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HTC spark – Windows phone 7 Smartphone with desire technology?

In a Chinese forum a data sheet showed up, where as the operating system, Windows phone 7 is specified. The data not only resemble the HTC desire, but are identical to 100%. Hot new HTC Smartphone with the Microsoft operating system Windows phone 7 HTC will spark. A Smartphone by the quality of a HTC desire with the new Microsoft operating system? Sounds promising!

HTC desire technology …. in the desire housing?

At HTC we know only the data sheet – without saying with certainty that it is not fake. At least the data is realistic and is likely also a release a device with Windows phone 7, because the desire meets all minimum requirements that Microsoft provides on mobile phones with the new operating system. Whether the HTC spark then ultimately also looks like the HTC desire? That is more than questionable, because the Android typical key layout does not fit with Windows phone 7. Windows phone 7 Developer mobile provided three buttons: the home button, a back button and a button for the search function. Technically some modifications should exist probably also marketing, what’s the look, finally, it would be rather confusing to have two phones with the same appearance, but different name and operating system on sale.

Soft – and hardware

Microsoft had a long lead time until the release of the new operating system and could learn from the mistakes of the competition. Accordingly has the software giant raised the mobile hardware requirements fairly, ensuring a consistently liquid operating and minimise a scattering of version, as it is often the case with Android. The manufacturers supply often only brief support for the devices, so that many still using version 1.6 work even though Android 2.2 is now up-to-date. Otherwise, Windows phone 7 now makes a good impression by a unique look with big letters and organically built menus. Icons? There’s no. Also Microsoft is working with high pressure on the further development of the surface and play, so that in the fall, maybe a small revolution in the market of smartphones is waiting for us. The hardware is known from the HTC desire and need not hide from competition: with a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 512 mb RAM, 3.7 ″ AMOLED display (probably at the HTC spark Super-LCD) with high resolution (800 × 480 pixels) and 8 gb memory enough the Smartphone also for high demands. Wi-Fi, A-GPS, Bluetooth and HSDPA has the Smartphone of course also on board. As for the desire has also the spark a 5 mega pixel camera – HD video support is uncertain at this point, but quite possible.

Availability and price

That is not from Windows phone 7 HTC spark appear so much should be clear. Microsoft has announced the operating system with first mobile phones, which also the HTC spark could include, at the end of the year. Then should the HTC spark price range in the high end and the operating system to shake the market. We report all developments of the new Microsoft operating system in the bridgat blog of course continue.


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Nokia Lumia 1520 in the Test

On 14 may, I have received a small package from Nokia – already the days before I expected 1520 my Lumia test device. 3 weeks I could that huge part of test now and make me a better picture of Windows phone. As a longtime iPhone (currently 4S) I signed up until now only a few hours/days set apart with other operating systems…the following I try review to tell you about my impressions and experiences. Continue reading

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Amazing result: Nokia X 6 better than iPhone 4?

, Stiftung Warentest has come an amazing result for mobile phone comparison. The mobile test has shown that the Nokia X 6 is better than the much sought-after iPhone 4. The Smartphone from Nokia made a comparison among 18 other smartphones at number one! Second place is also used by a mobile phone from the House of Nokia evidence namely the Nokia 5230. The Apple iPhone 4 will succeed only in third place.

iPhone 4 only on third place!

