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Walkthrough of Artificial Insemination

First Step:ConsultationArtificial insemination (AI) is considered a treatment of assisted human reproduction of low complexity and recommended for young women, fertile and mild cases of male infertility. Have you checked with us step-by-step instructions of in Vitro Fertilization (IVF), now is the time of Artificial Insemination: Continue reading

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Westwing Guide for Bathroom Chandelier

Until a long time ago people only bothered to decorate the rooms “where the visitors went,” leaving the toilets behind. From time to time this has changed and there are simple and well thought out bathrooms. A major factor is the light and it needs to be well planned everywhere and the bathroom can not be left out and deserves a good bathroom chandelier.After all, men shave there, women dress up and a relaxing bath happens every day. Continue reading

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Support for Mobile Home Made with Toilet Paper Roll

Today we use the phone almost everywhere where we are even lunch, sometimes it becomes difficult to eat and having to phone in our hands, so we could use some support to place it in an upright position to see our stuff or videos in a comfortable way. Continue reading

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12 Bathrooms with Shower of Vintage Style

Impossible? That anything… we have 12 bathrooms with shower of vintage style you want to copy! If you’re immersed in the project of reforming the bathrooms in your home, these photos will you love… Continue reading

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What Are the Best Towels to Buy

Around us there are many different things in the house to which we are accustomed and often do not even think about their importance in our lives. This is particularly true for modern towels because without them the pleasure of taking a cool summer shower would be complete. Only they can give us a softness and comfort after the adoption of a warm bath. Today we’ll talk exactly about them and what can be towels.

Continue reading

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7 Ideas to Optimize the Space of a Small Bathroom

It’s been a while that I don’t talk about decor here, right, divas?

As I’m freaking out with all the details of my apartment again, today I will show you some of my inspirations for the bathroom of the House. That’s right: the bathroom!

At first, my bathroom is all white with details in glass pads (which I haven’t picked). But what I found most different on the internet and that has inspired me, and it was this idea of putting glass niches in the bathroom as support for our little things nothing.

Is a practical idea, it looks great and has a reasonable price, in addition to being an excellent option for those who, like me, don’t have that huge Diva toilet that fits all on a beautiful silver platter on the sink.

I love the bathroom items such as makeup remover, cotton, cotton swabs, facial moisturizer, anyway, all those things that we have to use every day and that do not fit (and neither are practices) in the bathroom Cabinet, and I found the niche an excellent option to accommodate my amenities! Continue reading

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How to Decorate Baby Shower Party?

Suggestions for decorating your baby shower

Decorate your baby shower can be much simpler than you think.

Pregnancy is usually something important in the life for every woman; it is a unique and special moment. In addition to all the preparations for the arrival of the baby, many mothers choose to do the so-called baby shower, which is also known as diaper shower.

It is a celebration event where the guests take gifts for the baby to welcome his or her arrival. Just like the bachelorette parties and bachelorette teas, on this occasion, mothers will have a guess before opening the gifts, and dance or take part in fun disputes in several contests.

Baby shower is often organized if mothers want to celebrate the arrival of babies. It’s an event that requires planning, organization and budget. Although it is not essential, the decoration of a baby shower is a way to celebrate the birth of the baby. Organizing by yourself, or enlisting the aid of a loved one or even a pro, there’s no need to panic about the success of the baby shower. It can be adapted according to various needs and budgets.

Baby shower theme

In general, just like the weddings, birthdays or parties, it is recommended that you choose the theme first because everything else will depend on the chosen theme.

Expectant moms can choose more traditional themes. For example, you can use blue for boys, pink for girls, and choose green, yellow or white if you don’t know the sex . Continue reading

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Doors and Windows Accessories Ensure More Protection

Doors and windows help make the decoration of the external spaces.

Doors and windows are to ensure more protection to people against climate actions or to assist in the installation of furniture. They are items indispensable for fulfilling different functions on a daily basis. Learn more about the products available here, as the prices are unbeatable:

Screen and panel

To get separate rooms with charm and without reforms, consider purchasing the screens and panels. Found in size 180 cm x 135 cm, these pieces are available in smooth finish or truss (with raised wood bars each close to the other, giving a more rustic look). The screens are produced with wood pine or MDF.


Commonly found on windows and doors, mosquito screens provide more protection of the children and pets, as the accessory eliminates the will of the parts. Much also used to prevent insects from entering the environment, the attachment is found in different heights, widths, finishes and materials (such as aluminum, steel and polyester). Continue reading

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