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LG Panther Windows phone 7

That the new Windows Mobile now is say 7 phone Windows is known. So far, there was but little information about upcoming smartphones. The LG Panther is a prime candidate, one of the first Windows 7 phone smartphones to be and comes with class processing, a gigahertz of processing power and QWERTY keyboard. How the new operating system on the mobile beat, has been tested by some English-language blogs.

LG Panther

, The tester in the English-speaking fellow bloggers had a good impression of the LG Panther. It responds quickly and everything was presented in liquid. More detailed information about the supposedly first Windows 7 phone Smartphone but still does not exist. It is a QWERTY slider with a large touch screen, which probably processor will be equipped with a gigahertz. Also facilities technically everything it should be (Wi-Fi, HSDPA, A-GPS), because Microsoft has made strict demands on the mobile phones, which are to run with Windows 7 phone. The real star is this device but clearly OS.

Windows 7 phone – the operating system without icons

While iPhone OS and Android also completely on the small icons, which the user can then select, you will find no icons in Windows 7 phone. Das ungewöhnliche Konzept scheint dennoch aufzugehen, sowohl die Tester von als auch die von sind begeistert: Die Oberfläche sei intuitiv bedienbar, reagiere schnell und flüssig, auch wenn die ganze Bedienung noch etwas “mysteriös” blieb. Visually, it is a treat but in any case. The large fonts are supported by send wallpapers – so a presentation there yet on any mobile phone. The Facebook integration, which is eingebau directly in the address book according to the testers is especially well done. Select a contact, directly his Facebook is synchronized status and displayed. Privacy advocates will like certainly less, but to date it is anyway, what about his contacts. There is still a successful integration of the Mp3 player Zune in the Windows phone 7 operating system. This enables the playback of media content, what works well on the LG Panther particularly comfortable. Special gimmick: these data are missing Mp3 tags, or the cover of the respective album, so the program complements automatically. During the test, but still some features were missing: so for example is the not-yet-ready XBox Live integration. This integration will look like and how far she will go, is not yet known.

When comes the LG Panther Windows phone 7?

Both about the release date of Windows 7 phone is also about the LG Panther still nothing known as and whether the latter will appear at all under this name. At least it is clear: the Smartphone is not presented by the operating system. Windows to see the light of the world according to Microsoft 7 phone later this year. For Christmas you should have so at least the possibility, a Windows 7 phone Smartphone to buy. Maybe it’s the LG Panther ….

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Download and Install The First BETA of 4.0 Android Ice Cream Sandwich for The Samsung Galaxy S II

As well, we said a few months ago, the jewel in the Crown of Sansumg, the Samsung Galaxy S II will finally have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, something hopefully after the success obtained by one of the best-selling handsets from the company. And for proof of this, it has come to filter a BETA, still very unstable, containing Android 4.0 for the aforementioned terminal. Continue reading

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Set cost limit for mobile use abroad!

, The action of the leading mobile providers was rejected by the European Court of Justice. Vodafone, Teléfonica O2, T-Mobile and orange had sued in England however, that the EU sets limits on the cost of mobile phone use for more than three years abroad. The result of the action: The EU regulation is lawful!

Regulation is legitimate

the leading mobile service provider Vodafone, Telefónica O2, T-Mobile and orange had complained against the so-called EU roaming regulation. Roaming the ability of a network participant in a different, non-network as its home network of selbstätig calls received or make to can can send and receive data, or to have access to other mobile wireless network services. It’s so a regulation that sets the upper limit for the price of cell phone calls, SMS and also for the mobile use of Internet in the country. DieVerordnung is lawful according to the European Court of Justice however!

Further reduction in fees

Mobile service provider must offer the single euro rate in all 27 EU States. This means that outgoing calls cost 43 cents per minute and cost incoming not more than 19 cents. But still the value added tax is added to these prices, varies depending on the country. From July, fees are reduced then even more. then pay mobile phone users abroad Max. 39 cents and 15 cents per minute, and the price of SMS is then at 11 cents.

That such a scheme is an intervention in the free market doesn’t mind the European Court of Justice. Before the regulation, the prices for roaming calls with 1.15 euros per minute were way too high. This was five times as much as the cost of the mobile service provider were actually. According to the Court, the relationship between costs and charges was no longer competitive. The regulation on roaming prices will be valid until July 30, 2012.

Regardless of whether you want to call on the EU abroad or here in Germany, the O2 inclusive package with 100 minutes and 100 SMS is currently recommended. Another top offer the tariff Vodafone AllNet 100 or AllNet 100 provides Internet.

