Thick, heavy, hot – weaken the iPad 3 unveiled

The Apple iPad 3 (officially: “ the new iPad ” or “ new iPad ”) is of course a real bestseller become once again, which is of course also to the effusive coverage of the new Apple tablet. But right now, you have the new tablet in hand, disillusionment emerges quickly: In comparison to its predecessor actually little has done and even some real points of criticism regarding the new Apple tablet, which represent when compared to the Apple iPad 2 crucial weaknesses are circulating widely.

Design: everything? Really all …?

Externally no differences to the Apple exist in principle iPad 2, anything is 3 in that hand picks but otherwise, if you have the Apple iPad …. Has become obviously serious. Instead of 602 g Apple iPad 3 weighs almost 10% more, namely 652 g. Right: The difference is low, is contrary to the development, which should normally take a product but a bit. Also, it was probably inevitable to make the new iPad yet slightly thicker than its predecessor. The new iPad 9, 4 mm measures instead of 8, 8 mm thick. Summa Saummarum is the design of the new iPad of course quality, but looks so progress?

FaceTime disappointments …

Is already a little disappointment that LTE in Europe works, that FaceTime only over Wi-Fi works is also incomprehensible to me. Even in the United States over LTE, the use is possible and go via UMTS FaceTime in Germany does not work, although the 3 actually is optimal iPad for video telephony and the data transfer rate with UMTS would be quite enough. In addition the camera in the iPad is 3 has been improved although rear and can snap 5 megapixels fairly sizable photos now, but: the front camera with VGA resolution is already an insult for the high-resolution retina display … to FaceTime with existing Wi-Fi brings only very little fun.

Problems with UMTS radio and the retina display

Probably it’s 3 a problem, and not a general problem of the Apple iPad, but completeness is here mentioned that some users of the Apple iPad 3 about problems with the UMTS radio complain. This cancels some users at intervals from 15-20 minutes and can be only after a reboot or an on / off flight mode again to reactivate.

In addition, some users complain about a yellow tinge of the retina display. This iPhone 4 but is strongly reminiscent of Apple’s retina display problems. Complaints to find which reported a distinct yellow tinge in the display were also here to the market launch of the new smartphones. When the retina display of the Apple iPad 3 it is but probably to a scattering of the series, since many users do not have these problems. I also couldn’t see yesterday such problems while visiting the Apple store at the the iPad. It is believed that the displays are produced not only by a manufacturer, the problem only in some Apple iPads occurs sodas. If you have such a problem, should the best Apple contact directly.

Heat issues with the Apple iPad 3

The problem Apple iPad 3 is probably the heat development of the new tablets. Some tests have shown already in the Internet that the new iPad fully loaded reached almost 50 ° C (depending on the room temperature). I.e. If the user with charging cable connected an elaborate 3D game on the iPad 3 plays, it can pretty quickly go into unpleasant regions at the temperature. You can not change to actually Burns at such temperatures, the temperature is pleasant but and sweaty palms are likely to use the Apple iPad 3 thus sadly belong to everyday life. To do this, it must be said also that the temperature is about surfing and other light loads of the Apple tablet in terms of human. Even with a short test at the Apple store I could determine subjectively increased temperatures, it wasn’t uncomfortable but still and despite continuous operation to the charging cable with maximum display brightness.

Reason for the heat in the iPad 3 is the increased pixel density on the display. The retina display requires the use of the double amount of light-emitting diodes, so that the temperature of the device compared to the predecessor. Also the new quad-core graphics unit in combination with the powerful dual-core processor and more waste heat provide.

Long cycles

The new retina display and fast hardware have also a high energy requirement, so Apple had to build a much larger battery, the high operating times of up to 10 hours in the Apple iPad to reach 3. Sounds good for now, but in addition to the higher weight of the new battery also making sure that the charging time is the Apple iPad provides significantly increased 3. So it can take nine hours under certain circumstances until the Apple iPad 3 after a complete emptying of the battery is full again.

Conclusion: great tablet with some weaknesses

Apple iPad 3 is actually like in the iPhone 4. It was very much expected, but again and again how should you raise a very mature product to a new level? Hard … clear is that the new retina display in the iPad standards for quality. This feature is also the main argument for the new iPad 3. It is at the same time also the counter argument par excellence, because it is thicker, heavier and hotter than its predecessor by this display. In addition it must be significantly more load than the iPad 2 and has otherwise little news. A switch is worth so little, unless one reads a lot with the new iPad and is on the high resolution “ to ”. Who have no Tablet be own calls, can be accessed but probably without hesitation.