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The mobile phone is the Mp3 player death

Use your phone already as an Mp3 player? Not? Purely statistically it might not be too long, will take up the “ Mp3 player ” the way of Walkman and discman and out of sight and above all ears disappears. The mobile phone as an Mp3 player is big on the rise. Now you need for it no longer a music phone or even a Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson, even the cheapest models now have Mp3 functionality and a 3, 5 mm headphone jack.

Europe against the United States: trends and their backgrounds

, Funnily enough are not fed before Europe the United States on the subject of music via mobile phone. While in European countries over 20 percent of cell phone owners with your mobile phone listen to music on the go, there are only a little more than 10 percent in the United States. This is because that other products in the United States and Europe were published. On the European market, such as the walkman series has provided primarily for an awareness of the fact, that you can listen to music on the phone with very good sound quality. This series was not released in this form in the United States and also the development and awareness of music phones in this area is lagging behind. Use of mobile phones in the amount of 30 per cent is Germany with 25.8 per cent use way, second in Europe behind Spain with a Mp3 player About any third party listens to music already with his cell phone and this is just the beginning of an inexorable trends.

Why the mobile phone of Mp3 player death is?

Smartphones can now actually everything except coffee to cook. Play music is on the gigahertz processors that Potter in the high end smartphones today, still the easiest tasks. Not so long ago, have the producers thought about but even that gigahertz of processing power is not everything and have sees fit, to Miss common standards the cell phones and Smartphones. Meanwhile, virtually all phones in every price range have a 3, 5 mm jack so you can connect any standard headphones and is no longer dependent on the proprietary headphone. In addition, now the micro-SD standard has established itself: I.e. There is now a standard for memory cards for mobile phones. Advantage: These cards have the greatest demand on the market and are therefore cheap. In addition to these technical advantages there are quite pragmatic considerations, so preferable to the Mp3 player is the mobile phone. They always brought the phone and you need no second device more in your pocket. In addition, you can play not only music on iPhone and co. Many mobile phones can play now even high-quality movies, Web content (E.g. YouTube videos), or wireless. Why do you need nowadays still an Mp3 player? We do not know ….


What mobile phones are particularly recommended as an Mp3 player?

If you put special emphasis on the Mp3 player function of the mobile phone, then you should look on following models, which we want to put you in the heart. If you have only average claims, actually every any current mobile phone should be sufficient, because (as mentioned already above) actually all mobile phones can play Mp3 files and have a 3, 5 mm jack. Here are our tips:

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What is jailbreak and unlock the Apple iPhone 3 G, 3 G S or iPod touch?

The boundedness of the Apple devices to the Appstore and partly limited functionality interferes with

many users of iPhone 3 G or 3 G S (and also the iPod touch). The solution is called “ jailbreak ”, which means so much on German as “ the chains blow up ” or literally “ break out of jail ”. We clarify in this article what makes a jailbreak, how to install a jailbreak and how this process is to qualify legally if there are for example problems with guarantee and warranty from Apple.

What does the jailbreak?

As indicated in the introduction: iPhone 3 G, 3 G S and iPod touch are provided by Apple with different restrictions. Often, the Smartphone as a device applies DAUs (short for: “ Dümmster Anzunehmeder user ”, more in wikipedia), i.e. expert functions are restricted to allow ease of use and to overburden the Apple Smartphone with confusing options. Without a jailbreak applications is only possible (short “ apps ”) to install, which can be obtained from the official Appstore von Apple. It follows: Apple decides what apps can be tolerated and therefore used. Third-party applications cannot be installed due to read / write restrictions. With a “ jailbroken ” iPhone 3 G or iPhone 3 G S is this possible, so even applications can be installed, do not come from the official Appstore. Most popular “ Appstore ”, which can be used only with jailbreak, Cydia. This is a program that is built similar to the Appstore, which is used to look at apps and install. Often, Cydia contains modifications that are not possible without jailbreak. So for example the application Cydget that allows programs on the lock to place the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch. Cydia provides first and foremost such programs that extend the functionality of the iPhone. There are even applications that “ gecrackte ” (i.e. software, where copy protection was removed) applications downloaded for free and installed. Such a program is for example “ Installous ”. Under criminal law as well as under private law this can have natural consequences, on which I want to go in unspecified at this point.

Like the jailbreak and the unlock works?

The iPhone 3 G or 3 G S out to liberate jail of restrictions, you need no special knowledge, but only a small software called “ Blackra1n ”, the iPhone automatically missed a jailbreak. This is fully automated with the help of a small .exe file. Then also the download sources for applications with the sonorous name are included in this program: Cydia, rock and sn0w. The jailbreak is in the way, to be distinguished from the unlock (to German “ open ”): this is also possible via the software Blackra1n. It is possible to circumvent the restrictions of an iPhone on certain mobile phone networks (in Germany T-Mobile), so other SIM cards can be used with the unlock.

A jailbreak or unlock is possible with which Apple products?

