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Apple iPad: tariffs compared

In the following article for an overview of tariffs between those iPads can choose when buying an Apple. The “ huge iPhone ” Apple is sold without SIM-lock. This creates the free choice between the cellular providers. The iPad has a micro SIM card, which is not compatible with a mobile phone SIM card as opposed to a mobile phone. Who has the choice, should be sure the following overview find out.


the mobile phone provider provides two options for the use of the mobile Internet. For one this can happen with the Internet mobile phone flat and on the other with the Internet laptop flat. Both fares include respectively the base fare of my base and one of the listed options. A fare is priced at either 10 or 20 euros. There’s also another adapter for micro SD cards at base. With this, you can put the micro-SIM in a conventional mobile phone. The tariffs have a contract term of 1 month.


The mobile phone provider O2 offers three tariffs for the use of the Apple iPads. In the tariff O2 blue there’s staggering in S, M and L. The difference between the rates is through the different throttling of HSDPA on GPRS speed. 250 MB, 1 GB and 5 GB available options. Fares – O2 blue S – is 10 euro per month. O2 blue M costs 15 euros per month and the O2 blue L is located at 25 euros a month. These tariffs can be used only on the iPad. The tariffs have no specific term and leave at any time to book.


Also of the mobile telephony provider Vodafone has released their own tariff for iPad: the Vodafone MobileInternet basic monthly package allows an Internet browsing with HSDPA speed for 14.95 euros per month. However the limit is 200 MB per month. Then a further use is excluded. This too quickly can be done who should follow basic monthly flat Vodafone MobileInternet which. With this tariff you can use up to 3 GB. Then throttled on GPRS speed. This tariff is 24,95 EUR per month. Can be cancelled monthly in quotes.


, T-Mobile has only two rates to choose from. Which includes an Xtra web’n ’ walk DayFlat special. It’s a daily flat rate, which costs 4.95 euros per day of use. You can get a full flat-rate with the tariff Xtra web’n ’ walk special flat. This is priced at 34.95 euro per month. Once both tariffs cost 9.95 euro including a starting credit of 10 euros. Still important: In the day flat flat is speed a transfer volume of 1 GB and the full flat if the transmission volume of 3 GB HSDPA on GPRS throttled.

Finally …

Finally, it is to say that you should choose its tariff according to his individual needs. Depending on the use of the Internet etc., the one or the other tariff in question comes. Who wants to stay independent: there are also prepaid iPad tariffs. With these it remains unbound and its cost has permanet overview.

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O2 Internet Pack M with new smartphone option

If you have a Smartphone, uses mostly the Internet on the go via HSDPA. Nowadays full-fledged flat rates also do not so much cost. It starts with O2 for example with the Internet Pack M for €10,-per month. For this you can surf free, without looking at the clock or consumed megabyte, in the Internet, checking emails and Facebook and co. loiter. Only the throttle can be disturbing, because after 200mb of real amount of data, the speed on GPRS is throttled. O2 can now help with the new smartphone option special for Smartphone users who use the Internet much and like to.

Option: Internet Pack M with Smartphone option

Actually, it’s quite simple: with the Internet Pack M pay 10,-€ per month and can always and everywhere without charge on the Internet surfing with UMTS speed. Throttled is this offer but from a data set of 200 mb GPRS – which is no longer up to date and already an average Web page loading takes so very long. The 200 mb data volume will be updated but every month without taking but unused megabytes from the last month. You start so again at 200 mb, what is also sufficient for moderate use via Smartphone. If you want more get now an option to the Internet Pack M: the Smartphone option is in principle the same as the Internet Pack M. You can surf without charge where the Internet Pack M with Smartphone option but instead of €10 now costs €15. Why? It’s very simple! In the variant with Smartphone option, you can surf 5 x as much with speed of UMTS, because there, the amount of data until the throttle is 1000 mb instead of only 200 mb. Our Tip: Book a month at best the Internet Pack M and test your usage patterns. Disrupts the throttling or do not reach these –, you can decide whether you need the Smartphone option!

