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Acer stream: HTC desire competition with Android as of August

Acer has made itself so far no especially big names in the field of smartphones. After all, the Taiwanese company currently has at least one real gigahertz Smartphone named Acer S200 NeoTouch offer with beTouch series. A new device that also, processor of brand Qualcomm should be equipped with a gigahertz, comes now in August. The Acer stream is direct competitor to the HTC desire and offers the same operating system as well as a similar form factor with 3.7 with Android ″ display.

HTC desire clone?

, The Acer stream suggests at least hardware technology in exactly the same score as HTC’s gigahertz Smartphone desire. It is also a 3.7 ″ display installed, based on the Samsung AMOLED technology. The resolution of 800 × 480 pixels is identical. Also, 512 mb of RAM are installed, what points actually already on an update to Android 2.2 because the installed Android version 2.1 managed only 256 mb memory. As well as the desire, Acer has replaced Android user interface with its own. Though superficially many same technical facts that speak, that Acer here would like to clone the popular HTC desire, enter some meaningful changes to the usage, these are first and foremost:

in particular the internal memory with 2 gb capacity is only makes sense, because Android 2.1 does not support installation of applications outside of the internal memory so far from House. This will only be possible with Android Froyo (2.2). This meant at the HTC desire: to install some apps, the memory is quickly exhausted, because the internal space is limited here to 512 mb. The Acer stream, there will not probably be such problems. Also the design is Acer new ways: angular shapes dominate and the Smartphone seems to be very shallow. The very technically futuristic look is getting used to, but for a judge you have to see sure once the mobile in Natura.

Availability and price

Said the Acer stream from August in Germany will be available at a non-binding price recommendation of €475,-. The meaningful changes compared to the HTC desire be relativized but if until then for the desire the update to Android 2.2 is released. Then, in particular the internal memory due to the possible installation of apps on the micro SD card is no problem anymore. Even 720 p video recording can HTC desire at least in theory, because there is the same camera technology as Google nexus installed one that has this feature already received by update. Otherwise, the Acer stream is a strong alternative with sensible extensions and certainly worth a look! The price of €475,-is really only a noncommittal price recommendation. Usually, the selling prices are including partly clearly in particular in connection with a mobile phone contract. If you want to be informed by E-Mail as soon as the Acer stream in Germany is available, simply click on the product page of your Smartphone, and then click “ notification when available ”. This service is free of charge for you.

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Windows phone 7: Microsoft’s operating system live

, It has been reported so far quite to the Windows Mobile successor Windows 7 phone. Microsoft’s new operating system with the lucky number seven worked for Windows for desktop computers and should score well with a completely new face to the mobile sector. With the minimalist broad without any icons, Microsoft goes completely new ways. We have put together some videos for you, on which the new operating system on a Samsung developer phone (could the Samsung I8910 Omnia HD) is running.


Hubs of Windows 7 phone

the Windows operating system is divided into six different so-called hubs. These are different menu areas that are each associated with a theme. These topics are as follows: people, music and video, pictures, Office, games and marketplace. Although Windows 7 phone only towards the end of the year will be published and still a not market-ready version is there, the operating system looks very good. But make yourself an impression.



shown In the following video is the complete customizable interface, which also already very fluid runs.



each Smartphone also thrives that apps are available, of which, also Windows 7 phone is no exception. In this video, there is of course nothing extraordinary to see, finally, there is still no Windows 7 phone Appstore. But you can see here all right, that standard applications such as the browser or Google maps running pleasantly fast.



well, what’s more to say? Here follow the settings of Windows 7 phone, which so far can be made.


Smartphones with Windows 7 phone

the shown Smartphone with Windows phone 7 is at least visually identical with the Samsung I8910 Omnia HD. What’s the hardware in the developer Smartphone, is unknown. In any case, the Microsoft operating system with appropriate mobile phones at the end of the year in the autumn will appear, then is to be reckoned with Smartphones. The HTC Mondrian and Mozart have been announced. Other manufacturers be it sure don’t miss out, to go with the new operating system.

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The pressure of the generation of Web 2.0 and how to use it

The Internet with its Web 2.0 wave has left its mark on us passed by with social networks like Twitter and Facebook – now even almost every website is commenting. The use of smartphones with photo – and video function for us means that there are hardly things that can not be published and will. Everything has changed: our treatment of personal information, our concentration and our values. This article should be the pressure that weighs, on this generation and how careless we now deal with information, to be always online, always present.


