Ditto Is Already in Pokemon GO, Now to See If It Can Find

One of the great mysteries of Pokémon GO, and when you will return the tracking system, was If Ditto was or not. Pokémon GO now includes the pets of the first generation of Pokemon, 150 in total, but a few of them have been out of the casting: also is the case of Ditto.

The problem with Ditto is that Ditto, though a spongy body purple in its natural state, can be transformed into a replica of any object, including any Pokemon. For this reason, since the launch of Pokémon GO has been the question of whether it was in the game or not, since it could be virtually any of them. This theory has now been confirmed, when the sightings of Ditto in the game have spread like wildfire (probably because Niantic just add, otherwise I would have known long ago).

Your next Ratatta could be a Ditto

Niantic has faced a fierce and growing criticism prompted by the lack of the system of tracking of Pokemon, the repetitiveness of the game and other unpopular measures such as limiting the game in moving vehicles, and although at first it seemed that it gave them more or less the same, in recent times is more than effort in trying to win back the public.

We have seen many initiatives these last days, since Halloween events to small here and there adjustments to encourage those who are somewhat tired to return to play. One of the complaints of users is how difficult that is to capture some Pokemon, while map is full of Pidgeys, Rattatas and company, and now Niantic gives you a reason to keep capturing these ‘low level’ Pokemon: perhaps are not what they seem, perhaps are a Ditto.

DITTO CAPTURED ON VIDEO! #PokemonGO #Ditto pic.twitter.com/2VLIsFoh5Y

— Nick from WhatUpMC (@WhatUpMC) November 23, 2016

A few days ago Niantic commented that the game was full of small details and easter-eggs, and that some of them had not yet been discovered. It is possible that this was one of them, although certainly just be activated in the last hours, probably since the last update not incorporating any visible novelty beyond minor bugfixes.

So, if want to complete your Pokédex, that Number 132 It is waiting for you to refill it, and fortunately or unfortunately have no way of knowing where it will be saved capture as many Pokemon as you can. This week will also get the Double experience and stellar dust, so the search you will be more enjoyable.