Hardly a Smartphone is so in demand as it currently is the iPhone 4. Apple has made it his to introduce latest cell phone with big bang in the market. The demand for the latest iPhone is huge! Yet the well-known and reputable company is now an amazing result Stiftung Warentest: iPhone 4 is a comparison among phones ranked only three. Come before the Apple best seller of the Finnish manufacturer Nokia phones – the Nokia X 6 and Nokia 5230. However, it is to note what aspects were decisive for the result of this comparison. To the one Foundation has named Warentest as justification, that convince the cameras of the Finns phones and also the good sound. Negatively the reception problems were, however, on the iPhone, resulting from the side antenna. When handling the antenna the reception performance at the Apple Smartphone is more than 90 percent with dropped the Nokia phones (and also the bold 9700 and the Samsung Omnia II), however, only 15 percent. Criticism got the iPhone 4 even for iTunes compulsory binding. Other providers of music and additional applications are blocked. Also the extremely high price of the Smartphone was negative in the assessment.
It is important that all aspects were included in the comparison. Points such as design, processing, and video quality are not running incorporated into the evaluation. Last but not least is also to say that it is for the selection on the individual preferences of the user.

A short comparison between iPhone 4, Nokia X 6 and Nokia 5230

, The iPhone 4 is 16 GB and 32 GB on the market in the Variant. Both versions have a camera with 5-megapixel camera with Flash and photos or videos on a razor sharp retina display will be visible. Videos can record in HD quality. The video telephony enabled by Apple for the first time, which is possible only with a conversation partner, who owns an iPhone 4, comes in handy. So far, the Apple Smartphone is only in black available. Two finished the Nokia 5230 Navi. Here there is only a camera with 2 megapixels, but also a large touchscreen display videos let 8.1 cm. in size not in HD quality record, but in VGA quality. Otherwise, the standard features of a smartphones as well as HSDPA and GPRS among others provides support and an integrated GPS module and a memory which is expandable up to 16 GB. The cell phone in black red, white-silver, is available all black blue white and in. Square one-the Nokia X 6 also offers a storage space up to 16 GB. The display offers a good resolution of 360 × 460 pixels and is 3.2 ” large. The camera offers as well as that of iPhone 4 good 5-megapixel and a LED flash for dark environments. The winner is available in the colours red and black and blue and white.

Availability and price

All three smartphones are available in the online-shop of bridgat with us. To order simply click on the button right next to the desired product. Without a contract, the price of the iPhone 4 whopping 957,95 euro, the price of the Nokia 5230 is only 134.95 euros and the Nokia X 6 283.95 euro.


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Nokia N9 – first MeeGo Smartphone with aluminium housing?

, The Nokia N8 is not even available in the bridgat shop and already Guide make the Nokia N9 of the round. The first MeeGo Smartphone, that unofficially due to its high-quality aluminium optics as a “ MacBook Pro mobile ” traded is, to be a real highlight technically and visually. Is the Nokia N9’s new workhorse and pulls the cart from the dirt? We unveil the phone and make a prognosis.


Nokia N8 successor?

Although the Nokia N9 is called so that you would have to think it’s the Nokia N8 successor. It bears too much resemblance to the Nokia N8, but is probably a slightly different notch, with regard to the target group. With a full keyboard and the open-source operating system MeeGo, the Nokia N9 will be an addition to the Nokia N8. It should be regarded N900 as the successor of the Nokia, which is quite similar to the form factor and the style. The Nokia N9 is likely due to the conversion of Nokia products on MeeGo but not such a “ niche ” how are the Nokia N900 that customer has found only limited and has never addressed the broad mass of users.

Technology rumors around the Nokia N9

First of all, the full QWERTY keyboard in the eye, the Nokia N9 is equipped with the falls. Also the resemblance to the Nokia N8 is unmistakable. But the Nokia N9 accents other: while the Nokia N8 is technically rather reserved, but is equipped with an excellent camera, even a Xenon has Flash, the Nokia N9 is a Smartphone with top hardware. At least at the present time, the Nokia N9 it would be competitive, though not outstanding. Inside, a gigahertz working processor from House of Qualcomm, 512 mb available memory to the side of the. Unprecedented 64 are gb specified as internal memory – depending on the release date, this is more or less unlikely, because the memory prices have long been very consistent, so much internal memory would make the equipment very expensive. Even Apple could not double the memory that the iPhone 4 as the previous years. This would have been just disproportionately expensive. It should be clear that all current Wi-Fi connection standards will be integrated N, HSDPA, A-GPS and Bluetooth.


