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iPhone security gap closed – with and without jailbreak

Currently you need no matter whether 3 G, 3 G S and iPhone 4, a bit worried about the Smartphone when opening PDF files with your iPhone, because a security gap opened the door to the file system malicious programs of any kind. This can have bad consequences have, e.g. for damage to the software, data in the hands of third parties, or even damage to the iPhone. So far you could help Warner is only via PDF loading, which, however, does not close the gap, but displays only a warning, if you want to open a PDF. An update has both Apple and the jailbreak community now ready to fill the security gap.

Update from Apple: iOS 4.0.2

Apple has now discovered the security hole and closed with the update to iOS 4.0.2. This can be easily downloaded via iTunes and installed, with the update but the complete firmware is updated. I.e., this security gap that a jailbreak then is no longer possible, because as we have reported, the jailbreak exploit. When the jailbreak is again possible, is not clear. Downgrade of the firmware, should you accidentally have performed an update, is possible only with difficulty.

Jailbreak and closed security hole

Jailbreak the PDF loading was delivered with Warner, to warn any PDF access. Well, there’s the opportunity to close the security hole with a patch with jailbreak. The best: In contrast to the complete update is this not a firmware update and installed jailbreak remains. Another benefit: the security gap since version 3.1.2, so that even the older generation Apple iPhone 3 G is affected. Unfortunately the current software installation is not recommended, iOS 4 on the 3 G so that the update to 4.0.2 is not recommended – why, can you read in our blog. Closing the critical PDF vulnerability is possible with an iPhone 3 G with installed jailbreak.

How to do the update with jailbreak?

The update with a mobile phone with jailbreak goes on all iPhone models easily and easily by hand. Simply open Cydia and search for “ PDF patch ”. You must install the program by Jay Freeman then just as usual and after a reboot of the Smartphone, the gap is closed. It couldn’t be simpler!

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Critical security hole in iPhone iOS 4 operating system 4

Only recently have to additionally reported that the jailbreak for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 G S even over the internal browser is now possible. As always, the jailbreak only about a vulnerability that closes after Apple as soon as the hackers have released the jailbreak is possible. But this time the security gap is more dramatic, so that even the Federal Agency for security and information technology recommends how you should behave with his iPhone.

Jailbreak on the Web – PDF security vulnerability makes it possible

Usually Web applications can mess up any changes to the file system of the iPhone. However, the hackers who are responsible for the jailbreak, have found a security vulnerability. This is in the Safari browser: the user with the Safari browser, or from an email opens a non-trusted PDF, changes to the file system of the iPhone so the result can be or that private data find their way into the hands of hackers.

The jailbreak not install better?

Sure the hackers of the DevTeam, which have developed also the new jailbreak, could spread malware installation, send data to let or similar. The jailbreak is done always at your own risk. On the other hand also realistically one must see the whole: for years the hackers offer their free service and have also a reputation to lose. Previously, there was also still no such incidents at million iPhones with jailbreak from the first generation. The utility of Cydia, which is a direct part of the jailbreak, which can be “ PDF loading Warner ” install, which before opening a PDF once again secures, if you really want to open the PDF. Also the vulnerability of course without the jailbreak continues, until Apple releases the update.

Recommends the Federal Agency for security and information technology …

, There are apparently so many potential victims of the security breach that even the Federal Agency a recommendation calls for security and information technology, how concerned should behave, which installed a newer firmware version 3.1.2. All versions with a larger version called up 4 iOS to the latest hit, until Apple closes the security hole with a new version. The recommendation, which we can sign without further ADO, is therefore:

Apple with the next update will close the security gap. Until then, caution is advised with the handling of PDF files well. Remember: If you have installed a jailbreak, this will be no longer available after the update and downgrade to the previous firmware version is usually not or only with great effort.

The Android alternative: Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

It almost looks like an iPhone 3 G S, but with 4 ″ a bigger and just shows solely use higher resolution screen (800 × 480) with the new Super AMOLED technology, the Samsung due to a patent until 2011. Android is currently without greater security gaps on the way – only Google data collector you must trust probably give. The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is probably currently the iPhone 4 alternative with a huge touchscreen, high-performance hardware and Android 2.1

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The slow decline of the landline telephony

Many mobile phone and Smartphone owners in particular phone hardly. This is because that text messages currently increasingly supplant the classic telephone conversation, be it via social networks, email or SMS. The generation of landlines will be replaced by a generation of text-based communication. The opposite is less pressured than at the traditional phone call: A direct response is not required or maybe even expected, it must be thinking and text is considered by its nature already serious.

Landline culture – an anachronism?

