The Erlkönig in mobile phones: LG GD910 watch cell phone

Somehow, the latest increase in the product range of LG, the LG GD910 is cell phone watch, as if it were a product of the not-too-distant future. Almost like a test of the car manufacturer, which seems unusual at first glance. As their time ahead as the automobile prototypes is the cell phone watch from LG: or did you see ever call someone with his wristwatch? No? OK, then are you like me. Reason enough to take a closer look at the LG GD910!

The Smartphone on the wrist – in Asia nothing special …

So bizarre the idea in this country so far seems to carry his cell phone on the wrist, cell phone wrist watches in the far East are as usual. Several manufacturers offer even their mobile phone watches on the Asian market and are therefore very successful. So far, but still no manufacturer has dared to enter it in the relatively conservative European markets. With the GD910, LG takes the first step in terms of “ Mobile for ’ s wrist ”.

Can the LG GD910

Watch the cell phone from LG has a 1.43 ″ large color display (resolution: 128 × 160 pixels) with touch screen, which has so far left always look good in tests. The display is leuchtkräftig and is still easy to read even in daylight. Also is capacitive touch screen, which allows a very precise operation. The fastest transmission standards supports also the LG GD910: even the fast transmission standard HSDPA is on board and a 0.3 megapixel camera – with this combination, even video telephony should be possible. Calls to the wrist of the arm is of course in the sense of the inventor, nor in the sense of the users of the LG GD910, so LG has integrated Bluetooth in the small device, so here a headset can be used. For your MP3 collection, which should be but not too big, 2 gb internal memory are the cell phone watch.

Scope of delivery, price and availability

, The LG GD910 comes with a docking station that holds the 530 mAh battery in a good mood. Price, LG uses around €900. For lovers of innovative technology, we have contracts with this very special mobile, permitting financing. Not so brave? We have the bridgat mobile phone shop of course also more mobile and smartphones in the offer that will surely convince you!