For ’ s eye: AMOLED display, HD video and HDMI output

with a 4 ″ display with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels, the Nokia N9 is as big as the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. For many users, this size may represent the maximum tolerated. There are not a large slider phone with AMOLED display so far. The Motorola milestone is a 3.7 ″ display, is still a little small. More on ’ s offers the camera eye: these can record HD video at 30 frames per second. The recorded movies can then via a HDMI output directly on compatible devices, as emitted E.g. the home TV or video projector. The normal function of the camera should have supposedly 12 megapixels and a dual LED flash. I think this but avoidable competition for the Nokia N8 and the technical feasibility in a flat housing with QWERTY keyboard for unrealistic.

For the hands: aluminium unibody enclosure

Not only the keyboard is a joy for the feel of the device – typing on a real keyboard is always better than on a virtual keyboard on the touch screen. The aluminium unibody enclosure of the Nokia N9 should not only very high-quality look, but also haptically do a lot here. That’s why the Nokia N9 also long before the publication of the nickname has “ MacBook Pro mobile ”. Also the Apple MacBook has a case made of a cast, which makes a high-quality impression. This will lead probably ultimately but also that the Nokia N9 is a heavyweight. Already, the Motorola milestone with a smaller display and without much metal weighs a whopping 165 g. How Nokia gets this grip, remains to be seen.

MeeGo premiere – never Symbian?

On the Nokia N9 no more Symbian should be used, but the successor to maemo, which has already won many fans on the Nokia N900 because of the diverse ways. So far, there is little information about the platform developed by Nokia and Intel together.

Availability and price

Sure some specifications for the Nokia N9 will be still corrected, because the device should come at the end of the year. So far Nokia has not gigahertz smartphones to be thrown, why should they drive it now at once with a new device at the top. I think that here the expectations still clearly should be scaled back. Finally, the Nokia N8 is not even available and equipped with at least vermintlich significantly worse hardware. Should the technical details and Nokia a presentable operating system combine all of this with a high-quality housing, and above all, the Nokia N9 could be a real highlight for the end of 2010. For the price, I can only say: the Nokia N9 is no bargain, but perhaps with the corresponding tariff affordable, we will offer you in the bridgat shop for publication. Until then you can like to continue to pursue the bridgat blog or find out from us free of charge, as soon as the Nokia N9 is available. To do this simply click on the article page of the Nokia N9, and then click “ notification when available ”. You will then receive by E-Mail!


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Motorola milestone: Soon up to date with Android 2.2

Still enjoys the popular Motorola milestone, what is expected also to the good support of Motorola. The full keyboard Android Smartphone was brought by the manufacturer already about update to the Android version 2.1 and now it’s official that Motorola will provide an update on version 2.2. Thus, the milestone is probably the Android Smartphone with the best update support on the market.

Android 2.2 – what awaits the user?

The operating system Android is no optical revision by the small jump from 2.1 to 2.2 version, for some runs but faster. The new compiler, applications run at least theoretically partly up to 450% faster. In practice, this is subject to strong fluctuations of course from application to application and not so conspicuous due to the already fast working speed. In such applications, a grain may be but more battery life in there. In addition to the clear speed advantage, Android 2.2 brings some features, like for example the use of smartphones as a router on which I would like to not go. A core function is the possibility of installing apps on an SD card, which is up to version 2.1 not possible. Read more about this in our separate article to update.

Can expect the update in the near future, because the identical US model Motorola droid was already equipped with an update. In the 4th quarter at the latest, you can then install the update! O2 devices to mid-September also an update received.

Motorola milestone – is still recommended?