Currently, there’s the jailbreak for the iPhone 3 G, iPhone 3 G S and iPod touch. In principle, the iPod touch in the functionality differs hardly of the Smartphones of the manufacturer. Out of less unusual depth of the unit is missing only the phone functions and the A-GPS. Logically there is no unlock for the iPod touch, because it can be used anyway no SIM card. Jailbreak and unlock is possible also with the first generation iPhone, which I want to go here but no longer. Still, the firmware of the equipment plays an important role. Currently a jailbreak or unlock is version 3.1.2 for iPhone 3 G possible up to the firmware. Many users have rashly applied the firmware update 3.1.3 and making it impossible for the jailbreak. Because even the downgrade (i.e., playing on an earlier version) is not possible. As is the unlock of the iPhone 3 G with firmware version 3.1.2 is still possible. The iPhone 3 G s is the problem that many of the delivered, newer devices with the new firmware 3.1.3 have been sold and the jailbreak is not possible from the outset. More differentiated this is possible with some models, where but the unlock 3.1.3 version is currently not possible for all devices. Of all iPhone users who can no longer use maybe even a different SIM card, it is hoped that a new jailbreak for version 3.1.3 in the summer with the release of the new iPhone operating system will come out. If this is so, remains to be seen.

I will lose my warranty or warranty during the jailbreak or unlock?

Before we start with the question of a brief introduction, what is the difference between guarantee and warranty.

Guarantee and warranty

Warranty is required by law and and must be granted by the seller. This will be usually in German iPhone T-Mobile. Accordingly, there are 2 years warranty here. This includes defects that were present at the transfer of risk (generally, the transfer to the buyer). For six months, the buyer shall then time to assert these deficiencies in the means of rectification (repair/re-supply at its discretion), without having to prove that the defect existed at the transfer of risk. After six months the buyer must prove this, what is usually difficult after six months. This is only in atypical cases relevant be, where lack of clearly when you pass existed and the buyer asserted his rights not hat.D.h. the warranty the seller is six months usually after six months of useless, to assert his rights.

Warranty is a voluntary service of the manufacturer (not the seller’s, inasmuch as he is not at the same time a manufacturer), which is given to guarantee in addition to signal a special shelf life of the product and service of the manufacturer. Warranty provided by the manufacturer so one-sided. In the case of Apple Smartphones (iPhone 3 G and 3 G S) and Mp3 players, Apple granted a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. When error occurs, you can send the device directly to Apple which then repair the device or replace it. Extend Apple’s warranty with the so-called Apple protection plan that Apple can be but also well pay can be: in Germany, the extension of the guarantee for an iPhone 69,-€ will cost. Fortunately, good bargains can be make so that the warranty extend also considerably cheaper for Apple (about half of the price) from abroad (E.g. through ebay).

Jailbreak / unlock and loss of warranty/guarantee?

, First of all, a jailbreak is a modification of the software contrary to the guarantee conditions not tolerated by Apple. That is, it leads to an irreversible loss of the warranty any not permitted modification of the software. This applies to damages which are not related to the jailbreak, such as hairline cracks on the back of the iPhone then. These are no longer covered by a violation of Apple’s warranty. Here arises the possibility to do the jailbreak in hindsight unknowable, by making him undo. This can be done via iTunes restore, which causes according to expert statements in some forums that the jailbreak leaves its mark. For a complete removal, there is only the option with a different program, pwnage, Quickpwn or Winpwn, the jailbreak to remove. This loophole which is problematic if an iPhone or iPod touch with jailbreak has a damage that causes that you cannot recover it (E.g. a display damage). Then it could be difficult under certain circumstances, to claim the warranty, even if not the jailbreak has been the cause of the damage. The planned remarks apply not only for the jailbreak, but also for the unlock. This violates Apple’s warranty conditions and leads to a loss of warranty.
The legally prescribed warranty that the manufacturer (in this case T-Mobile) must be not goes out by playing on a jailbreak. As well, the unlock is not detrimental to the existence of the warranty claims. Here, only that there is a defect (E.g. a broken button) requirement. As long as it can be proven that the jailbreak not in connection with the damage falls (critical for software errors!), can guarantee claims are asserted. To avoid complications, but always the genuine should be played to.

Jailbreak and unlock the Apple iPad?

Apple’s iPad also runs the iPhone OS (with some modifications) and therefore also the typical restrictions, as is the case also with the iPhone. But: The iPad does not exist with power limitation. That is, Apple, iPad, there is also no unlock for that and there will be any in the future. You can any SIM card on any iPad factory (Note: micro SIM card is required) insert and use any mobile network. Otherwise it looks on the jailbreak: of course it can bring benefits to free the Apple Tablet PC from his chains and this was even possible one day after the publication in the United States.

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iPhone 3 G S – at 24 mobile with O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and E-plus

News making the rounds just

, the iPhone 3 G S is available online now at BASE or in E-plus. Quite frankly: You need to go, actually not extra to this party because we can offer you the full range of mobile networks and all kinds of contracts that can be booked individually with your iPhone 3 G S at bridgat. So, with us, you can compare and choose the best fare! For the full selection, simply use the bridgat mixer with which you as you like not only the iPhone 3 G S, but also all other smartphones and mobile phones can combine with tariffs.

iPhone 3 G S – game console, Mp3 player, GPS

With the iPhone you can go currently actually wrong, what is the functionality of the device. It is the perfect video game console for on the road, with the perfectly play also visually appealing title itself. As an Mp3 player, the Smartphone is also good because it again iPod uses same view to allow a comfortable operation. The CoverFlow view is has been often copied, but never equaled. With the built-in A-GPS, you can faster than take some navigation device connection to a GPS satellite, finally, the position can be determined with network support. Also does the iPhone is one of the best browsers, many apps and a convenient E-Mail. The disadvantages of Apple smartphones are easily summarized: there are no interchangeable battery and use the online services, it is often quickly empty. But: If you empty the battery completely once in a week and then charge more than is actually needed, the battery can be trained (this app: battery Manager). This can be often very much. Also it is bound iTunes at the Apple software, which is initially somewhat gewöhnungsbürftig. Otherwise, the Apple Smartphone is probably the most versatile device, which is currently on the market. There are applications all in the huge Appstore – there’s actually nothing that does not exist. Many applications are free of charge and are offered in actions for a short time free.

