Cheap Nail Enamel

Not that national glazes not have glamor, quality and style. We have good glazes production marks here, but imported are always welcome because they bring new developments that are booming abroad. Some people prefer the glazes imported, but it’s all about the same taste. Both domestic and foreign production, are quality.

The differential enamels imported is even being rare in the market. Popular stores do not sell the product, and some people walking this point of using a single brand in the hand and not popular. While a Risqué enamel you find in any store, imported are rare and sold as luxury perfume, and cannot always be experienced with a manicure.

Imported Brands Enamels

MAC – the North American makeup manufacturer began investing enamel recently, and it’s been successful, as in everything you do. Strong colors is the signature enamels imported manufacturer with sales in several countries. The value of each small bottle is on average $ 70. One of the most beautiful colors is the Nail Lacquer, a purple almost lilac tone.

Dior – Of glazes imported for sale in Brazil, this is one of the most beloved because it was the first to produce a line with moisturizing, renewing our national production and stimulating products to double nails: to decorate and moisturize at the same time. Dior is still classic, so it has red variants, pink, purple and few strong colors.

Revlon – is one of the cheapest and therefore one of the most sold, going from R $ 18 to R $ 26. It is also known to last longer and descarcar little, especially when doing the crease on the tip of the nail.

Sally Hanson – the focus of the brand is to moisturize while painting, so the items for beauty line products are known to moisturize and nourish while painting. The vials cost on average $ 60, and are among the few known, since the brand is not strong advertising campaign for Brazil or stores. There are few stores that sell the item as well.

Essie – is among the most popular imported brands in the country because the cost of the small bottle is not expensive: R $ 40 on average, some sites even with free shipping product. The highlight is the finish with high gloss, which makes it the preferred brand of many women. It is a US brand still growing in Brazil, sold in some shops and authorized autônimos importers, but without own shop in Brazil.

Clinique – French brand famous beauty products for innovative treatments. The glazes were launched recently and the color chart is still short, but all are hypoallergenic, or decrease the chances of allergies. However, they may arise.

OPI – The OPI has a great reputation for nail care before the paint, so all your nail polish has moisturizing and other substances responsible for the care, and paint very well. Each small bottle costs on average $ 40. There is a well-stocked palette of colors, both with shades cream as holographic and vibrant colors, with glitter. Black with pink glow is one of the brand highlights.

Yves Saint Laurent – is the fashion brands of clothing accessories and launch products in parallel to increase the power of the brand and its audience. The Yves is one that invested in makeup and nail polish with color chart growing increasingly. Each small bottle costs an average of R $ 90, then one of the most expensive.

Mavala – the list of imported glaze, is one of the cheapest, averaging R $ 20 per glass. The brand has a wide palette of glazes of color, but also a full line of nail care and cuticles.

Where to Buy Glazes Imported?

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  • The more you buy, the shipping is getting cheaper, such as the cheapest nail polish remover, but depends on the weight of the product, as items for hair are well grown older.
  • Prices are very inviting, and worth a look every week because the store changes a lot showcase and purchase items almost daily.

There Enamel Imported Fake?

Yes there is. Like everything in life, there are those who also falsique enamels, an extremely health related product. So it’s important to be careful. Counterfeit products do not have the same guaranteed quality in manufacturing, and can cause allergies and damage. They are not tested with the same care and do not have time guarantees, so it is important to assess whether the product is taken even original. Buy only in official stores and avoid buying products already open.

Tips and Save Your Enamels

Avoid leaving open the enamel. Some substances evaporate, so it becomes hard and loses some of its quality and ease of decoration. He used close soon.

Follow the validity of products to ensure the health of your nails. If you use an expired product, there is no guarantee that the nails are damaged, broken or suffer damage. The enameling should also not be perfect.

What did you think of glazes brands imported? What have you used? What you liked and recommend? What you did not like? Review!