The Motorola milestone is actually up today unmatched or an Android Smartphone with a full keyboard can you think of? We have the Motorola backflip in the offer, currently only the competition from its own home. A very different audience is addressed here but as the milestone. The backflip relies on innovative design with a unique mechanism to shut off the keyboard and appeals to this rather young prolific writer. The milestone, however, exudes seriousness, is the slimmest QWERTY slider on the market, and boasts a large 3.7 ″ high resolution display. In addition, it has a 550 MHz OMAP processor and the fast graphics unit of the iPhone 3 G S. Also are all current connection standards: Wi-Fi, A-GPS, and HSDPA. Overall, the milestone but with 165 g is comparatively difficult. The successor is currently Motorola milestone 2 is still to wait, we have already reported.

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Nokia N8: Smartphone will be released on September 30th

Nokia has long been no Smartphone on the market brought, what has really caused a sensation. The N97 or also the N97 mini is not bad though and a very solid device, but with Nokia smartphones the AHA effect has been lacking in recent years. Episode: Nokia’s market share drops, because the competition, particularly in the Smartphone sector, is great. Now the Nokia N8 is to pull the cart out of the dirt and ensure recovery with high-quality appearance of the material and once again Symbian.

High-quality materials & top camera

, The N-series has made a name so far less with good appearance of material and processing. Also the last shot of the series, the N97, was able to convince less. The slider with lots of plastic makes a mixed impression. It is much better for the Nokia N8: the new Smartphone has an aluminium unibody, i.e. the housing is made of a cast made of high quality metal, which ultimately leads to an excellent haptics.

What Nokia can but profile has always been, is a very good camera. The superlatives that Nokia has set in this area be continued seamlessly with the Nokia N8. The Smartphone has a 12 megapixel with typical Carl Zeiss Optics in highest quality. In addition to the delicate lens of the Nokia N8, a real Xenon Flash is installed and numerous setting options allow even macro shots or series of images. This makes the Nokia N8 to a digital camera replacement for the trouser pocket. In addition, it offers Nokia N8 HD video recording with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels (720 p). Examples of Nokia have shown that the quality of the recording is very good. Accordingly, Nokia has integrated can directly play the recordings via a HDMI connection on the domestic flat-screen TVs.

Average hardware with Symbian ^ 3

Symbian belongs to the still most widespread operating systems ever. This is above all because that Nokia had an absolutely dominant position in the market a long time. Symbian has survived even now and is one of the platforms, which slowly but surely disappear from the market. Android smartphones, BlackBerry and the Apple iPhone are just playful and intuitive. Nevertheless, Nokia at the Nokia N8 continues to rely on the operating system and save it with the final update to Symbian ^ 3 once again before the Einstampfung, which has been before is. Something dröge works still, the operating system when compared to the competition but: Nokia has improved in many places. The touch-operation has been adapted and there are even some highlights, such as E.g. the liquid Coverflow view in the music player.

The AMOLED display with 3.5 ″ diagonal is not particularly high resolution 360 × 480 pixels AMOLED technology but colourful and with real black. Hardware offers no special highlights the Nokia N8, but rather provides standard fare in the beautiful garb. The 680 MHz CPU techies will elicit hardly a weary smile: HTC HD2, HTC desire, Samsung I9000 Galaxy S … are just a few examples that 1000 MHz can waiting processor with one and the HTC HD2 is almost a year old to the release of the Nokia N8. 256 mb of memory are the still sufficiently fast processor. Smartphone typical is there of course Wi-Fi, HSDPA and A-GPS are probably goes without saying for a upcoming top model.

Nokia N8 alternative: Nokia C7

Who on the camera of the Nokia N8 do without and may at the same time not so much on the optics or wants to spend generally somewhat less than the retail price targeted by Nokia of 499,-€, which can be the Nokia C7 see. It looks like the N8 as identical twins in hardware, has only 8 mega pixel with a dual-LED flash. Also the exterior of the Nokia C7 can boast excellent optical and processing. Price the Nokia C7 should cost less well 100,-€ as the Nokia N8. This was already reason enough for us, to speculate whether the Nokia C7 maybe could be the Volkssmartphone.