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Google Already Offers The Original ROM of The Galaxy Nexus

Many are in the United States are enjoying the Nexus Google and Samsung Galaxy, and in the best of cases, more than one has opted for the healthy habit of entering the world of ROMs, trying to take advantage of more if fits the possibilities of Android and as powerful hardware carrying. But in many cases we can see us with the delicate problem that the installed ROM does not meet our expectations or is unusable. Continue reading

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Sony Ericsson Satio: 12 mega pixel camera phone in the test

Since late 2009 there is already the Sony Ericsson Satio 12 megapixel camera. But even still now, mid-2010, this Smartphone on Symbian based still belongs to the best camera phone on the market. With 12 megapixels and Xenon are the mobile Flash as a small digital camera. More about scope of delivery, handling and camera of smartphones our test!

Processing and design

Processing of the Sony Ericsson Satio is basically for the first time good: it lies well in the hand and the look is consistent. Below are three buttons: left menu button and right the hang up or cancel find the option button in the middle button. The connections can be found on the sides of the phone, what you can see on the pictures. Mixed emotions arise at the sight of the chrome trim (unfortunately the photos not so good to see!). They are plastic and have an appropriate look, but not too negatively striking in the overall concept. Very high quality, the camera cover made of aluminium, however, affects the back of the Sony Ericsson Satio. These covered the lens, is made of aluminium and can be with very pleasant haptics and push. Unfortunately even the top of the camera phone is considerably thicker than the bottom through the cover of the camera but, so a relatively chunky impression. Overall, is the Sony Ericsson Satio but an elegant appearance. At this point, therefore images of all pages follow:


in the small box of the Sony Ericsson Satio is pretty much the known standard delivery, as he now cell phones and Smartphones of every price range is known. In addition to some paperwork, the most users probably – I do that here – be left leave, there’s still a Sony Ericsson headset, charger and PC – connection cable. In addition, there is a 8 gb micro SD card. Space to accommodate the large photos is so from the outset provided! Is still the supplied stylus (pen to the use of the touch screen) worth mentioning and the leather case. Looks not only chic but preserves also the display.

Here a photo of delivery – shot with the Sony Ericsson Satio with automatic settings and 9 mega pixels (possible maximum were 12 mega pixel):


Operation, hardware and features

the Sony Ericsson Satio is first and foremost a Kamerhandy, but not only! For this, it can then do a little too much, just get hardware technical. The Sony Ericsson Satio with a 600 MHz processor, fired a brief overview: Is what will probably be enough for all common applications. There are HSDPA for quick download (+ HSUPA for fast upload of data, like E.g. photos). Wi-Fi is also integrated, as well as netzunterstütze (A-GPS) navigation. There’s also an FM radio, in which the headset acts as an antenna as icing. The touch screen of the Sony Ericsson Satio is resistive, i.e. he responds to pressure and not on the charge of the finger so that the operation can also less sensitive as a capacitive touchscreen. But, I can say that one becomes quickly accustomed to press a little bit more – unlike the iPhone where you literally strokes across the screen. To show the differences, I once put the Sony Ericsson Satio next to an iPhone 3 G at full screen brightness. There, you can see that the iPhone is slightly brighter. Even in direct sunlight, the display of the Satio is relatively hard to read, what with the iPhone but also is not much different. Despite equal big diagonal of 3.5 ″ the iPhone display has a slightly larger.

When using the Sony Ericsson Satio with Symbian is although from the outset not optimally equipped, because in General Symbian intuitiveness is not just said, but Sony Ericsson has integrated a your own user interface. With various shortcuts on the home screen you can quickly access his favorite contacts or look at the recent photos with a liquid display program.


That is not only practical, but looks great! Otherwise the operation makes a good, though not great impression: positive note is, that all menus display upright as well as across, what detects the Sony Ericsson Satio per position sensor. Also dominates the system multitasking, so that multiple applications can run in parallel. With a long press on the Center button, the open applications appear and can be so called or stopped. The integrated browser is relatively fluid, but long no more iPhone or Android can keep competing. When Symbian mobile is available but luckily the Opera browser, which significantly improves the Internet experience. He is beautifully managed MediaPlayer. Noble simplicity with animated background images prevails in this area. The input of messages via a virtual number pad, a small QWERTY keyboard (for the stylus), or a large QWERTY keyboard, which is then to use in landscape mode (according to choice). Still, a handwriting mode is integrated, which is rather but probably regarded as a gimmick. Test way, we have installed a navigation program on the phone (Tip: Sygic mobile). The GPS signal even without network support was found in about one to two minutes and we could easily get from A to B. Conclusion to the operation: the fastest and most liquid operating system is Symbian, but if one is accustomed, operations go quickly out of hand. The user interface of Sony Ericsson is meaningfully integrated and looks good.