Everyone likes everything

the “ like ” buttons have managed to pull the entire Internet within a very short time. You can show all friends on Facebook with one click on a such button, “ I like it ”. Likewise for YouTube: there’s a thumbs-up, which means, I like this video. The thumbs down, which is also somewhat sheepishly to press, is hardly popular. One has the impression: everyone likes everything. Nay-sayers, critic and bad makers are in the generation of Web 2.0 as “ Mohammed ” or “ fanboy ” verschriehen the opposite side. Discussions tend to be a rarity, finally we like everything really. That something didn’t like that cannot be published of course on Facebook. Apart from the fact that a statement about whether we like something, is not pregnant, of course, advertising experts and data collector behind – who likes something and products must be placed in what way, exactly what is the purpose of the “ like ”-button.

None read more

Have you is ever being caught, as you read an article and … oh a link. This article is also interesting. Moment, I read just a recipe for a dinner, I wanted something else? Those readers who literally read content on a website, belong now to an absolute minority. The bulk of users looking for “ keywords ”, keep reporting brief arguments, any advice or information on a particular subject. “ A book pass ” or “ sink in a novel ” this is from yesterday. Today Twitter is: 140 characters, shorter than a SMS, this is the spirit of the time. Linking on the Internet allows little to focus on content and we don’t want it. We want to click confused by the diversity of media with 10 or more tabs open at the same time in the browser. Some one overwhelmed at this time already read an article in the newspaper, the note of a quotation or a recipe … we are too unfocused for this – no one reads more, we fly only by the rows.

Google knows everything

Knocks someone at the door and asks for information of any kind, is the basic attitude unfavourable. mostly rather “ no thanks, I don’t have time for so little. ” it is then. Here we give but long all price information. Who is logged in on any social network, has never made a comment or participates in any forum? And if we don’t do it already, we take advantage of all Google. Google consumes more power than some State for data processing systems, photographed all over the world and makes feeding cards with information from users. We ask Google, which we would now no longer ask our parents and do not consider whether this information is processed. It has become a natural process to remember anything more, because someone or something has been the answer to my question: Google finds everything for me, Wikipedia has the answer to every question, my phone knows every phone number … the most but even more the number of best friend. The generation of Web 2.0 is carefree, while Google and co. our data – exactly like the man at the front door, asking nicely for two minutes of our time.

Inflation of values

Punctuality and reliability are values that today still play a role in the context of employment and in any application like herself are claimed, but what does it mean today? Today, the magic word is “ plan ”, “ scheduled ” be one of trend terms at all, which is not even negative connotations. The generation of Web 2.0 is scheduled and is not not interested more in binding dates. Appointments will be agreed in the short term, punctuality is already not so important, because the “ I come 10 min later. ” comes by SMS. Not only we ourselves suffer the perpetual availability of virtual, also objects to fall in value: the old Shellac records collection of the uncle had priceless value that was expressed also subjectively by perpetual care. Old books, shelves of CDs … there’s hardly any such thing. The immediate availability of media content that also rarities do not stop, dropping the value immeasurably. If the hard drive before Mp3 overflowing files and already socially adequate it is illegal to download any content, there actually is no more rarities what applies to films. What anything costs, is worth anything. The cinema, which is actually much more social event, became the mere film look degraded, which is also at home on the sofa. Suffer not only the operators of large cinemas, but also the values of society.

All are online: the pressure of the generation of Web 2.0 and how to use it

I want to make the current technical development not worse, than she is. But many don’t see the downside. Social isolation reached today by the pressure on the button of the computer. Hardly the computer is off, ICQ issued a few minutes it says to miss anything. Like an addict taking a look on the phone, which is actually but pointless every few minutes. Admit it to yourself is not easy to not be a bit more relaxed. My tip on how to circumvent Web 2.0 with the pressure of the generation, is simple: we should eat moderate all the things we consume. This also applies to the Web 2.0 benefits you the advantages, the available data resources useful, but: take a good book in hand but also times and read an hour, sometimes turn off the phone, not everywhere login, but well consider whether enough not a social network and once again go to the movies. All of this takes one of the pressure that builds the fast company. As the trend to the coffee to go, will remove the trend of this speed again and society are again a bit more relaxed – at least I hope that

To the more relaxed can be also help to go for a classic mobile phone that is packed with all the features and functions and Twitter & co. supports. Switch off the helps of course also immensely!

You like to discuss with us: what do you say to the subject?