Availability and price

, The Nokia N8 comes according to the Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti in trading on September 30. Price 499,-€ is up-to-date estimate as retail price. However, experience has shown that we can offer a significantly better price especially in connection with a mobile phone contract. If you want to be notified (by E-mail), simply click on the product page of the Nokia N8, and then click “ notification when available ”. You receive an email as soon as we can offer your Smartphone then from us free of charge and without obligation.

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Quo vadis Symbian? The future of the operating system

Symbian is Nokia’s problem child … and the first couple of days, but for a long time. The trend in the sales of Nokia smartphones goes back, with the general trend in the mobile phone market tends strongly towards Smartphone. In a few years, all phones be full-fledged smartphones and be included in any app store. Symbian smartphones will play no role that’s for sure. The last Symbian smartphones, and what happens to the operating system, see this article.



The reasons for the end of Symbian

with the first iPhone, Apple has transformed the market, redefined the term smartphone and sent a whole new kind of operating system in the race. Symbian had still the absolute supremacy in the mobile world in 2007 and the iPhone operating system played no special role numerically. Android? Was perhaps planned in 2007, but not yet released, that until the year 2008. With the appearance and well known are the iPhone and then later, Android was the Smartphone in 2008 has finally become a status symbol and there was of course also Symbian Smartphone of Nokia N-series. The Nokia N95 for example was one of the first phones with Wi-Fi, had Internet and E-Mail functions. But unfortunately the operating system was unconvincing: Symbian was unstable on this phone and convinced not just by operating quality. While the iPhone OS and also the Launchy Android have always evolved and to the quality characteristic was the touch screen the touch screen convinced porting from Symbian S60 (5th Edition) do not. The operation was compared to the fresh-looking competition sedately and tough. Menu entries had to be confirmed by double-tapping, what a wrong programmed to relic from the time was without the touch screen. In 2010, Nokia has recognized though that it does not continue with Symbian, the operating system rears but with a recent version (Symbian ^ 3) again on. This time the long known bugs were ironed out and even some modern elements of the competition have been adopted, such as the familiar Coverflow view for music albums. Still Symbian will play more irrelevant in the future on the mobile market, although it is considered extremely resource-efficient, unschnörkeliges operating system. Still have before all things Apple’s iOS, currently just to offer more than the dusty Symbian now steadily losing market share, Google’s Android and RIM’s BlackBerry OS.

What is the competition so much better?

Actually, Symbian is not so bad: as already just mentioned all the positive with the version of Symbian evolved ^ 3. The problem, however, is that Nokia has just slept through the development and now the dominant position in the mobile market, this is more than compromised. Coverflow? Today had the iPhone in 2007 in better quality than Symbian. A service adapted to the touch screen? Android has managed from the outset, not to attract attention by superfluous clicks through the menu options. Kinetic scrolling and multi-touch operation? Also that there has long been the competition. Nokia’s, efforts to save the operating system from ruin, are simply too late was initiated. Others were in principle for all features faster and really easy operation goes up not by hand today, if you for example the Apple iPhone are used. The somewhat tough operation and above all the contested image of Symbian harm the sales of the new Nokia smartphones, which are technically and very good processing.

New of Symbian smartphones – no good investment?

Now give the impression could of course, that Symbian smartphones are no longer recommended because the Symbian operating system in the future will find little support. Is the purchase of a Symbian Smartphone an investment in a sinking ship? We can reassure you: Symbian ^ 3 has been specially developed for the new generation of Nokia smartphones and deployed. It is the current state of development of the world’s biggest mobile phone company. The call by Symbian now may be so bad: it is still the most used operating system and the new version also for touchscreen smartphones optimized. Who may operate an iPhone or an Android Smartphone, is can but does not necessarily become friends with Symbian, because the operating system is far less playful and not quite as fleet-footed. But: Symbian delivers one of the most complete software packages that exist in the field of operating systems, supports multi-touch well and is a clean, stable operating system. There are always still not very many apps, but you can find everything you need. In particular Nokia itself is very well served with OVI store and steady support.