Tariff selection – which rate is right for me?

To find out which rate to you fits, you need to look if you need more phone or rather to compose short messages. The completion of a data flat rate is recommended for the iPhone 3 G S but anyway. The Smartphone is like no other online functions. So can let the mobile for example at controlled intervals to check emails and (as a short message) notify let via the input or establish something also with news or current soccer results. It is so purely from the functionality produced difficult on online services to waive. Even if you do without: stopping the online services is often inconvenient and is not reliable. T-Mobilehat the iPhone is not for nothing never sold without unlimited data. S is accordingly a 3 G iPhone just more fun with online fare and don’t worry about surprises on their next Bill must be ….

Which network for optimal browsing?

For big cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, you can make really no blanket statements, which network is the best. If you want to use the iPhone 3 G S in the city, I recommend you to take the cheaper rates of E-Plus, BASE, or O2. Of course, nothing against Vodafone or T-Mobile, except of course the higher price speaks here in principle. In rural areas or in peripheral areas of large cities network quality can ever decide to whether you comfortably can surf or not. If you for example often travel to the ICE, we recommend you to choose the better networks. Vodafone and T-Mobile offer the best network coverage in Germany at the time. Just behind but priced very attractive offers O2. Rear light remains the E-plus network, which unfortunately some not particularly good results in rural areas. You can look at our offer directly on the side of the iPhone 3 G S (black or white) definitely or even freely combine mixer in the bridgat.

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Apple iPad: 10 reasons why the iPad needs none

Just once two days it’s been, that the iPad in Germany was released. Many now face a choice: buy me a iPad? Do I need a Tablet? We want this article just the other side show off of Apple’s highly cited “ magic ”, you want to put into the device. Therefore we present you 10 reasons why the iPad needs none.


Top 10: the iPad is heavy and clunky

as already noted the colleagues from gizmodo, iPad has got quite chunky compared to the iPhone. This is a on the very thick edge of Tablet, on the other hand the weight of 700 g. Sounds little but yet try what part of longer than a few minutes in a hand to hold. Thats not nice!

Top 9: the iPad and the censorship

You see all that on the iPad, what you want to … you think! Frank Schirrmacher, editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, to a clear statement in Rolling Stone gave: “ everything you hear from the United States, sounds less like developing and marketing a device, but rather after creation and founding a State. ” this is because that Apple already determined or reserves to determine what will be made available on the iPad and what not. Frank Schirrmacher to: “ an such an effort would have just a few years ago an uprising of public opinion led. ” further, he calls the iPad because of the unity of the system on the Tablet as a “ an island in the stream of events ”. As the ruler at the top of the company Apple is of course – not the media and certainly not the users themselves

Top 8: be active? Nil!

You can read with the iPad, play, watch videos and listen to music. You notice something? These are all passive consumption activities. Want to take a picture with the iPad or operate via Skype video calling – don’t stand a chance. The iPad has a built-in unfortunately no camera. Through the missing camera no new game concepts with Argumented reality can be opened up elements what is faulted on ReadWriteWeb. Write texts could be difficult with the virtual keyboard. Even on the lap: with a virtual keyboard just isn’t as fine, as with a real. Well, Twitter is ’ s probably rich, but the best one remains the same when the passive consuming Web content. You can buy also a keyboard, as well as the foot, so that the iPad on the desktop makes a good figure. Of course, it costs money ….

Top 7: no Flash

The iPad is once again that know we included even by iPhone 3 G and iPhone 3 G S, no Flash support. Admitted: HTML5 can replace Flash, it won’t but in the near future, even though YouTube has completely changed its offer. Many Web content based on Flash, in particular films on the Web (Flash movies), picture galleries with effects, player for music, videos, advertising and animated content. There are even some sites that are completely created in Flash. That means in the future: the Apple iPad must remain outside.

Top 6: no USB port, no HDMI and no memory card slot

“ The iPad actually has any connections? ”, sure some have wondered about the … you maybe at this moment? We can enlighten you, Apple has bought his tablet of course a connection. It is like the iPhone on the underside of the unit and can be used with adapters also (for digital cameras). Fun that anyone, it is not user friendly, but who needs already user-friendliness when he got an iPad? The adapter is in addition also still costs money. Incidentally, in vain looking for a memory card slot, because Apple wants to even the expensive models with more storage capacity under ’ s people bring. HDMI there is no way, too, although the device capable of playing even HD movies. But then please only on 4:3 display, which doesn’t even have the common aspect ratio of films.