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Jailbreak for iPhone 4 available

Jailbreak, the escape from jail of the Apple restrictions, is not only for a short time in the United States officially legal but can now also on the iPhone 4. This time succeeded the Devteam, to offer the software directly via the Safari Web browser. Before, it was always necessary to download the software to your PC and then install. Apple will not be pleased sure, but elicit the owners of iPhone 4: with the jailbreak your iPhone some features that are otherwise blocked.


What does the jailbreak?

, A jailbreak opens up new possibilities for the use of the Apple Smartphone. There are not officially licensed applications to install and the user interface of iOS can also customize 4 widgets and the like. Countless apps, that would otherwise be unavailable through the official Appstore, are with the jailbreak to install. The sources for this (the most famous being Cydia and Installous) be installed directly. Pay a lot of software is offered free of charge, which is not recommend downloading these programs: programming, a time-consuming affair is qualitatively high-quality apps. Download of this “ gecrackten ” apps is not only legally at least problematic, but takes long to that decreases the willingness to the programming of good apps. In case of doubt you try the apps on the way and buy it later in the Appstore officially.

Jailbreak on iPhone 4 on your own risk

It cannot be excluded, that jailbreak malware gets through to your Smartphone. The jailbreak is no official offer from Apple, but a privately-provided program. Comprehensive checks are not carried and we accept no liability for any damages to your Smartphone. A jailbreak can have the loss of warranty the result. Read more in our full report on the subject of “ what are jailbreak and unlock the Apple iPhone 3 G, 3 G S or iPod touch? “.

That is now even more attractive iPhone 4?

, The iPhone 4 from Apple has not only a very good display, awesome processor, and amount of memory. In addition to the hardware power of this Smartphone, it offers the Smartphone software at all. Apple iOS 4 is unbeaten with regard to ease of use. Unfortunately Apple, in contrast to Google’s Android, many restrictions in the closed-source operating system has iOS 4 installed. In addition, Apple’s applications are heavily monitored and it is sometimes unnecessarily censored even in supposedly harmless content. With the jailbreak work around the restrictions, customize your user interface to your needs and install all the apps you want to. That makes the iPhone 4 even more attractive in my opinion. Guests at the same time the advantages of the golden cage of Apple and the freedoms that keeps open only Google Android.


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Sharp developed 3D display for mobile phones

Not even true HD resolutions are available (with a vertical resolution of at least 720 pixels) on phone screen. Demand is very high after progress, such diagonals actually even makes sense HD resolution. Manufacturer sharp sees things differently and developed currently tiny, 3D-capable cell phone displays. Thus, reproduction of real 3D is inasmuch as exists in the same material, images. Whether it’s praktibel? We enlighten!

3D displays in cell phones – the technology at a glance

3D conjures up even the depth, so a spatial dimension to the image next to the horizontal and vertical image information. This works with the Parallax barrier technology. The result is image that blurred look without special glasses. There is almost a duplication with a slight shift. With the help of 3D glasses produces spatial effect, whose Qualität is currently still heavily dependent on the angle of view. Sharp has announced to start end of 2010 with the production of these displays. In addition promises soon to allow the manufacturer, to take photos and videos in 3D.

3D mobile in Europe?

Have you ever seen a sharp cell phone? I do not. This is because that sharp in Europe is not a big number on cell phones, only TV from sharp is a term. In Asia, sharp but plays a role in the mobile sector. Here could appear at least models with 3D display. A 3D glasses will be by the way not required. The Parallax barriers technology needs no 3D glasses. The 3D effect on the mobile phone display is as clear, is not to see but, because basically that is 3D technology for displays still in its infancy. Just the technology in the field of television sets developed for home and even there it is bound on 3D glasses. The Praktikablität due to the lack of availability of 3D material even on TVs and the quality of the image is stuck certainly still in its infancy. But: Sharp sector secures the mobile 3D a pioneering role. A really serious role will get 3D on mobile displays towards the Middle certainly until by the end of the Decade.

3D must it not be, but the best display?

We don’t have phones with 3D displays of course offer. However, Current displays of our top smartphones offer a high degree of sharpness and are often ahead of TV displays. This is because that new manufacturing techniques easier to use for small devices can be. So E.g. OLED (or AMOLED) on cell phones obtained catchment, while TVs have still no OLED technology. Even the expensive devices set still on the old LCD technology. The best displays in mobile phones currently well on the one hand have the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S referred to OLED technology in the new version Super-AMOLED. This display has a 4 ″ diagonal and a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels. The other recommendation in the area which is mobile display Super crisp retina display of iPhone 4 contrast and color intensity can while not the Super AMOLED technology keep up with, but the high resolution of 960 × 640-pixel resolution with a 3.5 diagonal. The IPS-LCD delivers crisp sharp images and is perfectly readable in direct sunlight.


