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In some windows you can already see the first Christmas lights here and there. In the next few days the city centers begin their Christmas lights hang. No more long and open the Christmas markets and Advent begins. This raises at home a desire for a cozy, homey and Christmas atmosphere. For my part, am an avowed Christmas lovers. For me there is nothing more beautiful than the lights seas for Advent and Christmas. Of course, there’s tons of decorative options. But for me it’s not the mass, but rather the “what”, which brings the mood in the room.Immediately after lights and candlelight the great attention is paid to the table. And what has a nicer basis for any festive table, as lovely table linen?! Who the tablecloths from the magical Christmas collection of Le Jacquard Français has only once in his heart, who no longer want to do without it.

Bright Stars and bright colors

What would Christmas be without lights and colors? Particularly red and green combined with gold or silver, often are at the center and are considered classic Christmas colors. They are in the decoration, such as the Advent wreath very classic and provide guarantees on the Christmas tree for children’s eyes light. Those who prefer to celebrate a stylish Christmas and happy times “en vogue”, the can with black. Since the good silverware will catch the eye and the white crockery gets a very special appearance!

The new design of the Le Jacquard Français Christmas and Festive Collection 2015 is a limited Christmas series scintillement. Here you will find traditional Christmas balls made ​​of engraved glass and in small floating points. There is the beautiful design in a bright Stechpalmenrot and make caviar Black. The silver Lurex it can act even more precious and give it a particularly festive touch. This tablecloth turns your table into a table and gives the room once a warm, cozy atmosphere.

With various decorations, the effect of color can influence always different.In the red variant perhaps with a wreath from fresh, fragrant pine green and thick red candles or with fresh red and cream colored poinsettias and small decorative items made of straw.

The extravagant design in black can be designed, for example with silver candlesticks with black or white candles very modern and minimalist. set with black or white ceramic candlesticks, matching Keramikdeko as deer and Santa Claus as well as with glass elements, such as balls or tealight glasses wonderfully in scene.

These are supplemented noble tablecloths with jacquard cotton and the wide range of other tableware design scintillement Houx. These include a center piece, table runners and vis-à-vis table runners and placemats and napkins. You can equip your dinner table completely or supplement as desired with selected parts. This offers a variety of design options. With the noble table linen Le Jacquard Français you conjure wellness spaces.

Variety Complacent

The colorful Christmas tablecloth Fleurs De Givre Poinsettia Le Jacquard Français, reminiscent of leaves and flowers of the winter and ornate crystal drip pans for candles from Bohemia. Wonderfully bright pink and rich violet, complemented by apartes gold, are an eye-catcher for any room. But with its discreet design it retains an absolutely timeless character. Of course, you also get to the Christmas series Fleurs De Givre Poinsettia an appropriate means blanket, table runners, vis-à-vis table runners, placemats and napkins in a matching design.

Every year

Le Jacquard Français produces every year a limited Christmas series that boasts expressive colors, winter designs and festive ornaments. Especially this series brings by its solemn character coziness in the rooms and makes you forget the cold season outside. The time shared time with family and friends. How nice if you can then sit together over coffee and Christmas cookies on a gorgeous table setting.

What Makes the Material Particularly

The table linen Le Jacquard Français is made from high quality natural fibers and is distinguished by the exceptional quality of the materials used.We only use cotton and linen are used which include in itself the most refined base stocks. To be also the highest demands, Le Jacquard Français uses for its cotton and linen yarns again only the extra-long fibers, which are much less common and of the highest quality.

To ensure the characteristic of this brand beauty and long life, this extremely rigorous selection process is required. Only the exclusivity of this noble worsted get the materials incomparable shine and the precise execution of intricate patterns possible. Likewise, this quality ensures the particularly remarkable properties and high color intensity.

It is in a dense weave damask fabric, a fabric in which the patterns are woven on the left or right. The Jacquard weaving technique in turn allows only produce damask on Industrial manner.


Everyone knows that properly maintained underwear stays fresh for longer. All materials of Le Jacquard Français subjected to a finishing process for natural fibers, the so-called shrinking (should in case you encounter this term times ). The cloth is thereby subjected before cutting a mechanical compression and shrink by one. This condition is fixed, whereby a subsequent entry of the finished fabrics and thus later- unwanted-resizing is prevented.

It is better if you dispense with the table linen to the drying in a dryer. This would only help to ensure that the fibers are worn too quickly and the beautiful fabrics lose their luster, which would be a shame.

For stains you should not wait too long to remove, so they do not dry up, but as soon as possible with a damp cloth and a little soap (best suited Kernseife) Dab. Do not use detergent or washing powder. It is important not to rub in the first place, because that the stain can penetrate into the fibers. Important are of course always the laundry symbols and care instructions on each label.

Another little tip:

To remove the remaining on the fabric finish, dip your new favorite wash before first use in cold water, please without detergent. A little trick that you can easily prevent fix stain in the tissue.

Jacquard French

The French brand Le Jacquard Français looks back on a long tradition of 1888th Its origin, as well as its present location, situated in the beautiful Vosges Mountains, the traditional canvas region of France. In the small town of Gerardmer resident who noble fabrics are woven and finished in original Jacquard looms even today.

The company is the market leader in quality tableware sector and has an unparalleled international dimension. The top quality of the products is the result of decades of experience, coupled with the highest quality raw materials and outstanding workmanship.

Le Jacquard Français but not only stands for first-class quality, but also for splendid colors and luxurious pattern.

Each year brings Le Jacquard Français two collections with more than 20 models and 60 color schemes out – the Spring-Summer Fall-Winter Collection. For the latter part of the festive collection of limited edition.

Since 2012 there is for lovers of modern table linen a new line, the ” LJF by Le Jacquard Français “, very urban style. It can be here inspired by the fashion and current trends which underline with their mix of colors and patterns, the graphic design.

Our opinion

It’s just nice when Christmas time all lights a little more, something cozy and naturally acts festive. For me, it may be of particular like more, but also discreet Christmas decorations have their charm. Where in my Christmas tablecloth round off the whole thing and the icing is on the i, so they can be individually used “to” be the center of the room, an eye-catcher.Especially if they do not, as in many typical Christmas tablecloths so, overloaded with Christmas symbols and -patterns and is additionally color-intrusive. Exactly the opposite is characterized the style of Le Jacquard Français from – extravagant and luxuriously without a “too much” of everything. The balance between colors and decor give this Tablecloth their unmistakeable design.

For this reason, everyone will find at Le Jacquard Français a tablecloth that fits into his home and now for Christmas time. If you cant expect any special Christmas tablecloths with the rest of your decoration harmonize, so you still have the opportunity to one of the very classic, plain-colored tablecloths to resort with gorgeous tone on tone ornaments, such as from the timeless and refined line Collection. So you can not go wrong.

Who has a table with special dimensions, must also do without a beautiful, festive tablecloth. Select in this case, just one of the models from the beautiful custom-made.

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