The network no longer phone fits in our time? Already in 1876, inventor Alexander Graham Bell was ridiculed when he presented his device to first companies. It is absurd to transmit the human voice without thereby figuratively to his counterpart. So could maintain it any business contacts. But Bell had success – two years later, there were more than 14,000 phone connections in the United States. Then the phone went around the world, an incomparable success story and certainly one of the inventions of the 19th century. But what about today? The year is 2010 and the invention of the telephone is now 134 years. Actually the use of the fixed-line phone goes back to the United States since 2005 continuously and has significantly reduced the duration of the talks. There were 2005 still on average 3 minutes on the line, there are still one and a half minutes. It’s not that people are less have to say themselves, but on the more popular and easier text-based communications.

Phone is rude

, The phone rings. We let everything, run in an automation system to the telephone, lift off and call our names in our otherwise quiet apartment. Really absurd, but what we learn in childhood, has played up at some point. No matter who we talk to, what clothes we have, or whether we just slept – on the other party at the other end of the line, we prepare. The phone could be seen nowadays as a rude medium: emails, SMS or messages on social networks give time to the thinking, must be answered directly or not and have a certain liability that may not have the verbal conversation through their writing. Give us always the feeling with long conversations, to hold those at the other end of the line of something – what’s wrong sometimes. A phone call resembles a wooden hammer in contrast to SMS: nothing like an unannounced visit is the call on the day. We are suddenly in the apartment of the other, take time, want answers. A call at night is, as if it would kick down the door. Against phone calls you can not defend himself, while SMS no reply need – they are stylish, discreet and not interfere.

The bubble of Internet communication

So socially the Internet seems to be today, in real life you can count true friends on one hand. Peter and Max while professing your beleid, if your Facebook friend Hannes again his relationship status in “ single ” has changed, that was ’ s then as well. Peter and Max are not for Hannes. Discussions not occur anyway in this constellation, one knows himself and says to “ good morning ” and the two help also, if Hannes must carry a heavy piece of furniture on the third floor. The statement in the advertising of a newspaper of that addresses exactly this issue is so drastic as properly:

“ we have so many friends online, that we need a new Word for the real ones. ”

Wirtschaftswisenschaftler Jacques Attali explains that the lure of the Internet have led that we only care about ourselves and live in a bubble together and at the same time all alone in front of us and – social networks make it possible. Maybe social networks should therefore also no longer as mirror images of the company provided, but as a parallel world that has no longer to do with actually society.

Text-based communications vs. fixed-line telephony

In the fight for supremacy of the mobile phone market text-based communication is sure continue inexorably to gain weight. Not only the operators earning more through data services long than by mere telephony, the whole mobile industry is set to the turnaround: iPhone, Android smartphones, or the new Windows phone 7 are all along the line on text communication. Most test reports, reception and voice quality is hardly a role. Extinct is still the phone not as a personal conversation on the phone can not be replaced by text. An other empathy and genuine compassion bring forward is possible only by landline or a four eyes talking. Often acts as a check the SMS or email in such cases as a response of the other takes most of the time or does not. Phone calls can be therefore also just a demarcation criterion. Who I call at all? Usually these are just “ real friends ”, with one long talks, answers and empathy can be expected and allowed. A recollection on the fixed-line telephony can also mean to recognize who is a “ friend ” is.

Maybe we should look also prefer online a new Word for acquaintances, as the term “ friend ” continue to devalue.

The future of the phone

Today is emerging already evident at all major network providers such as O2, T-Online and also Vodafone, that data rates are the future. Sales of pure discussions goes back, flat rates for telephony are always cheaper and mobile users are, thanks, price comparisons and various tariff Advisor the Internet was already close to the homo economicus. The future of the phone will be therefore the communication over the Internet, also off by SMS, email and communication in social networks. Have become established new, faster networks (currently it is HSDPA), today still reluctant to reputable Internet telephony will become increasingly important. The specter of video telephony, which is known for years but remains unused, could bring the phone to life. Although mobile phones have already a second camera for years on board, video telephony uses but hardly anyone due to the exorbitant prices. With the iPhone 4, the video telephony could be again a topic. Apple has taken the plunge and FaceTime introduced a service that allows you to at least the video calls from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4. Apple remains consistent, that the next generation of the iPhone also have a front camera, video calling in at least two generations of new iPhones may gain in popularity, in so far as the restrictions would be lifted. Finally you would like to use this feature but not only in Wi-Fi and only from iPhone to iPhone, but also to an Android phone or a landline. So that might be addressed by Alexander Graham Bell from 1876 also the critics: Finally you would be then again visually.


