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The 7 Icons Under the German Wrist Watches

Long & Sons long 1, Nomos Tangent, Junghans Max Bill & Co.

These timepiece from Germany have written history. Their design, which remains topical for decades, makes them icons of watch design. Here you will find the most beautiful and most coveted watch models from Germany. Continue reading

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7 Independent Watchmakers

Two types of watchmakers dominate the luxury watch industry: the big corporations, which combine several watch brands under one roof, and independent power brands à la Rolex and Breitling. Even though the term independent watchmaker is relative, the term “watchmakers” is meant here which does not belong to either of the two groups mentioned. These are niche stamps that are appreciated not only for unique creations, but also for their individuality and originality. In the following we would like to present 7 fascinating watch brands, which are based on in-house clock movements and usually fill much fewer double pages in high-gloss magazines than their famous counterparts. Continue reading

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Mnmlst Men-Minimalist Accessories for Men

With this short contribution, I would like to introduce you to a project which has occupied me the last weeks and months and is now slowly but surely taking shape: mnmlst men. With mnmlst men, I want to create a label that offers high quality, minimalist accessories for the modern man. The focus is on the essentials. Continue reading

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Smart Clock Samsung S2 Is Announced from R $1,899

Samsung announced the new Gear before the IFA 2015in September, but during the fair we had the opportunity to test the first intelligent circular clock company. Provided with a rotating bezel and a circular user interface based on the proprietary operating system Citizen, the Gear S2 brings an improved visual and sound experience. Here are our first impressions of the new wearable which has just been introduced in Brazil.

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Update: Samsung announced the arrival of the Gear to Brazil S2. Check out more detail in the topic “release date and price,” below.

Samsung Gear S2 – release date and price

The Samsung S2 Gear was officially presented in Brazil by Samsung executives, during an event held by the company in Sao Paulo. The new intelligent watch South Korean company will be available from November.

The Gear S2 comes to Brazil in two versions: Gear S2 sport silicone strap and stainless steel case and the Gear S2 Classic, with stainless steel case and leather strap. The Gear model S2 Classic back further details in the box of the device, such as a better crafted and a box a little taller. Check out the prices of both versions below:

  • Gear S2 sport: R $1,899
  • Gear S2 Classic: R $2,099

Along with the arrival of the new smart watch, Samsung announced the Samsung Pay service will be available in Brazil soon. Thus, all Brazilian users may use the Gear S2 to perform mobile payments in various establishments.

Samsung Gear S2 – design & build quality

The first thing that we noticed the Gear S2 is that Samsung finally opted for a circular smartwatch clock. This visual option also was reflected in user experience, because the Gear S2 also has a circular interface that blends well with the Rotary frame, but we will talk more about this in the software section.

The Gear S2 represents a break with the line look of the original Gear, not only making your circular form as also related to the wristband. In Gear S2, the rubber strap connects the metal clasps on both ends of the watch. Low pull a lever and the whole bracelet if released. Samsung is working with a variety of partners to provide alternatives for bracelets customization.

In Gear S2 normal (was also presented the Gear S2 Classic), the bracelet fits perfectly to the body of the watch, thickening in so far as it relates to him. She is flexible and comfortable, bringing a traditional Barrette. The Gear S2 Classic, on the other hand, comes with a leather bracelet and is designed for those who prefer a more traditional design.

Both versions of the Gear S2 are made of stainless steel and Gorilla Glass, with two physical buttons. The upper button makes the user go back to the previous screen, how to get back on your smartphone, and the bottom button activates the application drawer.

The screens can be passed like any other smart clock, but you can also use the rotating bezel to navigate between the screens and menus. This is an incredibly intuitive technique, and surprises that only now a company had employed.

The frame itself does not bring the Gear design S2 differential, while in Gear S2 has Classic mounds around the perimeter to facilitate your management. This is a small detail that, combined with the difference of the bracelet, distinguishes the two watches.

Samsung really went all out in the design of both versions of the Gear S2. Next to the Huawei Watch, Gear S2 Classic has the more traditional design market. With only minor changes, the Gear S2 normal is both sporty and futuristic. Anyway, both variants are much more beautiful than the original Gear. Both versions have the IP68 certification with NFC and Wi-Fi, but only the 3 g version of the Gear S2 has a speaker to make and receive calls.

The S2 has a variant with Bluetooth and another with 3 g, while the Gear S2 Classic comes just with the Bluetooth version. The 3 g version of the Gear S2 makes use of the first and Yes, being 2 mm thicker than the other variant of 11.4 mm.

Samsung Gear S2 – Screen

The S2 has a AMOLED screen entirely 1.2 inch circular with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels, which gives a density of 302 pixels per inch. This density is not very different from that presented by Huawei Watch (286 ppp), but the Gear screen S2 has a great visual.

Black clock faces combine with an AMOLED screen, and save the battery. There are 26 native faces options, with several personalization functions. You can even choose a photo from your gallery to create a customized clock.

The screen is surrounded by a thin frame, almost imperceptible, and the frame of the body looks like a diver’s Watch (obviously much more discrete). The Huawei Watch may have a better screen utilization, but the Gear display S2 has a frame that also serves as a navigation tool.

Samsung S2 Gear-Software

Gear software S2 is the OS of Samsung, the Citizen, the variant of Android that Samsung uses in their sometimes wearable devices. For this, he was a smartwatch clock beautiful choice. Browse the Android Wear with a rotating bezel simply would not be possible. The circular interface of Samsung and your intuitive navigation are pretty impressive.

