The Google G2 is – T-Mobile copy of the HTC hero?

The Google G1, was touted as a iPhone competitor, with the new Google Android operating system, a flop. Is with the new Google G2 better? But wait, I’ve seen it somewhere before the devices or?

New model?

No it is true the Google G2 is only a copy. The Smartphone is manufactured by HTC. It is identical to the HTC Hero, which is also nearing its launch. The HTC Hero is not a uninteresting device with security, we reported here already in detail about the new smartphone with Android operating system. Also are the prices, which is why the HTC Hero also now can pre-order at


The Google G2 is a Smartphone with touch screen and top features, like its sister model. Equipped with the Google Android operating system which is currently established itself on the market and to find more and more cell phones.


5 megapixel belong to the technical equipment of the touch screen phones a camera with auto-focus, provides a long-lasting battery of the talk time of over 7 hours as well as an included 2 GB memory card. This seems somewhat small considering the multimedia capabilities of the Google G2. Who wants to store movies, music and photos on the map, should buy a micro SD card with more memory capacity. Because to the watch actual videos the device perfectly. The display is very large and very sharp with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels.

Who is interested in the Google G2 or the HTC Hero, can the Smartphone like at order.