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iPhone 3 G speed update: relief in sight?

As we have already reported, that runs iPhone 3 G with the new iOS 4 in part very slowly, so that many users have problems. That is why we have also explicitly before the installation of the new iOS 4 warned, inasmuch as they call their own a second generation iPhone. Apple has recognized the problems and accepted this. Reason for the problems is the Spotlight search, that iPhone 3 G to its knees forcing.

Improvement with iOS 4.1 in view
The improvements for iPhone 3 G S and iPhone 4 are manageable, that iOS 4.1 brings. So, the version will allow for example the snapping of pseudo-HDR shots. HDR is a photo technique with a series of images with different exposure (one above, one underexposed a normal) is combined to a picture that has in each focus area. As pseudo-HDR I called here the pictures of the iPhone, because it is possible technically only with powerful compact cameras to digital SLR cameras, set various aperture values and achieving a real HDR effect. But now to the iPhone 3 G: here one has available software shown only as a beta version for developers that the disabled Spotlight search brings a huge speed boost. This non-public version, version 3.1.3 should be speed technically now about the iPhone 3 G at the level of the firmware. When the firmware is official, is unfortunately not yet known.

All the features of the new iOS
The new operating system of Apple’s wonder phone offers an intelligent multitasking, folders for apps, a new Inbox and more meaningful innovations. To use all the features, but at least one iPhone 3 G S must exist. First, the penultimate from Apple of generation of mobile phones is fast and powerful enough to support all features. In addition, also browsing and application speed on this device is still attractive and competitive. IPhone 4 offers even more power but also with a correspondingly high price. Anyone looking for a fast, intuitive mobile, can buy the iPhone 3 G S so also still today without hesitation. Upgrade from iPhone 3 G S to iPhone 4 is indeed hardly worthwhile. The speed differences are small and also the better display are worth the extra charge not to full extent. Only who value sets on the new camera and HD video function or do not want to miss the better battery life can look at is the iPhone 4 in the bridgat shop.

Video: iOS speed comparison 4 vs. FW 3.1.3 on the iPhone 3 G


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How does one secure at best his iPhone 4 / 3 G S?

A cell phone that is almost 1000,-€, should be well protected, it should be clear. Especially in the case of the iPhone 4, which is a real investment for many, it is worth once again to consider the safety of the smartphones in the everyday dangers. But also for the predecessor models, it’s worth, because most sensitive data on Smartphones and of which a lot are: photos, videos, apps with personal data, contacts and SMS. In the event of loss of the phones have this data be protected.


Damage to the phone insure

what to do when 4 cracks Gets the new iPhone or the iPhone 3 G S has an unsightly line of light? Damage to soft – and hardware must be secured. There’s different ways.

Basis: guarantee and warranty

Not only data must be protected, but also the device itself. The basic protection against damage and defects on the unit here is the warranty by the seller and the manufacturer’s warranty by Apple. This warranty applies to damages and errors, which already had the device in handing over or delivery. It must prove in the case of a claim of the seller within the first six months. Then, the warranty to seller is virtually worthless, because it is usually impossible to prove that an error has already been six months ago. Also you must put up with the logical question, why not earlier had claimed. Here you must so rely on the goodwill of the dealer.

Anders looks for the guarantee: that in a parallel guarantee contract at the time of purchase with the manufacturer completes, so in the case of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3 G S with Apple. The warranty terms and conditions Apple sets on one side: the warranty is one year from the date of purchase. For an additional fee, the warranty can be extended via Apple care protection but plan. Experience shows that Apple’s warranty is to repair damages on the iPhone a good way. This is of course only such errors not caused by the users themselves, such as hairline cracks, light column, not functioning Wi-Fi – to name just a few common problems.

Home insurance

, Also the home insurance can arise in certain cases for a misplacement of the iPhones that are very specifically laid down in the respective insurance contract. If the Smartphone is just stolen from the apartment, the case looks pretty easy: here virtually any household insurance will pay. It might be different for example in case of loss during a hospital stay. Here, some insurance companies have explicitly excluded the loss of equipment.

Mobile protection letter

For a few euros a month an additional mobile protection letter can be completed, assured the cell damage, storm damage or similar depending on the contractual terms and conditions. This mobile protection letter can be requested directly from T-Mobile and costs approx. € 4 a month at a minimum contract period of 24 months. I would advise but rather to a warranty extension with the Apple care protection plan: which is cheaper (especially when buying on ebay) and Apple is quite accommodating when the warranty.

