Christmas Gifts

I would like to give this to my colleagues for Christmas: delicate gold-link chains from Bulgari, the most beautiful laptop in the world (with featherweight and maximum power). Unfortunately, I can tell you, Barbara and Isa, here and now that I am missing the money for most featured products. But supposedly the thought counts alone. Happy Christmas!Christmas Gifts 1

Gold packages for ISA and Barbara
It’s just the simpler pieces of jewellery from Bulgari’s “Diva” jewelry collection that I particularly like, not the big, brilliantly dotted parts. In the luxury brand, the tender necklaces (from about 1600 euros) and bracelets are considered as entry-level models. I’m still saving myself from being able to get in. If I were immensely rich, I would give Barbara and Isa a piece of jewelry from the collection together with the Roségoldfarbenen MacBook each Christmas, the thinnest and lightest notebook Apple has ever had!
For ISA I have already chosen the bracelet of 18 carat gold with a red carnelian and for Barbara the necklace of 18 carats gold with the turquoise pendant and a small brilliant. The typical form of the Diva collection is inspired by the mosaics of the Roman Caracalla Therme and is intended to stand for Italian femininity. I feel the followers, whether you want to designate them as fan-shaped or not, actually as very feminine: they resemble a skirt, a dress or a flower.
It fits in every handbag you carry when you travel. It’s so easy that my MacBook Air feels like a desktop. And one of the warm gold that radiates on one’s work is soothing and inspiring. Just right for my business partners.Christmas Gifts 2
Nice add-on: The Hanger hanger in the 5-pack for just 10 euros. So you can equip a whole wardrobe. The ladies love it!
ISA already has these hangers already. She’s always asked where they are. We would have clarified this now, but unfortunately this also comes – affordable! – Gift for me not in question. Maybe for you?
Tender necklace, tender Price: the evil eye necklace from the Swarovski collection by model Miranda Kerr costs just 69 euros and I like to wear it myself – preferably to a dark blue V-neck sweater made of cashmere.
The special feature of this gem, as I find, is the asymmetric distribution of the pendant: a blue Swarovski crystal drop always depends on half the height. It is prevented by a slightly larger ring in the fine limb chain before slipping. Above are three more blue crystal stones in the Roségoldfarbene link chain. Five different lengths can be adjusted and at the end of the chain dangling behind the small Swarovski swan.Christmas Gifts 3