, By the way: If you connect the Sony Ericsson Satio on your PC, you need connect the device via USB only. It is recognized and you can access it immediately, without having to install extra software. It’s always more practical than the iPhone with iTunes …. You can download a few clicks for example photos of the Sony Ericsson Satio on the PC, play music on your mobile phone or push an application in the folder that contains the installation files. So simple it can be super!

Camera in the test – digicam killer?

, You’ve seen already a test image in good light conditions (see scope of supply). Whether the camera is digital camera replacement? It can be relatively difficult. The camera is certainly sufficient for simple claims and also for party shots and interiors in moderate light the camera is sufficient. In good light conditions the quality even at low to mid-range digital cameras however, and also features the Sony Ericsson Satio with camera not too: auto focus and smile are just a few features, the Sony Ericsson here integrated. Even a continuous recording is possible! But: Overall the camera slightly higher claims can certainly no longer keep up with a digital camera. This is due above all to the relatively slow shutter function. The Flash range is also particularly short in low light conditions. Without the Flash, but always the small sensor basic sure that images are noisy pretty fast is with cell phones. Still, In the field of mobile phones and Smartphones, there are but currently few alternatives. I would even say the Sony Ericsson Satio is currently the best camera phone on the market!

Test conclusion to the Sony Ericsson Satio

Advance was one said: the Sony Ericsson Satio is no iPhone. You get no perfectly smooth and fluid operation. It is clear whom and who attaches less value, receives with the Sony Ericsson Satio a Smartphone with top camera, full facilities and good workmanship. For that you have to live with Symbian, which has advantages: plug the phone to the PC and photos directly down copy and music on it is already great! Total safe a buy recommendation for a camera phone, but also a full-fledged Smartphone with great features.

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Sony Ericsson cedar and W8: Walkman and eco mobile

If you want a full-fledged Smartphone, such as for example the soon to be released iPhone 4 or an Android Smartphone as HTC desire, must schedule often several hundred euros. But Sony Ericsson returns with two new models on the one hand to its roots and brings a very cheap mobile phone with a starting price of less than 100,-€. This beautiful device called W8 and a Walkman phone with touch screen. The Sony Ericsson Cedar drives on the Green rail and should be also so cheap to have.


Sony Ericsson Cedar – classic, cheap & ecological!

Optically unspectacular comes the Sony Ericsson cedar. It is kept in very classic bar format, has no touch screen and is also not a Smartphone. But: If you like the classic mobile form with a numeric field, is here with a high-quality mobile phone from the House of Sony Ericsson operated, then also still ecologically produced. Here is not the motto “ eco must be expensive ”, because the Cedar to the launch only cost 89,-€. There are all sorts of “ eco features ”, such as the housing made from recycled plastic and the power supply unit Energiesparkriterien-facing. It is announced for the 3rd quarter of 2010. The Sony Ericsson Cedar is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera and has some gadgets on board you would expect only from the expensive smartphones. So, such as Facebook and Twitter can be operated with the mobile phone. Also, the phone supports the detection of Mp3s with a database via an Internet connection. Who wants to use these functions, comes around of course not, to use a data plan. We recommend a flat rate: these are not expensive and you need have no bad conscience in Internet usage with mobile phones. We can inform you like directly, as soon as the phone with bridgat shop is available.

Sony Ericsson Yendo – Walkman mobile phone with touch screen

With its 2.6 ″ touch screen the Sony Ericsson Yendo not the 89,-€ looks, that it should cost to the market launch. It is although not ecologically manufactured, but boasts a design optics, which looks more expensive classes, as the aforementioned 89,-€. At this price, the facilities to an acceptable minimum is reduced naturally, as well as at the Sony Ericsson cedar,: there is no Wi-Fi, no A-GPS, no high-speed Internet via HSDPA. Current smartphones can do so most everything without compromising, cost but also a multiple of the Sony Ericsson Yendo. But after all, the cheap touchscreen phone has some features on Board that are especially tailored to the usage as an Mp3 player. Not for nothing, the Sony Ericsson Yendo is to be the new model of the famous walkman series. As also the Cedar, the Sony Ericsson Yendo with the application detects “ TrackID ” and needed the title of Mp3s that are stored on the mobile Internet connection (via GPRS) and renames it automatically correctly according to. Also, there are some applications for social networks such as Twitter and Facebook for on the go. Also here we recommend that you also if you use very little Internet features directly to book an Internet flat rate, because they cost much and you don’t need to worry about before the next invoice.