Top 5: the display is a blender

The display of the iPad is

highly praised … why? Quite simply: As already in the iPhone 3 G or iPhone 3 G S, the display very quickly respond to input and also the Multitouch is very precise. It is also very bright. But unfortunately, Apple used a glossy (so shiny, reflecting) display, which then again disqualified the iPad as an E-book reader on the iPad. When exposed to sunlight, it can be damn difficult to see something on the device. In addition, the display has a completely outdated aspect ratio of 4:3. Remember: this was the aspect ratio that we had some time ago at the good old tube television or even desktop PC monitor. Contemporary, isn’t little as the resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels as well. That has also the blog found and packed the display in their eleven reasons that the iPad break your neck.

Top 4: iTunes and the Appstore

Is first to set: you need an application for everything, because of House can the iPad as well as nix. Prepare also, that you can install only what can be to Apple in its app store. Still you pleased that a small application cost you at least €0.79. How do you get the well on the iPad? You guessed it: either directly on the iPad and the Appstore integrated access or via your PC. This is great, even with Windows! I guess my conclusion first of all … the program iTunes belongs to the long-winded programmes at all, which hardly anyone has no problems. Drag -and-drop of a file on the workplace? You can forget files be synchronized only by iTunes and Apple knows exactly what you have on your computer ….

Top 3: fixed verbauter battery, micro SIM, low memory

The battery for the iPad is super … 10 hours to run the device. OK! Wonderful, but how long your iPad after two years is still running? The lifetime of the battery is limited and a battery loses even with proper treatment after just one year significantly to capacity. How it looks after a few years … I don’t want to know. Then you can be probably happy when iPad perseveres even 3 hours before you must connect’s to the far too short charging cable. Because Exchange cannot be the battery, we are already of iPhone 3 G and iPhone 3 G S used to. Also, you can not plug your normal SIM card into the device. Why? No one knows, but in any case, Apple here installed a micro-SIM slot, you have to cut your normal SIM card or need to purchase a new. Why easy if it’s also cumbersome …? If you don’t mind the problem with the micro-SIM and the battery firmly installed, then maybe the little store with not more than 64 gb. This version of the iPad is also still very expensive.

Top 2: no multitasking

On my PC I have multiple applications open. I listen to music, have run at least a Messenger, surf the Internet and download something. Unfortunately that does not go with the iPad, you probably already expected it …. The Tablet is not a multimedia control center that can do everything and even all at the same time. On the contrary: you can run while music along the way, but so that the multitasking ability of the tablets is also already practically exhausted. Along the way to operate a Messenger can’t for example. What a pity! With the new operating system, there will be no real multitasking. Who has dealt with the issue of multitasking is the ironic article “ the PC died today officially ” understand on

Top 1: no one has three hands

Virtual keyboards are good and beautiful, but how should it be on a 10-inch screen? On lap that Yes still somewhat, but how does it work in the subway? Place the tablet on your lap to read with seat neighbor? I don’t think so! You have three hands, everything would be no problem. One hand holds the iPad, while two more hands take care of the paperwork. On the road, the problem arises really everywhere: In the Café, you need at least a surface so that the casing is not scratched. Then, the iPad is super … impossible angle, but at least you can tipppen. Well … maybe Steve Jobs yes then soon bought us to the iHand for the retrofit of the third hand! By the way, this should be a strong hand, for 700 g are not exactly easy in the long term. We can perhaps already on party games for men à la “ who holds the longest iPad? ” are happy.

Conclusion: no one needs the iPad

Actually already heading clear it has been, what is my conclusion. It is simply because the Apple iPad really needs no one. It is a nice gadget for your couch at home. It replaces a PC, not a NetBook, no notebook and also any E-book reader. When you stand before the purchase decision, you realize that the iPad is a luxury toy and remains and has no real benefit, except for the user to make it fun. The fun stops but at the latest when you apart want to do something serious with the iPad media consumption. Similar finding made E.g. already A readable (sorry English) test there is here, in the good and bad sides of the iPad are illuminated.

What do you mean? This is the iPad flop or top?


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Apple iPhone 4 – das schärfste, flachste, schnellste Smartphone aller Zeiten: Daten und Fakten von der WWDC

Auf der WWDC (Wordwide Developers Conference) hat Steve Jobs nun seinen großen Auftritt hinter sich. Nach einigen eher flauen Informationen zum iPad und vielen Statistiken gab es nun auch ausführliche Infos zum iPhone 4 (nicht HD und nicht 4G), das laut Apple das schnellste und flachste Smartphone aller Zeiten sein soll. Außerdem ist das sogenannte Retina Display wohl das schärfste Display der Welt im iPhone 4! Alles zum neuen iPhone lesen Sie zuerst bei uns! Auch der Verkaufsstart in Deutschland ist nun bekannt: der 24. Juni 2010 .

1 Milliarde Entwicklungskosten für das iPhone 4G – Statistiken

28% Marktanteil hat das iPhone unter den Smartphones am US-Markt, so die Daten von Steve Jobs. Fast 60% der mobilen Nutzung des Internets stammt vom iPhone. Neben diesen Superlativen hat Apple nun eine Milliarde US Dollar in die Entwicklung des neuen Apple iPhone gesteckt. Steve Jobs prophezeit nun die größte Änderung zu den bisherigen iPhones: Das erste iPhone hat den Markt revolutioniert und verändert, das 3G den Appstore gebracht und das 3G S die Geschwindigkeit verdoppelt. Das iPhone 4 soll nun die größte Veränderung werden, nicht nur optisch!

