The best cell phones for the beach – Sonim, Samsung, Sony Ericsson – a comparison

On vacation, the phone completely different strains is exposed as home. Especially in warmer areas, Sun, heat, make the phone establishing water and sand. Here we show with what handsets by you need to not worry,.

The five candidates

the Samsung B2100 Samsung B2700 Samsung SGH-M110, Sonim XP3 quest and Sony Ericsson C702 are five specialists who hold that what normal phones can’t. Water, heat, exposure to dirt and long losing streaks to load unable are no problem for them. How they react in certain situations show we here:

battery performance

probably everyone already had the problem on trips once: the charger is located on the desk at home and away from home varies somewhere in the lower third of the battery of the mobile phone, threatening thus to say goodbye. What is not so fast our five candidates. The Samsung B2100 is in the battery. All 25 days it keeps in stand-by mode or 9 hours of talk time. The Samsung SGH-M110 with 17 days, 8 hours, the Samsung B2700 with 14 days or 5 hours, and the Sony Ericsson C702 with 7 hours of talk time or 12 days stand-by mode cavort in the midfield. Rear light is the Sonim XP3 quest with 9 days of standby or 5 hours of talk time.

Resident to water

that you should go with conventional phones in the water is clear. But also splashes, sweat or condensation can cause immense damage to the sensitive electronics and at worst mean their end. What is not so fast these five phones. The Sony Ericsson C702, the Samsung B2700 and the Samsung SGH-M110 tolerated all splashing water. You can put the Sonim XP3 and the Samsung B2100 even confidently in the trunks. For half an hour, you can dive up to one meter deep with them.

No chance for grains of sand

, The grains of sand are clearly the enemy number 1 of the phones on the beach. They are small and quickly find their way into bags, housing and electronics. Most likely no mobile is completely broken, but the sand grains can block keys, cause damage to the housing, and interfere with the electronics. You should worry at all related impacts with the Sonim XP3. It’s resisdent against dust, dirt and even salt and even the battery cover is screwed. The other four candidates have a dust resistance according to IP54 standard, but it is questionable whether the also applies to the hard grains of sand. The grains of sand would most likely if only external harm.

Direct sunlight

Direct sunlight is thus the worst thing that can happen to a cell phone. High temperatures damage the battery and cause that he himself cum. And especially the display can withstand any heat. Its liquid crystals change their properties, at high temperatures, which causes it to not display can be used as or becomes as good as completely unreadable. A mobile phone has become wet is with luck still save, that is hopeless when exposed to strong heat.
Also our featured phones would share this fate. Only the Samsung B2100 and the Sonim XP3 withstand temperatures from-20 ° C to + 60 ° C. The other one can be better in the shadow.

Forget the digital camera

The beautiful sunset or the perfect opportunity for a snapshot: but where is the digital camera? In such moments, she rests either in your living room or lies forgotten on the hotel room bed. But sometimes good photos can be also with the mobile make. How is it with our candidates? Leader is the Sony Ericsson C702 with its 3.2 mega pixel camera followed by the Samsung B2700 2 mega pixel camera. And also the Samsung B2100 provides with its 1.2 megapixel camera still passable results. At the 0.3 megapixel camera of the Samsung SGH-M110 it is critical and the Sonim XP3 has no camera at all.


even if the holiday on the beach is subject to no major variations, but the demands on the right phone for the beach are different. It is so not generalize to which of these handsets is right now. Who needs a really robust phone, which must be prepared very many disturbances, is well advised with the Sonim XP3 or the Samsung B2100 probablybeen. For the midfield of the claims, so both are good resistance, as well as technical requirements, to recommend the Samsung B2700 and the Samsung SGH-M110 and who wants to separate itself by design, multimedia, and comfort of a traditional cell phone not, but still looking for a rugged cell phone, is well advised with the Sony Ericsson C702. All others are recommended to keep her cell phone from water, Sun and sand and protect from these influences through a UV stable mobile phone pocket. Of course you can purchase all gezeeigten phones in the mobile shop by