The current Nokia phones boast high-quality craftsmanship and great looks:

The future of Symbian is called MeeGo


Although not directly to do with Symbian MeeGo operating system, but it is his direct descendant. With the trend of the multi-platform something has changed in Nokia systems, so that now is being developed in cooperation with Intel of a such multi-platform operating system. This is visually based on Symbian, will be but in the Smartphone business Nokia’s reboot. The future will show whether this works,!


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HTC desire HD – iPhone 4 alternative with large display

Large, high resolution display? Check! High-end processor and fast graphics unit? Check! HD video and 8 mega pixel camera? Check! The HTC desire HD sets new standards among the Android smartphones, sounds almost like a technical study, and comes already in October. The Smartphone can shine even with beautiful workmanship and material selection. Too good to be true? Rather not, because what has done well the HTC desire, the HTC desire HD is now only get better and could be the alternative to the iPhone 4 with a large display.

Processing and design

Maybe it is a trend, called the iPhone 4 from Apple in life, because as for the trendy Smartphone the motto also applies to the HTC desire HD: ever flatter, the better. Android Smartphone is fairly flat with 11, 5mm. That is iPhone 4 with 9, 3mm flat yet, but the few millimeters is then in your Pocket probably also not unpleasant. Especially good on the device like the processed material: as already the HTC legend the HTC desire HD from a block of aluminium will be milled. This ensures a high-quality look and excellent feel. The huge screen of the Smartphone extends to the edges and down you were used instead of normal keys now increasingly coming into fashion sensor buttons. All in all seems excellent workmanship and design in every detail. Only the slightly protruding camera could be criticized, but this is bleating at a high level.

Display: real size, but no AMOLED

Super AMOLED? There are currently only at the Samsung. AMOLED? Currently, Samsung can not meet the demand. Episode: Not only for the HTC desire there is the new technology no longer, but also for the HTC desire HD with the larger 4.3 ″ display. This is made by Sony and represents an improved LCD display with the name Super-LCD. Although the Super LCD is still economical, light stronger and more diverse than the conventional LCD technology, but compared to the AMOLED technology the second choice. Nevertheless it can with 4.3 ″ convince diagonal huge display and is also with a resolution of 800 × 480 resolution sharp enough dissolved.

Technology: fast goes ’ s not!

Although the HTC desire HD has also a gigahertz processor incorporated as its predecessor, but not the same model. Here is the fine, but very decisive advantage in the manufacturing process. As well as desktop processors is the production always fine. The processors with accordingly few nanometers producing significantly less heat with the same performance because they consume less power. If the processor is now manufactured in the 45nm process (like current desktop processors also), provides even more? It is at least probable, but not absolutely necessary in view of the very strong performance of its predecessor. We can surprise us! Anyway, the other hardware also gives rise to the joy: 768mb memory are so far unrivaled and steam to make also the Adreno 205 GPU graphically intensive applications properly. Summa Summarum is probably loosely with the current upper class of smartphones such as E.g. Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, Apple iPhone 4 locker can compete the HTC desire HD or even outstrip them. The equipment is also without interruption well as the remaining hardware: A-GPS, Wi-Fi N, HSDPA, and Bluetooth 3.0. The internal memory with a size of 4 gb can be almost naturally extended via Microsd.

Camera: HD video and 8 mega pixel

The camera of the HTC desire HD is a credit to the name of the Smartphone. HD video at 30 frames per second and a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels 8 mega pixel photo camera also includes facilities such as a. It is equipped with a dual LED Flash and should be adequate for snapshots in fine quality.