Smartphone for the best experience with mobile Internet?

It’s of course, what you like and what’s important to you. Almost all current smartphones can pure surfing the Internet good or very good. The iPhone 3 G S from Apple is particularly gifted in this area but in any case. Want cutting-edge technology in the mobile phone, the HTC desire in question may come. No other smartphone is currently faster. Is big screen on one, maybe because you like to read on the Internet or like E-books, then probably the HTC HD2 with its 4.3 ″ display the first choice. Stylish and high quality the HTC legend comes along. A full QWERTY keyboard to be installed, because they write many messages, then we can recommend the Motorola milestone, the thinnest Android slider in the world! Of course, you can combine the above phones even with tariffs, simply use the bridgat mixer. There you can mix mobile phones and allowances as with tariffs.


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New business phone: BlackBerry Curve 8910

The smartphone maker RIM has unveiled 8910 the BlackBerry Curve along with the asiastischen operator CINA mobile. It’s a business phone in the slimmed down version of the curve 9800, which has yet to offer good facilities. However the curve 8910 probably not in the European market in the trade will come, but will be available only in the Asian region.



the BlackBerry Curve 8910 is the slimmed-down version of the curve 8900. You realize this as it that it will not be equipped with a Wi-Fi receiver. Otherwise, a camera with 3.2 mega pixels and even EDGE, A-GPS, Bluetooth and USB are to find in the business phone. In addition, it has the curve 8910 also has a memory which can be expanded via microSD. BlackBerry OS version 5.0 to use comes as the operating system. As also with its predecessor uses the Smartphone by trackball.

Availability and price

Probably the slimmed-down version of the curve 8900 only in the asiastischen area will be available. Also yet nothing is known about the price. If the Smartphone also with us in the trade. can we inform you. To do this simply click on the article page of the BlackBerry Curve 8910 and click “ notification when available ”. Once the cell phone is reachable, you receive from us free of charge and not binding an email reminder.


Please type “e88c37”:

leave this field empty please:

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HTC: New shooting star on mobile radio heaven

, The quarterly figures from HTC have exceeded all expectations. The company with the simple name “ high tech computer ” blossomed slowly but surely to a fixed size among mobile phone manufacturers and is a term many cell phone users and especially the technikaffinnen generation of smartphone users. While the major manufacturers Nokia and Sony Ericsson currently have to contend with the paragraph, the meteoric rise of HTC continues unabated in the year 2010.

HTC – quietly brilliant?

Slogan “ quietly brilliant ” (to German: “ simply brilliant ”) is just lifted, such as the company name and shows, going on with the simplicity of HTC: HTC are usually devices of unobtrusively elegant, technically high quality and full-featured smartphones for every area of application. While the roots of HTC in the manufacture of Windows Mobile devices is – particularly outstanding example is the still current HTC HD2 (or the small variant HTC HD mini) – the Taiwanese manufacturer is now concentrated on the Android operating system. The combination of high-quality processing and hardware with the Google makes good operating system what the customers thank the producers with increased buying interest. HTC has made it so far right and offers especially in the higher-priced segment good devices – simply brilliant! So HTC has become not only a short position as a “ shooting star ” get, but certainly a long-term competitive position to Nokia and co. secured.

Why of smartphones from HTC?

While especially Nokia and Sony Ericsson currently strongly to lose sales, HTC has surpassed his expectations. Why is it that HTC smartphones arrive better customers than those of Nokia and Sony Ericsson? True to the motto “ of a Freud ’, the other suffering is ” this is due first and foremost to choosing the appropriate hardware in combination with strong operating systems. Nokia for example still opts for Symbian, which is no longer particularly good to users for various reasons. HTC’s first stroke of genius, the HTC HD2, E.g. opts for Windows Mobile in conjunction with an own interface called HTC sense. The reward: Shifting sales thanks to a fast Smartphone with a huge display (4.3 ″ diagonal) and intuitive operation. The success story continued in the year 2010 and HTC has put further on the currently most successful operating system Google Android. With the HTC legend the buyers operated here, need above all a very high quality Smartphone with multiple functions and class instruction (milled completely out of a piece of aluminium). For all, from on high end hardware in a Smartphone, there are the HTC desire with a gigahertz processor, 576mb of RAM, and 3.7 currently ″ high resolution (800 x 480 pixels) AMOLED display.
For these reasons we recommend you HTC Smartphone explicitly: you are well processed on the amount of time, and can be with Android and the user interface easily and intuitively operated sense.


