Colors for Man in Spring – Summer

In a blink of eyes were two months of this year and the winter already hint of feeling in many cities in Mexico, in Guadalajara we begin to reach 28 degrees on some days and our closet is flooded with new colours and fresh clothes; dressers we already see the progress of spring and we are thinking that put us soon.

Colors for Man in Spring - Summer

Spring is the time of year that I like most, see as bloom trees and filled with life is something amazing and so happens to people, leave the cold dark winter tones to wear vibrant colors and convey emotions. But shall we be asking that colors come for this spring summer 2014 for us guys.

As many know PANTONE proposed as the year color tone radiant Orchid, however it is not the only colour that comes as a proposal and not all are willing to use it, made in Mexico I doubt to be a very marked in menswear trend as last year with the emerald green that just ZARA did had some garment our palette comes in a striking, creative range and 9 presentations that well we can assemble a large block of color.Colors for Man in Spring - Summer 1

These days I gave myself the task of returning to see the Fashion Week in Paris, London, Milan and New York in its parades for man and realize the colors that come to this already very close season; definitely blue in all its presentations and yellow will be protagonists in the coming weeks, and colors like grey, light brown, Orange, magenta, purple, green and salmon will make the perfect combination in your look.Colors for Man in Spring - Summer 2

Designers like Calvin Klein, Burberry, Ermenegildo Zegna, H.E. by Mango, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tommy Hilfiger, Ricardo Seco, Nautica, Todd Snyder, Carlos Campos, Ralph Lauren among others handled these tones in your PV 2014 collections; garments are a casual touch, with an air sports and water sports; as well as see suits, short jacket, jeans, loafers and as a complement to the bomber jacket or leather jacket.

Tell me that you think our post and if you want to talk about something, we read coming soon where speak of trends for men.Colors for Man in Spring - Summer 3