Decadent and fully in line with the trend: Golden smartphones

Apple has kicked off apparently with the iPhone 5 S a wave, to stop that. So: If you are at least 40 years old, wearing a moustache or beard and chest hair out your Hawaiian shirt wells, then the HTC one sighted in Russia in gold for you might be. If it pulls out the glossy 24 carat Smartphone while enjoying a Cuban cigar, nobody is able to resist you.


Now seriously: an HTC one, covered with gleaming 24 k gold, delivered in a wooden box made of oak wood like a fine piece of jewelry – somehow fits this technology gadget world not to the old men’s chic. But we know: East Germany the clocks tick yet quite different and so the one or other customers for the most dekandenteste Smartphone in the world may find maybe. Against the HTC one gold in the wooden box is the Apple iPhone 5 S is still a true style icon.

If you are still interested: in Russia, the HTC one is – way, technically identical to the German one of HTC – to have, which is approximately €2320,-with the real gold plating for around 100,000 roubles. We would recommend, however, to look at the significantly more favourable normal variant in various colours. Gold is there at present only in the Apple iPhone 5S – this also is at least a bit decadent ….

, By the way: If you for in the bridgat shop Golden smartphones, but just use our category designated in the shop: under the category “ Golden phones ” we list all smartphones in gold for you!