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BlackBerry torch 9800: noble slider not only for business users

Before a few years, so it was held with a BlackBerry in hand against parked cars for a traffic warden, the devices were so unknown. But the company RIM (“ research in motion ”) has himself smartphones now also made a name in the field, which are interesting not only for business users. So the manufacturer is known and the devices always suitable for everyday use. The BlackBerry torch is the best example: A noble slider combines the ease of the iPhone with the while, as used by BlackBerry smart phones – due to this is the new BlackBerry 6 operating system

The BlackBerry torch 9800

, About the understated chic look of the Smartphones, we need not speak, that speaks for itself. In addition to the discreet metal frame that reminds a bit of the last generation of the iPhone, the BlackBerry torch has a full QWERTY keyboard under a slider mechanism 9800. The display of the BlackBerry torch 9800 has a 3.2 ″ diagonal and a resolution of 480 × 320 pixels. On a stylus, it is not assigned, because the integrated touch screen is capacitive, and thus optimized for operation with one finger. Facilities technically everything on board, what you may expect from a current Smartphone is pretty much: HSDPA, WLAN N, Bluetooth 2.1 and A-GPS as facilities include a 5 megapixel camera that is equipped to top it all off with a LED flash. The 4 gb internal memory is expandable via Microsd card. Supposedly a 4 gb micro-SD is included map, so effectively already 8 GB available.

Premiere on the BlackBerry torch: BlackBerry 6

The operating system connects business features with intuitive operation with the simple name of BlackBerry 6, as we know it from the iPhone. This introduced now multi touch support, E.g. for the zoom with two fingers in the browser or in Google Earth. Otherwise the operating system need not hide: WebKit browser, support for social networks, chat programs and email synchronization can be used without installing additional apps. As a media sync is integrated, which on the way the comparison of data with the local computer allows. The Mp3 player with the CoverFlow view familiar from Apple is also not without.

Availability and price

When the BlackBerry torch 9800 in Germany will be available, is not known yet. However, the Smartphone in the United States soon to appear. The network operator AT & T sold the phone in connection with a mobile phone contract exclusively from August 12. This says much about the actually unit price of course, therefore, I dare still no genauren forecasts regarding the selling price in Germany. However, the BlackBerry torch will be to classify 9800 with its attractive exterior, great hardware and software safely in high-priced regions. According to information from the manufacturer RIM, the mobile phone is to start later this year in Germany. We report of course, as soon as there is new information about the Smartphone.


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BlackBerry Pearl 3 G 9105 – not only for business users

Research in motion (short: RIM) with full QWERTY keyboard with customers is so far known with BlackBerry smartphones, have spotted. With the orientation further in the retail market also the product range changes something, so now a classic bar phone, to have the Blackberry Pearl 3 G, will be. With the BlackBerry operating system OS 5 is a full-fledged Smartphone with keypad, that before the touch competition not to hide need.

Classic bar phone with SureType technology

Prolific writer must not be afraid: the Blackberry Pearl 3 G has only a normal keypad but is fitted with the SureType technology. So what word next follows and completes the input auto-detects when entering. In addition to the standard vocabulary of SureType with approximately 35,000 words, there is also the possibility to learn new words, so that 3 G never the words lacks the Blackberry Pearl. The Blackberry Pearl is 3 G mid with a 624 MHz processor, Wi-Fi hardware N, HSDPA and A-GPS navigation with a BlackBerry smartphone. Also on board: a 3.2 megapixel camera with LED Flash and autofocus. The display of the Blackberry Pearl 3 G is measured 2.2 ″ and has a resolution of 360 x 480 pixels. Akkutechnisch is a spacious 1150 mAh battery installed, which should provide for annual periods. Overall a strong piece of hardware, sure that the RIM Smartphone weighs only 93 g.