Optik – Edelstahl und kratzfestes Glas: Das dünnste Smartphone aller Zeiten!

Es ist 9,3mm dünn und komplett aus Metall. Satte 24% dünner als das iPhone 3G oder das 3G S. Damit ist das iPhone 4 das dünnste Smartphone der Welt. Steve Jobs bescheinigt der neuen Materialkomposition eine überragende Haptik: Es sei unglaublich, das iPhone 4 in der Hand zu halten. Außerdem ist viel kratzfestes Glas integriert, was dem iPhone 4 den letzten optischen Feinschliff verleihen soll (30x härter als Plastik beim iPhone 4. Der Edelstahlrahmen soll gleichzeitig auch als Funkantenne für WLAN dienen und so den Empfang verbessern.


Dieses mal gibt es neben einer Frontkamera auch noch ein Blitzlicht zur normalen Kamera, wie es schon erwartet wurde. Daneben gibt es weiterhin einen Leiser und Lauter Schalter, genauso wie den bereits vorhandenen Mute-Schalter zum schnellen Stummschalten des iPhone 4.

Retina Display – kein OLED, aber unvorstellbar scharf

Das Display soll eine 4x höhere Pixeldichte haben im Vergleich zur alten iPhone Generation. Hier holt Apple also ein Technikk Ass aus dem Ärmel. Das neue Display heißt “Retina Display”. Es soll das schärfste Display aller Zeiten sein und stellt satte 362 DPI dar (300 DPI kann das Auge nur wahrnehmen!). Texte sehen laut Steve Jobs auf dem Retina Display aus wie gedruckt. Um Perfektion beim Display zu erreichen wurden Projektoren verwandt, um das Display schärfer zu machen, als es für das menschliche Auge sichtbar wäre.Weiterhin bleibt das Display 3,5″ groß, hat aber eine Auflösug von 960 x 640 Pixeln bei einem 4x besseren Kontrast als das iPhone 3G S (800:1). Laut Steve Jobs ist ein OLED-Display mit dieser Auflösung unmöglich herzustellen. Satte 78″ der Pixel des iPad Displays hat das iPhone 4 und dabei ist es nur ein Drittel so groß.

Akku: 7h Sprechzeit, 6h 3G Browsen, 10 Stunden WLAN Surfen

Aufgrund der kleinen Maße der Komponenten, die beim iPhone 4 verbaut werden, ist der Akku das größte Bauteil. 40% länger soll der im Vergleich zum iPhone 3G S halten, was aber nie gür lange Laufzeiten bekannt war. Vielleicht können wir mit der neuen Generation eine positive Wandlung erleben.

Hardware: Apple A4 Prozessor, 32gb Speicher, Gyroscrope

Der eigens von Apple entwicklete Prozessor ist sehr klein und hat anscheinend sehr gute Leistungsdaten,. Er ist auch beim iPad verbaut. Beim iPhone 4 sollen bis zu 32gb Speicher verbaut werden, damit hat Apple wohl die Verdoppelung dieses mal nicht eingehalten, die von iPhone zu iPhone 3G und 3G S durchgezogen wurden. Außerdem ist ein Gyroscope integriert, das als verbesserter Lagesensor fungiert. Hier war die Presse begeistert, denn der Lagesensor arbeitet wirklich sehr genau und soll für neue Anwendungen Raum bietetn. Steve Jobs war bei der Präsentation selbst gespannt, was die Entwickler damit wohl anstellen. Selbstverständlich ist auch WLAN N, A-GPS, HSDPA und Bluetooth integriert.

Kamera: 5 Magepixel mit Blitz, HD-Video (30 fps bei 720p)

Das iPhone 4 wird zwar kein Megapixel Monster, soll aber deutlich bessere Bilder machen. 5 Megapixel mit einer sehenswerten Qualität konnten gezeigt werden. Außerdem ist ein Tap to focus Modus integriert, sodass man einfach auf den zu fokussierenden Gegenstand klicken kann. Außerdem kann die Kamera HD-Video in einer 720p Auflösug aufnehmen. Auch hier funktioniert der tap to focus und die Videos sollen sich sogar direkt bearbeiten lassen. Das hat es bisher noch auf keinem Handy oder Smartphone gegeben, schließlich ist Videobearbeitung sehr rechenintensiv. Auch ist eine Applikation mit dem Namen iMovie im Gespräch gewesen, mit der sich direkt auch Fotos in die Videos einbauen lassen oder auch Musik. Das Programm iMovie macht auf dem iPhone 4 einen Eindruck wie auf dem Mac und das soll schon etwas über die Rechenleistung des neuen Apple iPhones heißen. Auch bei schlechteren Lichtverhältnissen sehen die Videos des iPhone 4 noch vergleichsweise gut aus und zeigen kein besonders starkes Rauschen. Da Programm kostet wohl 5$ im Appstore und zeigt in eindrucksvoller Weise, zu was die neue iPhone 4 Hardware im Stande ist.