You can pass the screens horizontally sliding finger or rotate the frame to move them faster. It is a very intuitive gesture and more practical than slide forever. While Android Wear uses a vertical layout, the Citizen uses a horizontal layout for your home screens and drawers.

Your current screen is always marked on the top of the display, so that you always know where you are in the OS. I got used to it quickly with the Citizen, and at no point do you feel lost amid the menu pages. Samsung has done an excellent job of keeping the interface simple and easy navigation, although complete.

There are more than a thousand applications available for the circular Gear S2 format, but many of them depend on your location. It is expected, however, that more developers of apps will offer their services for this device in the near future. Why? Because it is no longer necessary to have a Samsung device with which pair the Gear S2. Here is the list of devices compatible with the Gear S2:

  • HTC One
  • HTC One (M9)
  • Honor 6
  • Huawei P8
  • Huawei Ascend Kill 7
  • Lg Optimus G2
  • Lg Optimus G3
  • LG G4
  • LG Nexus 5
  • ASUS Zenfone 2
  • Sharp Aquos
  • Sony Xperia Z2
  • Sony Xperia Z3
  • Xiaomi Mi3
  • Xiaomi Mi4

Samsung S2 – Performance Gear

The Gear S2 works on any Android device running Android 4.4 KitKat and above, as long as it has 1.5 GB of RAM or more. Samsung, however, pointed out that the Gear S2 works with standard APIs from Google for apps like the dialer and the Messenger, so if third-party apps don’t use these standard APIs, they may not work in Gear S2.

Of course, the Samsung has focused the use of S Health in Gear S2, featuring health-related and faces various software functions in this sense. Within the hardware, Gear S2 has several sensors, including a heart rate monitor. Other sensors include a barometer, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and an ambient light sensor. Gear S2 specifications include a dual-core CPU with 1 GHz, 4 GB of internal memory and 512 MB of RAM. The S2 has a Gear and yes that does not require connection to the smartphone to make and receive calls or access the internet. The Gear S2 also boasts Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS 4.1 (3 g version only) and NFC.

Both versions of the Gear S2 support for the Samsung Pay, which allows payment via the smartwatch clock. However, due to the security functions of the Samsung Pay, you can only use it with your watch if it is paired with a Samsung smartphone that also has the Samsung Pay.

Samsung Gear S2 – Drums

The battery of the Samsung S2 is pretty small Gear, with only 270 mAh, but Samsung claims it has a range of two to three days of use. This claim will be verified in our full review. Something I can advance is that Samsung hit the charging technology: the Gear S2 has support for Wireless charging. We still don’t know if the Gear S2 is compatible with all wireless charging docks available, but we will update this article as soon as the information is disclosed.

Samsung Gear S2-Technical Specifications

Preliminary verdict

With the Gear S2, Samsung has produced a very attractive alternative to the universe of smartwatches running with Android Wear. In many ways the Gear S2 is the best smart watch that we’ve seen so far. Point.

Of course, the Citizen may not please everyone, and we still don’t know the price of the watch, but Samsung did a great job both in design and in terms of functionality, with the innovative rotating frame and the intuitive interface. Although tecniciamente be the first of your kind to Samsung, the Gear S2 has nothing of prototype.

The possibility to make and receive calls, access the internet and receive notifications without a smartphone, via 3 g or Wi-Fi, is very tempting. Unlike the original Gear, the Gear S2 now has an excellent visual and Wireless charging function.

What did you think of the Gear S2?

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VallÉE De Joux – The Valley of the Watches

“If you want to know the exact time, use a quartz watch. But if you want to wear a really valuable piece of time on the wrist, buy a watch made in the Vallée de Joux. “This observation from an article by the Financial Times indicates the preciousness of the watch products from the Vallée de Joux Are far more than just a device for measuring time. To a few square meters are distributed here numerous well-known manufacturers, including world brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet and Breguet. But what made the sleepy nest in the Swiss Jura mountains the epicenter of the Swiss luxury watch industry? Continue reading

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Sony Will Keep the Platform for Its Smart Watch

The Android Wear operating system that Google introduced recently and which is aimed at smart watches and other wearable devices seemed to be a candidate for many manufacturers’ bets, but will not be for Sony. Continue reading

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Striking: Chrono 4 Big Waist by Eberhard & Amp

The four stop functions arranged in a line Big make the dial of Chrono 4 waist by Eberhard & co. to the catcher.

Around 1900 around, when legendary watch manufacturers such as Rolex and Breitling were founded, began the history of the Swiss watch brand, which is known only by Watch fans. Eberhard & co. specialises in high quality chronographs. News, ticking flagship is the Chrono 4 Big waist. Continue reading

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Span, Another Concept of Smartwatch

Almost at the same rate with which quantitative braceletsand smartwatches come out, concepts come to us from designers who bring us very attractive ideas but, unfortunately, they do not usually become a final product. Continue reading

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Girard Perregaux Tri Axial Tourbillon Watch

Something very special has come up with Girard-Perregaux to celebrate of the 225-jährigen anniversary. Inspired by a Pocket Watch Tourbillon with three gold bridges Tourbillon Rosé gold (18 k) Esmeralda. This pocket watch won the Gold Medal of the world exhibition in Paris in 1889. in 1867, the architecture of the movement that brings together all components in a minimal space, was awarded by the Neuchâtel Observatory. A patent made the technical solution to a trademark, even today maintain the Girard-Perregaux white.

Continue reading

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The Best Alarm Clocks for Android and IOS

This January, not everyone is on vacation and with no time to wake up, since many people are returning to the routine of work or study. However, after a well-deserved summer break and plenty of food between Christmas and New Year, it can be somewhat difficult to get back to “normal” life.

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