In addition to the specialties of BlackBerry smartphones, covering business functions of all kinds, which is equipped Blackberry Pearl 3 G of course with special features on social networks: the integration of Facebook and Twitter via BlackBerry Messenger. There is of course a good Web browser, calendar functions, and games. However sure no emphasis is placed on the latter, which is 2.2 ″ display too small.

Availability and price

, The Blackberry Pearl 3 G will cost around €380. It will be available shortly at bridgat shop. We can gladly notify you when the Smartphone is available. Just click the article page of the Blackberry Pearl 3 G, and then click “ notification when available ”. You receive a notification as soon as we can offer you the phone then free and nonbinding.

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Acer stream: HTC desire competition with Android as of August

Acer has made itself so far no especially big names in the field of smartphones. After all, the Taiwanese company currently has at least one real gigahertz Smartphone named Acer S200 NeoTouch offer with beTouch series. A new device that also, processor of brand Qualcomm should be equipped with a gigahertz, comes now in August. The Acer stream is direct competitor to the HTC desire and offers the same operating system as well as a similar form factor with 3.7 with Android ″ display.

HTC desire clone?

, The Acer stream suggests at least hardware technology in exactly the same score as HTC’s gigahertz Smartphone desire. It is also a 3.7 ″ display installed, based on the Samsung AMOLED technology. The resolution of 800 × 480 pixels is identical. Also, 512 mb of RAM are installed, what points actually already on an update to Android 2.2 because the installed Android version 2.1 managed only 256 mb memory. As well as the desire, Acer has replaced Android user interface with its own. Though superficially many same technical facts that speak, that Acer here would like to clone the popular HTC desire, enter some meaningful changes to the usage, these are first and foremost:

in particular the internal memory with 2 gb capacity is only makes sense, because Android 2.1 does not support installation of applications outside of the internal memory so far from House. This will only be possible with Android Froyo (2.2). This meant at the HTC desire: to install some apps, the memory is quickly exhausted, because the internal space is limited here to 512 mb. The Acer stream, there will not probably be such problems. Also the design is Acer new ways: angular shapes dominate and the Smartphone seems to be very shallow. The very technically futuristic look is getting used to, but for a judge you have to see sure once the mobile in Natura.

Availability and price

Said the Acer stream from August in Germany will be available at a non-binding price recommendation of €475,-. The meaningful changes compared to the HTC desire be relativized but if until then for the desire the update to Android 2.2 is released. Then, in particular the internal memory due to the possible installation of apps on the micro SD card is no problem anymore. Even 720 p video recording can HTC desire at least in theory, because there is the same camera technology as Google nexus installed one that has this feature already received by update. Otherwise, the Acer stream is a strong alternative with sensible extensions and certainly worth a look! The price of €475,-is really only a noncommittal price recommendation. Usually, the selling prices are including partly clearly in particular in connection with a mobile phone contract. If you want to be informed by E-Mail as soon as the Acer stream in Germany is available, simply click on the product page of your Smartphone, and then click “ notification when available ”. This service is free of charge for you.

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Windows phone 7: Microsoft’s operating system live

, It has been reported so far quite to the Windows Mobile successor Windows 7 phone. Microsoft’s new operating system with the lucky number seven worked for Windows for desktop computers and should score well with a completely new face to the mobile sector. With the minimalist broad without any icons, Microsoft goes completely new ways. We have put together some videos for you, on which the new operating system on a Samsung developer phone (could the Samsung I8910 Omnia HD) is running.


