Christmas Lingerie: Sexy or Softie?

I know that, even more so in this time of year, all we would like to feel small Angels and deep down we hope a bit ‘all to be like the beautiful models wearing lingerie to scream in the advertising campaigns of the most famous brand in the world!

We honest, who among us has not envied the madness physical sculpted and toned the Victoria’s Secret Angels who last week marched in London for their annual beautiful Show? The reality, though, and I know it’s hard to admit it to themselves, is a bit different and, unfortunately, there are very few “normal” girls can wear it with great ease sexy lingerie, directoryaah and super transparent! Often it is not a matter of curves (in fact, I think that every woman can be sexy beyond its size), more than anything else it is a personal lock or the fact that in everyday life is quite difficult to think about wearing lingerie super Sexy 24 hours 24!


Precisely for this reason I have decided to talk about real complete night for real women, and to avoid, at least for this Christmas, an overview of transparent and physical outfits virtually unattainable!

Not to contradict me, I looked at the Victoria’s Secret website and I pleasantly discovered that, even if you advertise globally its beautiful Angels, actually sells a basically comfortable and perfect attire for those who, like me, loves past weekend in pajamas and the days at home in bed and sofa!

Their classic pajamas tunic and trousers with total fantasy are perfect for the holiday season, while the more moderate pajamas cotton stretch will be comfortable to sleep and relax all year round!

Tezenis this year has some very funny proposals regarding pajamas and my favorites are these two inspired precisely the winter, especially for Christmas!

As for the low cost, H & M has a few years ago launched the underwear line and creating nice night pajamas at very competitive prices and also Zara, with its line Zara Home, always offers nightgowns and very beautiful and sophisticated complete!

Finally, for the true romantic cuddly, there’s pajamas Whispers blue and green with lots of sweets and hearts striped pants! A comfortable and perfect comfortable pajamas to stay warm in style and have breakfast in bed!