Cover – not only for heavy handed pilots

Slipcovers offer a simple protection against physical damage. So banal it sounds: is the iPhone 3 G S without sleeve in the trouser pocket, E.g. a year it is very wahrhscheinlich that the back is heavily scratched and accumulates all kinds of dirt into the holes. Can prevent it with small leather bags, plastic HardCases, and similar, which preserve the optical State of the mobile and optics and the resale value of the good piece.

Theft of the iPhone – a location is possible?

The iPhone is stolen who has often have poor cards. There are many apps to the location of the cell phone, but the principle that caution is better safe than sorry, applies also here: best to keep the iPhone in the eye in the Café, as opportunity makes thieves …. The subsequent location of the cell phone is a widespread myth that can work in the rarest of cases. Most famous solution is the paid MobileMe is an online account can connect to the iPhone with its Apple. About the cell phone can be tracked then too, even if the SIM card is removed. This works only if the iPhone with the Internet is connected and not before newly installed via iTunes. Since most thieves are likely interested in purely for the real value of the Smartphone and get immediately rid of a foreign SIM card, the location is usually futile or impossible.

, By the way, the police can also locate mobile phones. This works but only with inserted SIM card is switched. Also this technique because not avoidable fundamental rights interventions compared to other network participants applied only to richtliche arrangement for serious offences.

Back up data from unauthorized access

The iPhone is first in foreign hands or in the hands of the curious girlfriend, need access security measures prevent the display of personal data. This means a loss of comfort, because so far the backups are actually all confined to enter of a code.

Back up data

, It is worth to periodically synchronize the iPhone with iTunes. A backup will help not only in case of theft, that the data will continue to be on the local computer, but also helps in the transition to a new or different iPhone (E.g. through new acquisition or Exchange in a warranty claim).

PIN and passcode

Here there are basically first two basics, which bring a lot of safety:

Delete data remotely

With the program of MobileMe mobile phone can be not only theoretically tracked, you can also a message on the display the Finder or thief of the phones send or delete data remotely. Once again applies: all this requires an Internet connection of the iPhone and that it was not previously formatted and reinstalled.

Secure sensitive applications – only with jailbreak

, The jailbreak opened some ways to further protect data, than would be possible with PIN or passcode lock also. With the program, you can set passwords for individual apps to can be accessed otherwise unprotected. This is useful E.g. for apps for social networks that run without password prompt. Someone gets the phone in your fingers, the program protects from unauthorized access.

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The Best Iphone 4 Cases

The iPhone 6S barely hit the mobile market (click here to buy it!) And has been making a lot of success around the world. But even being almost identical to its predecessor, the iPhone 6, the smartphone ends up having a slightly different in thickness and weight overall. This may not seem like a big problem at first glance, but it means that you still need to get new accessories for the device, such as protective films and covers. Continue reading

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Some of the Best Accessories for the Iphone 7

The iPhone 7 may have been announced recently, but thousands of people are already more than eager to buy Apple’s new smartphone. With this, it is clear that other companies have not wasted time developing useful device accessories. With the good amount of options out there, it’s kind of hard to know what to choose. That’s exactly why we separate nothing less than the top 20 iPhone 7 accessories, which you can check out below! Continue reading

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Iphone 5s Review: Four Weeks with the New Apple Smartphone

After I first left off a new smartphone model from Apple 5 3 G iPhone over a year ago with the iPhone since, it was time for the latest flagship of the Californian IT group now. With the iPhone 5s, Apple presented the now seventh generation of the popular series with finger print scanner touch ID as well as the color version of gold represent the biggest changes away from the new and improved batteries especially in September 2013. Four weeks ago, I have now received the iPhone 5 s and discuss my detailed impressions of the latest Apple Smartphone in this post. Continue reading

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Apple Iphone 6 in the Test

After many rumors and some waiting time, it was finally time: the long-awaited iPhone 6 came to me and conjured a smile on my face.What particularly fascinated me and what Apple perhaps succeeded less, you can in my detailed test report.

But in advance I would like to mention that I have not tried to bend the iPhone 6wantonly. For these enterprises, it is a device that is too exciting, although it is not affordable for every purse. Continue reading

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Apple Warranty: Now also in import binding for iPhones

Buy an iPhone in Germany? It is only through T-Mobile, even if accumulating rumors about the case of the monopoly. So far, has been the provider and controlled of course also the juicy prizes. The iPhone 4 is available only at high prices and customers are bound in any case to T-Mobile. In the past there were often problems with the guarantee of iPhones from the EU countries, which represent a significantly cheaper alternative. These problems are now past, as the Commission has now imposed Apple to treat purchased equipment within the EU.



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