Hubs of Windows 7 phone

the Windows operating system is divided into six different so-called hubs. These are different menu areas that are each associated with a theme. These topics are as follows: people, music and video, pictures, Office, games and marketplace. Although Windows 7 phone only towards the end of the year will be published and still a not market-ready version is there, the operating system looks very good. But make yourself an impression.



shown In the following video is the complete customizable interface, which also already very fluid runs.



each Smartphone also thrives that apps are available, of which, also Windows 7 phone is no exception. In this video, there is of course nothing extraordinary to see, finally, there is still no Windows 7 phone Appstore. But you can see here all right, that standard applications such as the browser or Google maps running pleasantly fast.



well, what’s more to say? Here follow the settings of Windows 7 phone, which so far can be made.


Smartphones with Windows 7 phone

the shown Smartphone with Windows phone 7 is at least visually identical with the Samsung I8910 Omnia HD. What’s the hardware in the developer Smartphone, is unknown. In any case, the Microsoft operating system with appropriate mobile phones at the end of the year in the autumn will appear, then is to be reckoned with Smartphones. The HTC Mondrian and Mozart have been announced. Other manufacturers be it sure don’t miss out, to go with the new operating system.

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The pressure of the generation of Web 2.0 and how to use it

The Internet with its Web 2.0 wave has left its mark on us passed by with social networks like Twitter and Facebook – now even almost every website is commenting. The use of smartphones with photo – and video function for us means that there are hardly things that can not be published and will. Everything has changed: our treatment of personal information, our concentration and our values. This article should be the pressure that weighs, on this generation and how careless we now deal with information, to be always online, always present.


Everyone likes everything

the “ like ” buttons have managed to pull the entire Internet within a very short time. You can show all friends on Facebook with one click on a such button, “ I like it ”. Likewise for YouTube: there’s a thumbs-up, which means, I like this video. The thumbs down, which is also somewhat sheepishly to press, is hardly popular. One has the impression: everyone likes everything. Nay-sayers, critic and bad makers are in the generation of Web 2.0 as “ Mohammed ” or “ fanboy ” verschriehen the opposite side. Discussions tend to be a rarity, finally we like everything really. That something didn’t like that cannot be published of course on Facebook. Apart from the fact that a statement about whether we like something, is not pregnant, of course, advertising experts and data collector behind – who likes something and products must be placed in what way, exactly what is the purpose of the “ like ”-button.

None read more

Have you is ever being caught, as you read an article and … oh a link. This article is also interesting. Moment, I read just a recipe for a dinner, I wanted something else? Those readers who literally read content on a website, belong now to an absolute minority. The bulk of users looking for “ keywords ”, keep reporting brief arguments, any advice or information on a particular subject. “ A book pass ” or “ sink in a novel ” this is from yesterday. Today Twitter is: 140 characters, shorter than a SMS, this is the spirit of the time. Linking on the Internet allows little to focus on content and we don’t want it. We want to click confused by the diversity of media with 10 or more tabs open at the same time in the browser. Some one overwhelmed at this time already read an article in the newspaper, the note of a quotation or a recipe … we are too unfocused for this – no one reads more, we fly only by the rows.

Google knows everything

Knocks someone at the door and asks for information of any kind, is the basic attitude unfavourable. mostly rather “ no thanks, I don’t have time for so little. ” it is then. Here we give but long all price information. Who is logged in on any social network, has never made a comment or participates in any forum? And if we don’t do it already, we take advantage of all Google. Google consumes more power than some State for data processing systems, photographed all over the world and makes feeding cards with information from users. We ask Google, which we would now no longer ask our parents and do not consider whether this information is processed. It has become a natural process to remember anything more, because someone or something has been the answer to my question: Google finds everything for me, Wikipedia has the answer to every question, my phone knows every phone number … the most but even more the number of best friend. The generation of Web 2.0 is carefree, while Google and co. our data – exactly like the man at the front door, asking nicely for two minutes of our time.

