Desktop PC to Smartphone in the benchmark test

How fast are actually compact smartphones compared to a full-blown desktop PC? This question we have provided us often, but have never come that we could test it actually also just. Our opponents: The not very current, but nevertheless quite powerful desktop PC bridgat editor against the Samsung Galaxy S3. Both Contracting Parties have a quad-core processor – here the rough technical data at a glance:

to the comparison of the two unequal opponents of our comparison is of course necessary to find a common basis for test. This provides the Forum XDA developers with a benchmark, which runs on Android both Windows 8. It both systems can be used to test, even though we must caution the results, because, after all, is to compare Android with Windows. Still, For an exciting experiment our naive test series sufficient yet. The benchmark tests the graphics performance of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the desktop PC in a resolution of 800 × 600, which actually completely defy the desktop PC in the first place. The victory of the PC was clear, but that it would massively fail I didn’t think: an average reaches the desktop PC 411,54 fps (frames per second), the Samsung Galaxy S3 only Matthew 18: 32 fps. Twenty performance sounds devastating, but one must keep in mind that the desktop PC with approximately 10kg weight also 75fache of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (with about 135 g).