The elite of the smartphones in the display contest

Are these six phones with the best the market has to offer at the moment. But we wanted to know more and to find out which of these six candidates has the best display. The competition is fierce and the result surprising.

Test takers

were represented in the test phones running Android OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian and iPhone OS. Therefore, it was not only a struggle of various mobile phone manufacturers, but also of the operating systems. For Windows Mobile, the HTC Touch Pro 2 and the Samsung i8000 Omnia joined II. The Samsung I7500 Galaxy and the HTC Hero represented Android OS. Joined the Samsung Omnia i8910 HD for Symbian and the Apple iPhone 3GS course for iPhone OS.

The terms and conditions

Top priority has one: namely, that the same conditions apply for all mobile phones. This made all display to maximum brightness. For a direct comparison were the same images shown on any mobile phone and all six phones placed side by side to make a better judgement of the test. Also had to prove the test participants in different environments. Namely indoors, outdoors in sunlight and in the dark.

Round one: inside

Clear winners in the indoor test were the AMOLED displays of Samsung mobile phones. They broke away from the competition and convinced by looking particularly lively and brilliant images. 2nd place was for the Apple iPhone, whose screen performance was slightly better than that of the HTC hero. The HTC Touch Pro 2 landed on number 3, because it’s not quite as good was able to convince in brightness such as the HTC Hero.

Round two: out by day / sunlight

the second round caused surprise and for a completely new order of the leaderboard after round one. Clear winner in this discipline is the iPhone 3GS. The display was the most legible and was hardly. The Samsung i8910 Omnia HD, the HTC Hero and the Samsung I7500 Galaxy push for second place. The Windows Mobile performed a weak candidates, HTC Touch Pro 2 and Samsung i8000 Omnia II. If you remember but just really highly reflective surface of the Samsung SGH i900 Omnia, you can see that here, after all, some progress has been made.

Round three: indoors in the perfect dark

Now seems to be clear: in this test, there is no tendency to be specified. In the dark the high-resolution AMOLED phones were back ahead, which probably came as no surprise. However, the weak outcome of the iPhone 3GS is surprising. It is questionable whether it has truly located on the iPhone or because purely subjectively seen only on the settings of the camera, iPhone in the dark is hardly defects. Less questionable, but the performance of the LCD is group. It is clear that they cannot match competition with the AMOLED.  Yet they are in a little bit better when it comes to maximum brightness.


, A clear winner not comes out from this test. Rather brings this test to combine the desire the qualities of an AMOLED display with the good performance of the iPhone during daylight hours. Most likely must be waited on so a performance no longer all too long. Until then, you should be well served but also with these two alternatives.

The video to the test

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