Inflation of values

Punctuality and reliability are values that today still play a role in the context of employment and in any application like herself are claimed, but what does it mean today? Today, the magic word is “ plan ”, “ scheduled ” be one of trend terms at all, which is not even negative connotations. The generation of Web 2.0 is scheduled and is not not interested more in binding dates. Appointments will be agreed in the short term, punctuality is already not so important, because the “ I come 10 min later. ” comes by SMS. Not only we ourselves suffer the perpetual availability of virtual, also objects to fall in value: the old Shellac records collection of the uncle had priceless value that was expressed also subjectively by perpetual care. Old books, shelves of CDs … there’s hardly any such thing. The immediate availability of media content that also rarities do not stop, dropping the value immeasurably. If the hard drive before Mp3 overflowing files and already socially adequate it is illegal to download any content, there actually is no more rarities what applies to films. What anything costs, is worth anything. The cinema, which is actually much more social event, became the mere film look degraded, which is also at home on the sofa. Suffer not only the operators of large cinemas, but also the values of society.

All are online: the pressure of the generation of Web 2.0 and how to use it

I want to make the current technical development not worse, than she is. But many don’t see the downside. Social isolation reached today by the pressure on the button of the computer. Hardly the computer is off, ICQ issued a few minutes it says to miss anything. Like an addict taking a look on the phone, which is actually but pointless every few minutes. Admit it to yourself is not easy to not be a bit more relaxed. My tip on how to circumvent Web 2.0 with the pressure of the generation, is simple: we should eat moderate all the things we consume. This also applies to the Web 2.0 benefits you the advantages, the available data resources useful, but: take a good book in hand but also times and read an hour, sometimes turn off the phone, not everywhere login, but well consider whether enough not a social network and once again go to the movies. All of this takes one of the pressure that builds the fast company. As the trend to the coffee to go, will remove the trend of this speed again and society are again a bit more relaxed – at least I hope that

To the more relaxed can be also help to go for a classic mobile phone that is packed with all the features and functions and Twitter & co. supports. Switch off the helps of course also immensely!

You like to discuss with us: what do you say to the subject?

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Jailbreak for iPhone 4 available

Jailbreak, the escape from jail of the Apple restrictions, is not only for a short time in the United States officially legal but can now also on the iPhone 4. This time succeeded the Devteam, to offer the software directly via the Safari Web browser. Before, it was always necessary to download the software to your PC and then install. Apple will not be pleased sure, but elicit the owners of iPhone 4: with the jailbreak your iPhone some features that are otherwise blocked.


What does the jailbreak?

, A jailbreak opens up new possibilities for the use of the Apple Smartphone. There are not officially licensed applications to install and the user interface of iOS can also customize 4 widgets and the like. Countless apps, that would otherwise be unavailable through the official Appstore, are with the jailbreak to install. The sources for this (the most famous being Cydia and Installous) be installed directly. Pay a lot of software is offered free of charge, which is not recommend downloading these programs: programming, a time-consuming affair is qualitatively high-quality apps. Download of this “ gecrackten ” apps is not only legally at least problematic, but takes long to that decreases the willingness to the programming of good apps. In case of doubt you try the apps on the way and buy it later in the Appstore officially.

Jailbreak on iPhone 4 on your own risk

It cannot be excluded, that jailbreak malware gets through to your Smartphone. The jailbreak is no official offer from Apple, but a privately-provided program. Comprehensive checks are not carried and we accept no liability for any damages to your Smartphone. A jailbreak can have the loss of warranty the result. Read more in our full report on the subject of “ what are jailbreak and unlock the Apple iPhone 3 G, 3 G S or iPod touch? “.

That is now even more attractive iPhone 4?

, The iPhone 4 from Apple has not only a very good display, awesome processor, and amount of memory. In addition to the hardware power of this Smartphone, it offers the Smartphone software at all. Apple iOS 4 is unbeaten with regard to ease of use. Unfortunately Apple, in contrast to Google’s Android, many restrictions in the closed-source operating system has iOS 4 installed. In addition, Apple’s applications are heavily monitored and it is sometimes unnecessarily censored even in supposedly harmless content. With the jailbreak work around the restrictions, customize your user interface to your needs and install all the apps you want to. That makes the iPhone 4 even more attractive in my opinion. Guests at the same time the advantages of the golden cage of Apple and the freedoms that keeps open only Google Android.


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