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9 CyanogenMod and Ice Cream Sandwich Also Become The Nexus One

CyanogenMod and its new version with Ice Cream Sandwich continues to advance at a rapid pace. If yesterday we saw how came to the Nexus S in the form of Alpha today is the shift to the Nexus One, a terminal which in principle if he was going to get Ice Cream Sandwich officially but to in the end, if we want to enjoy this release, touch us install a homemade ROM. Continue reading

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Ice Cream Sandwich and MIUI, a Combination Promising to Arriving to The Samsung Galaxy VII

There is desire to that Ice Cream Sandwich, and its source code, see the light at once. From his presentation last month we have seen how some home developers have been encouraged to launch ROMs for different devices. A little rudimentary versions and that in some cases they are not stable yet, but They highlight the Community interest in this new version. Continue reading

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HTC HD3: Soon in the trade?

The rumor mill bubbling and once again is being fed by information from the House of HTC! First images of the successor phones of the HTC HD2 have surfaced on the Internet. It’s a Smartphone that delivers a top equipment supposedly bigger, faster and should be better than the HTC HD2. Windows phone 7 is a dream facility of the HTC HD3 supposedly


The HTC HD3 will reportedly replace the HTC HD2. The facilities of the Smartphone is huge and actually too well to be true. The HTC HD3 supposedly offers a 1.5 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM. In addition to a 1 GB of internal memory exist, which can be expanded via memory card to 32 GB.
Dream: the 4.5 inch AMOLED touchscreen, the HTC HD3 should offer. The rumor with a camera with full 8 megapixel resolution, you can shoot photos. Video playback in HD with 720 p are characterized and the HD playback in 1080 p via HDMI. Of course, the top facilities include also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, however 3 G and 4 G! Also the HTC HD3 with Windows phone to run 7.

Availability and price

The previous info about this “ over phone ” sound rather unrealistic, because with the equipment, it would be loose all currently available smartphones in the shade. We inform you of course, as soon as there is more detailed information and, of course, as soon as the HTC HD 3 in our online-shop of bridgat is available. Who is all too uncertain: even the HTC HD2 is a Smartphone with a very good facilities. This includes among other things a huge 4.3 inch touchscreen display and a 5 megapixel camera. Also the HTC HD2 offers its own user interface HTC sense multitouch and runs on Windows Mobile 6.5.


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Vision: HTC desire Pro with full keyboard in sight?

HTC apparently once again has an iron in the fire which is quite promising. Is the HTC desire the most popular Android Smartphone at all well for a few weeks and leading bestseller lists – we have also extensively tested it in the bridgat blog. This is probably reason enough for HTC, the success story desire to give a new name and a full keyboard and to continue the success story with a new smartphone of class. The product is called HTC vision and is so far nothing more than a rumor that appears but not unrealistic in view of the success of the HTC desire.

HTC desire hardware + QWERTY keyboard

In the face of the rasaten development of the Smartphone hardware it seems quite possible that even with an extra QWERTY keyboard the hardware of the HTC desire with the vision is used, that could act as a business variant HTC desire Sire Pro. This means for all interested business users (or those who need a keyboard): A 3.7 ″ AMOLED display with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels, 1 GHz processor, 576mb of RAM, a 5 megapixel camera and maybe with the next update to Android 2.2 HD video recording. Hardware goes in conjunction with the operating system Android currently not more than with the HTC desire. Also handle technical the HTC is likely to be after vision the HTC desire in nothing: also can convince the HTC Smartphone in this area. As with Android and its own interface HTC sense, you can use all functions everyday use and fun makes the whole thing even. The Internet performance is unmatched so far and is in direct competition to the new Apple iPhone 4

HTC vision or HTC desire Pro?

So far, technology of blogs the HTC was traded in the vision always without QWERTY keyboard. Instead, said the rumors of a dual core processor and huge 4.3 display ″ diagonal, which offers only the HTC HD2. Bone of contention for the rumors about the HTC vision or the HTC desire Sire Pro is by the way the sale of alleged existing smartphones in an Internet advertisement of Croats.

Who currently can’t wait, whether the rumor emerged to a market-compatible device, we can recommend some mobile phones. Firstly of course the HTC desire, which currently sets a highlight of Android smartphones. Should you necessarily have to rely on a QWERTY keyboard so you should look at the Motorola milestone. Currently the slimmest QWERTY slider is nearly unrivaled and also runs on Android.


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