The Nokia 6600i slide – new slider phone with 5 megapixel camera of Nokia

Nokia recently the 6600i slide presented. The 6600i is intended to replace the highly successful 6600. It is like the 6600 with a sliding mechanism equipped and now offers 5 mega pixel camera with auto focus.

Great micro-SD cards can be used now 16 GB, where abundant pictures, songs, and videos place find. The peculiarity of the 6600i slide is an integrated sensor, which responds to tapping on the display by the user and turn on the display, for example. But also calls can thus rejected with the 6600i slide or an alarm be acknowledged.

, The integrated 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus is equipped with a dual LED camera light and an auto-focus. The user that can record in high quality videos with the 6600i.

The display of the 6600i slide is 240 x 320 pixels on a diagonal measurement of 2.2 ″ dar. The display is very and very well reflects the taken photos or videos. Both the integrated music player or even the radio can provide kurzweil at the 6600i.

For a fast connection of the Nokia 6600i slide is taken care of. The phone has both UMTS and GPRS and has a xHTML browser to quickly view Internet pages. In addition, Nokia maps, Nokia’s navigation software is, on the 6600i slide installed.

The battery pack of the Nokia 6600i slide is normally strong with 4 hours of talk time and with over 14 days of standby time he holds out very well. The 6600i 110 grams should be easy, is very well-finished and acts very quality.

That Nokia 6600i slide will be available in 3.Quartal at The price will be expected at approximately 240 euros. You can get happy by free if the Nokia 6600i slide is available.