Apple iPhone iOS 4.0 – Multitasking und neuer Posteingang

Bei der Präsentation wollte Steve Jobs die New York Times Seite zeigen, aber leider ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Als es dann doch geklaptt hat, nachdem die Journalisten ihre Laptops nach Aufforderung geschlossen hatten, zeigte Steve Jobs das neue iOS 4.0 (Apple iPhone OS 4.0). Es soll über 100 neue Features mitbringen im Vergleich zu der Vorversion. Als erstes Schlagwort fiel Multitasking auf der WWDC. Zugleich wurde Musik abgespielt, die Mails abgerufen und zu Safari gewechselt. Der neue Posteingang für E-Mails beinhaltet die Funktionen, einen gemeinsamen Ordner für alle E-Mails zu nutzen oder sich selbst Ordner einzurichten. Hier räumt Apple den Nutzern also noch größere Freiheiten ein. Außerdem soll es SSL VPN Klientenunterstützung geben, sowie verbesserten Schutz der Daten auf dem iPhone 4. Es können außerdem mehrere Microsoft Exchange Accounts eingerichtet werden. Kampfansage an den Android Konkurrenten Google: Apple scheint die Suchmaschine Bing von Microsoft in ihr Betriebssystem einbauen zu wollen. Ob  Microsoft mit dem bald kommenden Windows 7 Phone ein kleinerer Konkurrent ist als Google, bleibt abzuwarten. Das iOS 4.0 kommt am 21. Juni als kostenloses Update für iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S und iPod Touch (nicht die erste Generation).

iBookStore – ds virtuelle Bücherregal

Bücher sind die neue Musik von Steve Jobs, so könnte man es formulieren. Nun gibt es auch den bereits von Apple iPad bekannten iBookStore auf dem iPhone 4. Dort werden die Bücher dann in einem schicken, virtuellen Bücherregal angeordnet. Man kann sich übrigens ein Buch einmal kaufen und dann auf allen Apple Geräten lesen, ohne etwas dafür extra zu bezahlen. Bei der Nutzung auf einem Gerät, wie z.B. iPad oder iPod werden Standort und Notizen in den Büchern automatisch synchronisiert. Das iPhone 4 wird also ein echter E-Book Reader, wahrscheinlich sogar besser als das iPad dank des großartigen Retina Dispays. Für die virtuellen Bücher gibt es übrigens eine Textmarker Funktion, die ebenfalls von Steve Jobs vorgestellt wurde. Für Freunde von PDFs gibt es einen PDF-Betrachter.

iAd – die neue Werbeplattform von Apple

Die neuen Werbeplattform iAd hat schon im Vorfeld für viel Gesprächsstoff gesorgt, denn wer weiß, wie in Zukunft Applikationen mit Werbung zugekleistert werden. Laut Steve Jobs kommt man beim anwählen der iAd Werbung nicht direkt in den Webbrowser, sondern sieht die Werbung direkt in der Applikation, was zu einer besseren Glaubwürdigkeit und Einbindung der Werbung führen soll. 60% der erzielten iAd Einnahmen gehen an die Entwickler von Applikationen. iAd ist keine Internet-Werbung, sondern direkt mit dem neuen Apple iPhone iOS 4.0 verknüpft. Daraus ergeben sich, wie die Präsentation gezeigt hat, ganz neue Werbemöglichkeiten, die bei der anwensenden Presse für Erstauenen gesorgt haben. Apple weitet also, wie der große Konkurrent Google, seine Aktivitäten auf weitere Gebiete aus. Wie die Google Ads ist iAd eine neue Einnahmequelle für den Riesen.iAds werden ab dem 1. Juli 2010 verfügbar sein – die Einrichtung einer Werbung soll laut Steve Jobs ca. einen Nachmittag in Anspruch nehmen. Apple will mit der neuen Werbeform 48% des mobilen Werbemarktes innerhalb von nur acht Wochen erreichen.

Eine Sache noch… Videotelefonie von iPhone 4 zu iPhone 4 per WLAN in 2010

Da wurde aber wirklich eine große Sache um den letzten Punkt auf der Tagesordnung gemacht, den Steve Jobs bei der Präsentation gemacht hat. Videotelefonie ist zwar bisher nicht besonders beliebt, aber vielleicht schafft es Apple auch dieses fast schon vergessene Feature auf dem iPhone 4 beliebt zu machen. Zumindest ist die Hardware vorhanden: Frontkamera und schnelles Internet per WLAN oder HSDPA. Anscheinend funktioniert Videotelefonie aber nur von iPhone 4 zu iPhone 4, was natürlich eine herbe Einschränkung ist, denn lange nicht jeder hat so ein Telefon. Videotelefonie funktioniert sowohl im Portrait- als auch im Landscape-Modus. Die App dafür heißt FaceTime und leider ist dies erstmal nur per WLAN möglich, denn die Datenmengen sind derzeit für die Provider zu hoch, um dies per UMTS zu realisieren – zumindest laut Apple.

Verfügbarkeit und Preis

Das iPhone 4 wird in den USA bei AT&T angeboten ab dem 24. Juni 2010. Die 16 GB Version soll 199,- US Dollar plus einen Mobilfunkvertrag kosten. Die 32 GB Version einmalig zum Preis von 299 US DOllar (ebenfalls mit Vertrag. Am 24. Juni geht es los, dann soll das iPhone 4 auch in Deutschland erscheinen, wie auch in Großbritannien, Frankreich und Japan. In weiteren 88 ländern wird das iPhone 4 ab Ende September erhältlich sein. Ganz klassisch gibt es das iPhone 4 dann in den Farben Schwarz und Weiß, aber es wird auch weitere Gummihüllen in 6 verschiedenen Farben geben.


