Christmas Gifts for Him

Friends, soon, Christmas is approaching! Have you already thought about the gift for your man? Do not arrive at the last day this year: let yourself be inspired by our 11 ideas and impress your partner with a truly amazing gift!
Here comes the most magical time of year: yes, Christmas is coming! The Christmas period is wonderful, cities are covered in a thousand lights and green Christmas trees, the houses are colored red and smelling of pampering and sweet. What about the happiness you feel them to exchange Christmas gifts, especially between lovers?

Receiving Christmas gifts is beautiful, but let’s face it: do it can be particularly difficult, especially if the recipient is our better half! In fact all we would like to surprise our him with something truly original and pleasing but it is not easy to guess the right gift, especially if you are together for a long time and we have already run out of good ideas during Christmases past.

If this year you want to enjoy Christmas without the anxiety of “What the hell give him ??”, take a look at our 10 ideas to make your Christmas gift him the funny-serious-tender… perfect!

1. Serious: Book of His Favorite Star

It might seem like the usual Christmas gift granted but it is not so: every book hides a unique world and to itself! The important thing is to hit the “world” right for your man! You do not want to give him a book too serious? If you are a football fan with a good sense of humor, give them the book-biography of Giovanni Trapattoni, “Do not say cat. My life always in the field of kicks and whistles”. You can find it in Amazon’s book section at the price of € 15.30. So how do you find on Amazon’s recent biography of Marco Bellinelli, more suitable if he is a lover of basketball, “Poker Face. From San Giovanni in Persiceto to the NBA title in”  the price € 13.60. In short, choose a book written by sports personalities, politics, satire that most appreciates your Him and you will see that they will be happy!

2. Cinematto: Subscription to the Cinema

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy a relaxing evening on the seats of a movie theater. If your guy is a cine-maniac, the Christmas gift just for him could be a nice subscription card to the movies. All cinemas sell them and the price, usually between 35 € and 65 €, depending on the number of expected revenue and cinema is really interesting! How wonderful to receive such a gift!

3. Say it with … the cups in love with stuff Women!

He is your true love? Why not tell him with cups in love with stuff Women True Love series (in this version or the croissants). You know when as teenagers we mistook the heart-shaped pendants, where he kept one half and the other of us? Here, the idea is the same, romantic and ironic at the same time.

So diciamoglielo him, for us, it is like Nutella on the sandwich! That thing that completes us, the perfect combination of which we can not do without.

And if you prefer a message less ironic and more romantic… here are the cups coupled to stuff woman with cats in love!

You are a lover of the mug? Discover all 32 cups of stuff collection of women.
They are perfect for a Christmas present economic (€ 16.90 each), or to do … what to do!

4. Witty Bathrobe Super Hero

Your partner will constantly save the mess that combined and there seems to never be able to thank him enough? The perfect gift for him could be the bathrobe Super Man at the price of € 43! Christmas gift ideas funny and original, will make it clear to your man how super for you (it’s important that you do not start to wear underpants over pants though!).

5. Relaxing: Day at the Spa

The winter, in addition to being a time of celebration, it is also a very busy time of the year, both at home and at work. And even if your partner does not want to show it, it is tired! How about giving him a hot day at the Spa to get away a little plug from the worries and rejuvenate body and soul? The gift is even more beautiful because they will enjoy it too! Take a look at the Relax packages of SmartBox (the cost for a wellness day for two people goes from € 29.90 to € 59.90) and you will surely find one that suits you!

6. Adventurous: Mini-Travel

Since the Christmas brings even some vacation day, a useful idea for a memorable Christmas gift, although not very economical, would be to make a mini-trip and spend a few nights exploring a new city, both in Italy and abroad. How about discovering the charming Vienna? In winter it offers particularly romantic atmosphere and deliciously Christmas. Even some afternoons between the South Tyrolean snow could be so much fun! On the site you can find everything you’re looking to give your partner a few nights away from the usual routine!

Now let’s return to Christmas presents a bit cheaper!

7. Ingenious: Bottle-Puzzle

Your man is a refined wine taster? And maybe even he loves puzzles? A small very original gift to test the ingenuity of your man is the bottle trapped! To be able to drink it must be able to understand and solve the mechanism that keeps her imprisoned. A Christmas gift for the price of € 19.95 really unique!

8. Gourmet: Boxer Christmas

These boxer super nice are suitable hard man who never has to ask … about! Joking aside, the boxer Christmas fantasy are really funny, funny e..biscottati! Take a look at Intimissimi! And if you like “sweet” also your man will have fun punzecchiarvi (well, you know … never mind!). Prices from € 12.90.

9. Fitness: Trainer Hi-tech

Your man is a fitness enthusiast and technology? The Christmas gift perfect for him could be the Runtastic, a hi-tech heart rate monitor that monitors activity, fitness and sleep! Ultra-technological idea that is worth 119 € price.

And finally… Two other suggestions for Christmas gifts for him truly original.

10. Rock: Ticket for a Concert

How beautiful it is to attend a concert together? The emotions that are shared while singing their hearts out to their favorite songs remain etched in your heart forever. A beautiful gift for Christmas might be just the ticket for the concert of the favorite singer of your sweetheart! Take a look at the upcoming concerts in Italy on TicketOne: in our opinion the unmissable concerts of the year 2016 will be those of the Muse, Sugar and Negrita! The price? Between 28 and 54 €.

11. Tender: Collage of Your Photos

You want to surprise your man with something romantic that reminds constantly because you love them, especially at Christmas? A great idea-Christmas gift could be a photo collage with ten photos that show there together, maybe choices in an original sequence or extra-tender. Put them in color frames or different shaped and surprise him by using your imagination. On our site you can find out how to get the photo gift cuter than ever.