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Nokia C7 new operating system Symbian 3

Soon it’s time. The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia will bring the Nokia C7 on the market. It is only a matter of time when the Smartphone with the top facilities will be available. First pictures show that it is an elegant bar phone with metal housing. The Smartphone has a Symbian 3 operating system and is among other things with an 8 megapixel camera equipped with.


, The Nokia C7 (it was so far not yet been officially launched on the market) leaves the rumor (almost) nothing to be desired. The Smartphone offers a 3.5-inch touch screen as the iPhone 4 and has the surface of the new Symbian 3 operating system. Another highlight is the 8-megapixel camera from Carl Zeiss with LED flash rumor. The Smartphone Selbstveständlich are also EDGE, HSPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and expandable memory via micro SD cards. A long term guarantee the 1,200 mAh battery. First pictures of the C7 also show that on the side of the head, a standard connector for headphones will be probably available and like on the 5800 XpressMusic, also the USB connection is housed. On the left side of the Smartphones are controls for the music player and camera, as well as the slider to on and switch off display.

Availability and price

So far, still no precise launch is known for the Nokia C7. It is likely that the manufacturer officially will introduce it at Nokia World in London (14 and 15 September). So far only speculated about the price. As soon as we have more information, we will inform you of course our blog by bridgat. We also inform you if the Nokia C7 with us is available. To do this simply click on the article page of the C7, and then click “ notification when available ”. Once the cell phone is then reachable, you receive free email reminder then from us.


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BlackBerry App world: 10,000 apps in rim Appstore

Who hears the term BlackBerry devices with full QWERTY keyboard immediately think of the compact business. IPhone or Android powered mobile phone, usually the first thought and also selling point No. 1 is the number of applications available in Apple’s Appstore or the Android market. Numerically RIMs app world can’t keep up while still with the big competitors, but at least something more than 10,000 apps should be already to have approximately a year old Appstore.


App World 2.0

a month the new app world version is now available. This extends the operation of the Appstore by RIM and makes working more comfortable. According to the market leader Apple, the category can now “ top 25 paid apps ” or the equivalent for free applications are called. As well, there are now the areas “ hot topics ” and “ recently updated ” to choose from. Through the applications can now in one of the browser known “ tab view ” horizontal swing between applications and hergescrollt. Numerically the BlackBerry App world is even further behind the competition from Google and Apple, but the quality of the stores is to overestimate, so the 10,000 apps in quality are much value. It will take a while but sure to for the typical BlackBerry user is to everyday use of apps and the apps are also a selling point for the RIM smartphones.


Upcoming Smartphone recommendations

depending on the shape and purpose, there are some interesting Smartphones that have been announced by manufacturer RIM. BlackBerry today also not more necessarily stands for pure business use, but opens with variety of products rather the mass compatibility. To neglect this but without the strengths: the BlackBerry operating system, which is equipped with powerful function of mail and messaging services now, still his survey characterised by, which also home users benefit from.

Of the BlackBerry 8910 curve and the BlackBerry 9650 bold are both “ pure-bred ” RIM smartphones, such as the customer’s expect. Relatively small display, full QWERTY keyboard for quick writing E-Mails and short messages on the go. Both are high-quality processed already and also the typical Smartphone key data is not missing: the A-GPS navigation or even a 3 mega pixel camera to the BlackBerry Messenger that compose the messages and even exchanges of data from BlackBerry to BlackBerry very comfortable allows. A special recommendation is the BlackBerry 9105 Pearl 3 G: this compact light weight (93 g) in the form of ingots are those on their costs, which would not give up the classic mobile format with keypad and small display. There but all the Smartphone features you would expect from a current phone: Wi-Fi, A-GPS, HSDPA, Bluetooth … everything no problem for the Smartphone pipsqueak. Even a 3.2 megapixel camera with LED Flash has still in the stylish case of BlackBerry 9105 Pearl 3 G fit.

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Neofonie WeTab: The iPad competitor with MeeGo in the test

While the iPad both as also opponents taking advocate who see not the meaning in a Tablet (we have reported and listed 10 reasons against the iPad), seems to be the Tablet market still lucrative. All manufacturers strive to take a tablet on the market. So also the German startup Neofonie which has a hot iron in the fire with the WeTab: the 11.6 ″ tablet was now at the IFA in Berlin for the first time tested, so that we can present the device in action.