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iOS 4 for iPhone 3 G S and 3 G available today!

Not only the iPhone 4 will come with a new operating system, also “ old ” Apple Smartphones called iPhone 3 G S and iPhone 3 G are supplied. Now wearing 4 iOS operating system and comes with some useful features. The special thing about it: This article about the new Apple operating system is not a look into the future, but the new version will be available today in the course of the day by Apple! The first generation of Apple iPhone and iPod touch get but unfortunately update.


What can iOS 4?

, The first innovation that I particularly like as iPhone users, is the integration of a character counter in SMS. So far to write simply, what is the virtual keyboard and hopes that there will be approximately under 160 characters. Although there are programs that have such a function as an alternative, these are however only with jailbreak available 1st and 2nd charge.

Multi-tasking is of course also on everyone’s lips, this developer but need to retrofit: the app not automatically runs in the background next, but is initially frozen, while not explicitly multitasking “ ordered ” is. So, E.g., Instant Messenger or navigation programs could have this capability. In other programs, the mere freeze is also the better version. This saves resources and protects the battery! Unfortunately this function on the iPhone 3 G is not available.

, Another notable new feature is sorting the apps: now can you finally folder created and thus eliminates the mess with pages lined-up applications. Here confirmed by multiple sources, that the folder navigation works perfectly.

A single Inbox was established for emails now, which again can be turned back but also on request in the old view. This is designed to simplify the operation for all who have set up multiple E-Mail accounts.

There are some smaller changes which will affect things or be for the majority of users of less interest. So Bluetooth can now E.g. keyboards with an iPhone with iOS 4 run. Also, sorting options have been added for photos. “ places ” sorts photos using GPS data, “ faces ” using an Adaptive face recognition. I think that is pretty superfluous features, especially since Geotagging takes me personally too long and anyway does not work indoors. The software iBooks, which is known by the iPad, is also provided. Hereby, books can be downloaded and placed on a virtual Bookshelf.  Otherwise, the changes are marginal: was added as a 5 x digital zoom the camera – hardly worth mentioning! Continue applications can be given away and the Apple advertising platform Apple iAd has been integrated.

iPhone 2 G and iPod touch must stay out!

There is no update to version unfortunately, at least in an official way, iOS 4 for the first generation of the Apple Smartphone and the iPod touch. This has probably marketing reasons, because in principle the first iPhone has no other hardware than the newer iPhone 3 G – the difference is limited here to the new-coming to A-GPS and UMTS. Technically it would be feasible without another, the first generation of iPhones with the iOS 4 to equip, because ultimately it is possible even when the iPhone 3 G. A pity!

iPhone 3 G: Dear with caution enjoy …

, The operating system was already a few days earlier publicly. This was a beta version, which was in a late stage of development. Here was found mostly operation with the iPhone 3 G has not functioning properly and significantly decreased the speed of smartphones compared to OS 3.1.2. Also, the cuts should be fairly clear and go far beyond the mere lack of multitasking. We report as soon as we have tested this myself! Best iPhone 3 G users can wait with updating your phone.

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Everything about the new iPhone 4 in 10 minutes

To understand, you need no instruction manual that is as thick as a Harry Potter Band to the new Apple iPhone 4. Ten minutes video and rudimentary English skills enough, to the new iPhone 4 with all features and functions to meet. This proves the video in this article. For all who want to know more, we have some article recommendations from our blog. There’s then goes into technical details for those who want to seem to a bit more!

Our article recommendations for iPhone 4

Everything about the iPhone 4 in 10 minutes

If you have not so much time to read through all of this, can start directly with the video. There is very aptly described the design and the functions: even the video calling feature – which unfortunately only from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 works only via Wi-Fi, and – will be shown. Always worth a visit! Even without special knowledge of English, the video is easy to understand. If any questions should arise, like from it in the comments.


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“ Do not touch! ” – iPhone 4 antenna problems

Some lucky dogs apparently have their iPhones and now even the messages about problems with the Apple Smartphone pile up. For one, the new reception technique with the antenna in the framework is intended to problems. On the other hand yellow stains should be on the display part, that immediately stand in the eye in an otherwise perfectly processed device.

“ Do not touch! ” – hands interfere with reception

Who keeps the iPhone 4 in your hand and want to make phone calls, notes immediately: the display with the network coverage only to fade away. The context: The touch of the human hand apparently significantly deteriorated receiving antenna installed in the frame. On the question of a user out Steve Jobs answered “ then hold it differently. ” the solution sounds so easily … just how should you iPhone 4 hold the Apple and touch not the frame at the same time? Don’t go! We will see whether the innovative idea to improve so the generations comparatively poor reception of iPhones, turns out as a shot in the oven. Some sources report also the decline of the reception bar was only due to the software and not was the reception actually deteriorating. Whether this is credible? Hard to say, I don’t think honestly. The previous generation of the Apple smart phones had problems with the reception, what I can tell as a iPhone user firsthand.

