The comparison of large Super flat – original Vodafone vs. telco cs. Talkline – who can do more?

You want a phone Flatrate to German landlines and the German Vodafone network? Then the thing is actually clear: you need a Super flat! But what exactly does actually Super flat and at Vodafone the same performance as in the providers to get telco and Talkline? Which rate will cost the most and which has the best performance? A comparison to clarify here.


All rates together have the following properties:

Telco Superflat HW10

The Super flat by telco offers a reduction in basic charge as a special feature in the first three months to €29.95 monthly. This saves ever 30 euro. Then, the full basic fee of 39.95 euros per month is due from the fourth month. For a connection fee of 25 euros is due but, what the advantage is already there. Maximum payout €375,00 are possible here unique.

Talkline Superflat action HW10

, The Super flat by Talkline in action has a monthly fee of 39.95 euro. Talkline but granted a deep discount of 50% on the fee in the first year. If we now include this discount on the minimum term of 24 months, you get a calculated fee 29,96 EUR per month. Thus, the Talkline is cheaper than the telco fare once around €10.00. A Samsung S8000 Jet or a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic can be used as addition to contract for 0 euro realize. Simply use our mixer and choose your phone to the Talkline Superflat collective.

The original – Vodafone Superflat HW10

What can he really? Simple answer: he can a network! What does this mean for you? If you choose tariff during the promotion period up to December 31, 2009 for the Vodafone Superflat you will receive free a Web of your choice for 12 months. This action is called: ” bring your network ”. So, you have an additional telephone flat rate for E-plus or O2 which, can become apparent depending on the use, with several euros per month of less on the invoice. If you can convince even a friend or a friend of the Vodafone Superflat, then you get for another 12 months the telephone flat rate in the the network of your choice to do so. The basic fee is 29.95 euros in the first three months then also Additionally 10 euro (from the fourth month then 39.95 euro monthly fee). You can combine a mobile phone of your choice of course also with the tariff. For 0 Euro surcharge get at for example the Samsung S8000 Jet or the E75 Nokia. Combine just here in our mixer your desire mobile phone or your desired addition with the original Vodafone Superflat tariff.


There isn’t a clear winner here. The Super flat by Talkline captivates your low monthly fee. The Super flat by Vodafone, however, with your “ bring your network ”-advantage. Telco is unfortunately easily beaten off in this comparison, but here only shine with a high payout of einmlig €375,00. The choice is now yours. Find of course all tariffs and various current phones and smartphones in the mobile shop by