Technique in the check

the 11.6 ″ large Tablet has inside a 1.6 GHz Intel processor. This is already known from Netbooks and part but rather under-performing the power-saving, “ Atom ” series. The display technology seems mature: thanks to touchscreen technology with multi touch support allowed users can look forward to a liquid experience. The resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels is able to convince especially in comparison to the Apple iPad, because it corresponds to the common aspect ratio of 16:9, so also on movies the display without fat black bars can be watched. The memory of the WeTab is a gigabyte. Various storage and equipment versions should be as also during the competition from Apple: the WeTab with 16 gb memory and Wi-Fi, and a version with 32 gb memory and UMTS module with fast HSDPA access. In addition, can extend the WeTab via MicroSD card and has various interfaces on board. Below is shown in the video test such as an HDMI output.

Operating system MeeGo with WeTab surface

Are Intel and Nokia working just on MeeGo, a common operating system that should be used in all sorts of devices from mobile phone over TV or even tablets. Much is not known about the operating system, however it should be now instead of Ubuntu in the WeTab used. The reason according to manufacturer Neofonie: This operating system harmoniere better with the chipset provided by Intel, so ultimately more power, a better user experience and higher battery life would jump out. The surface of the MeeGo remains however the same, despite replacing a motor. The home of the 11.6 ″ large tablets can be peppered with widgets. A navigation bar on the right side allows you to keep track. The WeTab by the openness of the operating system is especially interesting: the Android market not only supported, but also the Nokia OVI store. As if that would not be enough, are also applications with Flash/Silverlight, Adobe Air, Linux and Java. More universal genius is currently not a Tablet!

Availability and price

Already mid-September the WeTab on the shelves of retailers and of course also in the bridgat shop will be available. The version with 16 gb and Wi-Fi will cost about €500. The variant with mobile Internet and a larger 32 gb storage will cost likely to be €569,-. In the field “ mobile Internet ” you find iPad by Apple, which again has made üüberhaupt the tablets to a topic in the field of technology with us competitors. Below to see a short video test in the technology blog published


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O2: Free text weekend! [Short news]

Who currently received an SMS from O2, should look at once again carefully. Due to the power failure a few weeks ago, in which the O2 network (in the room of Hamburg on the 19.08.10) due to a water pipe burst was crippled, customers on a weekend can look forward O2, where free SMS can be sent. Specifically this applies on weekends by the 04.09 – 05.09.10 – SMS can be sent for free to all networks within Germany.

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Contest: Where is the mini 24 mobile? * UPDATE *.

* Update *

the winners have been drawn and notified by mail and asked for shipping address. The devices go then Monday by DHL out (unless the address in a timely manner). We will also publish a small list of winners. Also we are planning a small gift for each participant.

Win a HTC desire amounting to about 350,-€ or one of 9 Motorola F3

, Our main price the HTC desire (Vodafone) has been one of the top sellers this year. With a 3.7 ″ touch screen display (Super-LCD with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels) and a gigahertz processor it is also with demanding applications never overwhelmed. Also facilities technically convinces the Android Smartphone line: HSPA for fast Internet access on the road home, A-GPS navigation with the HTC desire and of course Bluetooth to Exchange data among the Repertoire of the Smartphone Wi-Fi. This also convinces with excellent processing quality, which is worth watching. The value of the HTC Smartphone is more than 350,-€.
You can also win a Motorola F3 – we have a total of 9 pieces available. This is a dough phone with minimalist design. The profits will be raffled among all senders that have found the bridgat mini,.

Join: search the bridgat mini on Google StreetView

A bright red mini with bridgat print is somewhere in Hamburg and your job is to find it! To with the help of the new service Google Street view done, simply:

1 track you our tips on Facebook (fan page bridgat).
2. find and find the mini Google maps with the help of Google Street view in Hamburg bridgat.

So does Google Street view:


3rd copy to clearly see the link of the site on which the bridgat mini is (how the?).
4. send the site by E-Mail to
The deadline is the 15.12.2010, 14:00 – we announce the solution to the 17.12.2010 and contact the winner by E-Mail. If we have the address, the profits go to the following Monday (20.12.10) post on the journey! We ask the solution not on Facebook or other social networks to post and not otherwise pass. Per person can be participated in the lottery only once.

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