Retina display with yellow spots

Of the retina display – by the way many users have realized now that the differences between the iPhone 3 G S are hardly resting – is unfortunately not as flawless in many devices, as Apple fans have imagined. Some devices have each been delivered with yellow spots in the corners of the display. Fortunately, this is covered by the warranty, but certainly not in the sense of people who spend lots of money on the iPhone 4. Another problem should represent the probably rather sensitive glass that is mounted on the front and back of the iPhone 4. It looks though very noble, but breaks if the mobile times accidentally falls onto a hard floor. The risk of breakage is higher compared to its predecessor, of course, for now, both sides are glazed ….


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Apple aggressive: others have antenna problems!

Out of necessity make a virtue at Apple now seems to be means to an end, to make the iPhone 4 at least a bit of the bailed out. On the spontaneous press conference last Friday revealed Steve Jobs that even Nokia, Samsung and RIM phones suffer reception conditions, if you it “ wrong ” tackle on phone. Fair play is different. Apple releases now even its own page on the topic on which the alleged reception problems of other manufacturers be made public. In addition to Apple’s lived accusations there are the free protective case for the iPhone 4 but now still ….



Nokia, Samsung and RIM make it not better?

Demonstrated by Steve Jobs and it is to see on the website eigenens by Apple: holding a cell phone so that the antenna is covered, the reception suffers. Even the problematic handles are different depending on the position of the antenna in the device. The antenna is for Samsung I8000 Omnia II as below in your mobile phone. Covered the hand that part completely down, so at least the Apple videos, reception values suggest it drastically. The Apple pan is also the RIM smartphone BlackBerry bold 9700. Here the antenna while above is the problem but apparently the same. Apple did actually not errors in the design of the iPhone 4? Apple CEO Steve Jobs complete this view with a few statistics that say, for example that only 0.55% of iPhone had complained 4 buyer because of reception problems. Apart from the fact that this statistic seems somewhat unrealistic to me, have given the media wildfire, which is an impressive burned especially on the Internet, is it really not only Apple’s problem? The difference with all models shown by Apple is clear: the antenna is both internally and is disturbed only in this way that the hand of the extensively covered this. The antenna was stored at the iPhone 4, so that through the fingers resting on Wi-Fi and telephone antenna connect, which leads to the absolute drop in the quality of reception. If now the iPhone 4 antenna issue has been hyped up by the media or whether Nokia, Samsung, RIM also suffer from these problems, everyone must decide for themselves.

30-day return policy and free protective case

Steve Jobs pointed out, that the customer dissatisfaction with the iPhone 4 full 30 days right of return available would be. There’s also the protective case (so-called “ bumper ”) now for free. This plastic frame, the regular $30 cost, is now free of charge all Apple iPhone 4 users provided or obtained the purchase price refunded after purchase. For this, the customer only at Apple must register. However, the action is limited until September 30, 2010. This is of course as a concession, because the competition (like just Samsung I8000 Omnia II or BlackBerry bold 9700) is due to the internal antenna without protective sleeve. The free protective case is of course economically wise: In comparison to a product recall, the ca 1 – 1.5 million dollars would have cost the sleeves cost only mere 12 to 15 million dollars.

iPhone 4 alternative: Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

Who will not contend with reception problems and yet need comfort and speed, passes hardly hardly the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. Here, the antenna is of course internal and it is not on the “ bumper ” instructed the Apple now arguably evil free distribute or must. In addition the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S will cost only half of the Apple has iPhone 4, as far as possible the same hardware, and a larger display with 4 ″ diagonal. With the Super-AMOLED technology and a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels put it the Apple retina display (LCD) probably quite clearly in the purse. By the way, the Samsung I9000 Galaxy is still flat as a flounder, and very easy to S (120 g). Bought this is unfortunately with a package that consists completely of plastic. But: Perfect is nobody, even the iPhone not ….


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Speed test: iPhone 2 G, 3 G, 3 G S and iPhone 4 in comparison

First generation coming from the Apple iPhone in 2007, so not even so long is here. Was the iPhone, which today is, traded under the name Apple iPhone 2 G no hardware high-flyer, but simply an innovative product that has changed until today not so much in the basic properties. Today, the iPhone is not more so innovative, that the speed has multiplied up iPhone to the latest generation with the iPhone 4.

iPhone speed: evolution

Each year, a new iPhone released the electronics giant Apple. The update from the first iPhone to the iPhone has shown that this is not necessarily connected with a conspicuously improved hardware, 3 G. The 400 MHz processor has remained the same and the 128mb of RAM are the same. Only the radio connection has been improved level on UMTS and GPS receiver didn’t have the old iPhone also. The largest jump in speed delivers s iPhone 3 G so far It is equipped with a 600 MHz processor and has a significantly more powerful graphics chip as the iPhone 3 g. Also, the amount of RAM has been doubled so that the iPhone 3 G S summa Summarum approximately twice as fast, like his predecessor, visually almost identical. The iPhone 4 offers some hardware news compared to the iPhone 3 G S that sound revolutionary: 1 GHz processor, 512 mb of RAM and the high-resolution retina display. In terms of speed, the jumps are but not nearly as big as you might initially suspect. Also: If you have an iPhone 3 G S call their own, you consider good, whether the change is necessary!


iPhone 2 G / 3 G / 3GS / 4 speed comparison from Mike Hellers on Vimeo.

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