Availability and price

Not only the technique is better for the HTC desire HD, the price will be revised upwards in comparison to the already good HTC desire. The retail price of the manufacturer, that we are beaten at bridgat but surely is whopping €599. If you want to be informed as soon as the Smartphone (probably in October) in the shop is available. Just click the article page of the HTC desire HD, and then click “ notification when available ”. You will then receive after registration your email address free email, as soon as we can deliver the HTC desire HD.

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Nokia N8 – best video quality among the Smartphones?

That Nokia with the N8 has a camera phone and Smartphone of high quality in the making, is known. 12 megapixels with real Xenon Flash is one the camera safely to the best on the market, since the iPhone 4 can’t keep up. What however now shows Nokia in a sample video, is really convincing. The HD video recording (720 p) of the Nokia N8 provides unparalleled quality for perfect lighting conditions and fast movements.
See for yourself in the video below.


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HD video recording: Nokia N8, Samsung S8500 wave and iPhone 4 in the test

, The Nokia N8 is currently a real highlight when it comes to photography and HD video recording. There is even clearly the use emphasis of Symbian ^ 3 smartphones. Anders is the other candidates of the test: the Samsung S8500 wave is as high-quality Bada smart phoneme with top hardware rather an all-rounder at an affordable price. The iPhone 4 breaks, however, all price records and Apple has applied the function explicitly. Three models, various can be actually, in us in a test of the HD video quality compete.

HD video recording in 720 p

In the meantime, plenty of smartphones has a video recording function in HD. Who like to create YouTube videos or otherwise, has a soft spot for mobile videos, will sure have his joy on the quality. The videos are quite presentable in most cases with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels, even if the resolution gives no final information about the quality. First models with HD video recording had often due to the high requirements to the hardware problems, to take these videos at 30 frames per second. The Samsung I8910 Omnia HD is one of the first Smartphone with HD video and could only convince with a late firmware from a user in this discipline. Today this problem at least in the Woods is over: the gigahertz processors of the Samsung S8500 wave and iPhone 4 are designed for such applications and also the Nokia N8 has me its 680 MHz processor sufficient power reserves available, so that the 30 frames per second are achieved. The sound quality of cell phone videos, however, remains much more problematic than the video quality: often the sound muffled, spoken is hard to understand or tinny esklingt.

Nokia N8 vs. Samsung S8500 wave

The Nokia N8 is clearly designed for a good camera: the 12 megapixel with Xenon Flash and the ability to record video in HD probably speak for themselves. You can also give out pictures and videos the same HDMI output on the local TV. The Samsung S8500 wave is an affordable all-rounder that can score with a good operation and super hardware. Camera in the device delivers good quality the 8 megapixel and HD video can convince. Here you can see which of the two smartphones compared the video to convince (Tip: enable 720):


clear winner: the Nokia N8 – compared to the Samsung S8500 wave it provides better color fidelity and a noticeably sharper picture.

Nokia N8 vs. iPhone 4

Although it is not the parade discipline of the iPhone 4 too, but at least Apple quality of 5 mega pixels has advertised explicitly camera, and the HD video. Compared to the Nokia N8, the camera has only a LED Flash, so that the suitability for photos at bad exposure is not so good, even if Apple has significantly improved the sensor compared to the previous generation.


Once again the Nokia N8 can here play out its strengths and beats the iPhone 4 to length. The colors are more realistic, the contrast is very good and also better sharpness. It tends, however, to the Überbelichtigung, iPhone 4 what the videotaping something “ exaggerated ” makes seem.

Conclusion: Nokia N8 with the best HD video

The Nokia N8 has built not only the best camera on the mobile market – the large sensor also ensures that HD video can be captured with unprecedented quality with the mobile. What could not be shown in this test is the sound quality, which rather represents the problem with Smartphones with HD video. Here, too, the Nokia N8 with two installed microphones can score, this too can not a Smartphone competitor better. Who places an emphasis on the quality of the HD video, which currently not on the Nokia N8 coming!

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