The new iPad/iPad 3 – delays

Actually we can save this article us, because every year there in principle for all new Apple products delivery delays. Whether the now pure marketing is or indeed every time significantly increasing demand, we don’t know. In any case, it is also “ the new iPad ” or Apple iPad hit 3. Who so to the official market launch in Germany on March 16 is actually a iPad 3 in the hands to hold, which should camp best early in the morning on this date before the Apple store and there hoping his luck. At all online retailers, it will not so fast with the iPad: Apple has announced that larger margins will only be available in April. There is much speculation about the reasons: the display of sharp could be the problem, because the manufacturer supposedly has problems with suppliers. Who a stress-free iPad 3 would like to have and brings with him a bit of time, can be directly with us in the bridgat notify shop as soon as the Apple iPad 3 is available.