice Cream Sandwich utilization and its source code, which we have already spoken here on more than one occasion.

There is still to be able to enjoy a final version but the team of CyanogenMod has already launched an alpha version, in principle, optimized for the users of the Nexus S, terminal which will incidentally receive within very short official update to the latest version of Android. Continue reading

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Motorola milestone XT720: Android digicam

Your way was the Motorola milestone, one of the Smartphones of the year 2009: balanced hardware, a very sharp display and a full QWERTY keyboard in an elegant slider. The latter at least there will be no longer in the successor to milestone XT720. Here, one must rely on the virtual keyboard. On the camera, there’s also a big update, what the name XT720 also suggests ….


Motorola milestone XT720 – the Android digicam

5 megapixel, autofocus, no HD video … this was the Motorola milestone, which was known not just as a camera phone. The new milestone XT comes with a completely different calibre camera in the bag on the market. So there is, as the name XT720 already abundantly Announces, a HD video function with a shot in 1280 × 720 pixels at 30 frames per second is possible (720 p). Issued the footage also via HDMI can be output on the home TV or video projector. The Smartphone’s unplugged is easy with the HDMI enclosed cable, easier ’ s probably not! In addition to HD video, the Motorola milestone XT720 introduces an 8 megapixel camera. In contrast to all other Android colleagues, Flash, which allows camera shots even in low light conditions and group provides significant advantages over the LED Flash installed Motorola here but for the first time a genuine Xenon. A comprehensive set of functions enables E.g. continuous shooting, panoramic pictures, etc in short: currently no Android Smartphone has a better camera!

Equipment: without gigahertz processor!

What is Motorola thinking, many think now safe. Is it fitted a gigahertz processor? Exactly right, I mean … because even at the Motorola milestone long-time no gigahertz processor, but “ only ” a 600 MHz model. That goes for everything and saves power. Most smartphones currently simply suffer that the processors are always power-hungry, while the batteries are not develop further. For the Motorola milestone XT720 processor should be that is not quite clear, a 600 MHz or 720 MHz used. Has been shown in the past that already 600 MHz for all common applications are sufficient so that both work well. Special highlight is but the display of the Motorola milestone XT720 with a diagonal of 3.7 ″ and rich 854 × 480 pixels resolution. Only the iPhone 4 has a higher resolution – where I a still higher resolution quite want to move the practical benefits in doubt. Finally, the human eye can perceive only 300 DPI. In addition to these features, there are typical of course still Wi-Fi, HSDPA, A-GPS and Bluetooth Smartphone. The memory of Motorola with 8 gb specified and can be expanded via Microsd card. The Android version is expected to be 2.1, where the update to 2.2 is likely.

Availability and price

That very flat with 11mm and 160 g is not overly heavy Smartphone Motorola milestone XT720 price certainly in the upper League play with, not only because it is the first Android digicam ever, but also because the equipment is just high class. In fact is the Smartphone with this equipment at the camera and the operating system Android. Keep with can perhaps still the Sony Ericsson Satio, which we have just tested. This runs but not with Android and Symbian. So much comfort when the camera was combined with the equally comfortable operating system Android yet from any manufacturer! Unfortunately, still no date for the release of the Motorola milestone XT720 is known as little as the price. If you want to be informed by us once your smartphone at bridgat is available, simply click on the article page of the Motorola milestone XT720 and then “ notification when available ”. You receive an email from us free of charge and without obligation as soon as it is available.


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Android 3.0 gingerbread: the Google operating system is presentable!

What the manufacturer of smartphones have until now hidden in large part behind an own surface soon properly presentable should be. “ gingerbread ” Google’s latest prank is – this is version 3.0 of the Google Android operating system. Here a lot is about to change visually as well operating technical. It should even go so far, that the surface of the manufacturers who so far really often were used, be superfluous. Gingerbread is, by the way, since Google remains faithful, plain and simple with the naming “ gingerbread ”.

News: Android 2.1

2.1 is the latest version of Android. Besides some changes regarding the speed and some gadgets a lot has not overly happened compared to the previous version. And also the old problem that Google must control not only a device, but a series of devices with different hardware with its software, is reflected here: worldwide, only about 50% of Android smartphones are equipped with the latest version. Why is that? It’s simple: Version 2.1 brought some new features that make only on Smartphones with faster hardware sense. So were some by the grid. Still, the manufacturer with the control surfaces must first implement the updates and make available. This also happens, if it happens at all, often with a significant delay.

Android 2.2: frozen yogurt (“ Froyo ”)

, Android 2.2 is currently still waiting on himself and bring some new changes, which will affect devices in particular the speed of Android.
The update from Android 2.1 operating system has Flash 10.2 on board! It is fully supported in the browser. Also, the Web browser Java engine to work faster. According to Internet reports, significantly boosts performance of Android smartphones with Android 2.2. This becomes especially clear in the example games. Flash content can be displayed when browsing through the Flash support for Android 2.2. On this point, but improvements are expected, because rumors had already says that the browser is slow through the activation of Flash.
Also in terms of camera, there are new features. One is that you can use an LED lamp in the movies as lighting for example. A detailed account of the innovations, the Android 2.2 offers, can you read in an article about Android 2.2 in our blog by bridgat.

Android 3.0: sweet as a gingerbread?

The latest version of Google’s Android – Android 3.0 to bring more significant changes. So far the improvements, which time and again there was the permanent revision of the operating system, had played more in terms of functional review. A lot had so far not much happened on the surface and the ease of use. In this area the smartphone maker had tried more again and again with their own developed user interfaces (E.g.: HTC’s sense or Samsung’s TouchWiz), to create progress. This point should be addressed now with Android version 3.0 by “ gingerbread ” has a redesigned interface that eliminates as far as it goes the manufacturer surfaces. In comparison with the iPhone OS, it is clear that much can be expected from Google’s Android 3.0, as Apple has set the bar very high in usability of terms of.

Android 3.0 Smartphone already view?

So far, even Android 2.2 on lets wait, so unfortunately currently also nothing about the latest models is known, which is soon to be released with Android 3.0. However, can we recommend some models, which make a splash currently without the revised user interface (but with manufacturer interface). Such as the HTC desire, which currently runs Android 2.1. It is currently the most powerful Smartphone on the market with a 1 GHz processor and 500mb of memory. One is also built 5 megapixel camera. It is rumored to be retrofitted with the update to Android 2.2 also HD video. We may be curious! Who needs so much power and more places value on a very chic look, who is currently with the HTC legend well served – the mobile phone comes with an aluminum housing made of a cast and offers above-average even hardware. Who style and would like to combine performance and Android is good, which is currently also with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 is well served. The Smartphone with a 4 ″ large touch screen looks good, is rapidly and makes class photos.

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