DIY Wedding in Vintage Style

At the DIY wedding, I want to show you here, I don’t know honestly, where do I start: at the location at the Lake? The almost incomprehensible amount of DIY, which has made the bride for the celebration?

The self-styled stationery? Or do the vintage-inspired style and the many charming details? It is certain: this wedding of the Austrian photographer couple Tanya and Josef is one of the highlights of the year on my Bavarian Austrian blog – also if the bride is because “all red” if I now write. From the many information and long email that they sent me on my just as many questions, I want to not denied of course the most exciting details.

DIY Wedding in Vintage Style

“If I would say that it was no effort to do everything myself, and I would be crazy to louder what could I not nor everything do sometimes not, I’d be lying”, she says. Welcome in the Club of the Bridezillas, don’t let me there-that it would have been me itself differently…Therefore our Tip: sorted until the many ideas about which you so stumbles on blogs, in magazines and on Pinterest, and you then deliberately chooses some selected, that really fit to you. So it avoids the amount of inspiration to get you bogged down.

The many sweet details of her wedding explain the following own words – the bride and gives also some tips on how easy and cheap to get the vintage look, what kind of flowers she has used and with what loving ideas, your guests can pass the time, takes photos while your there.

“The collegiate church in Eberndor is very large and practically consists of a reception area on the ground floor and an elevated level, where the altar stands. The guest not sitting on the benches in the lower range, but on the upper level right and left of the altar. So they could be close to the wedding it and not only – as otherwise in churches normal – looked from behind.”

“Really great the decorative ribbons on the trees and lanterns have contributed to the atmosphere, which I had cut out of a metre.”

“Added as decoration we have signs, as well as the Chair sashes the paper umbrellas, white subjects, pom poms, Mr & Mrs -. The screens were the total highlight for guests. These have been formally they me from the hands.”

The DIY Items

1. a journey through time ensures conversation

“When we have attached wedding pictures of all the guests who are already married. I had previously glued them on cake top and labeled with the year in which the wedding was. My grandma and my grandpa were allowed to make the start, because the two are the longest married by all the guests: since 1956! Inspired the wedding photo of my sister-in-law, who got married in the 80s took me to this idea. Her outfit was so strange that I thought it must be yet exciting to follow how the wedding fashion in the course of time has changed. The images have given rise to really funny discussions.”

2. guest employment and name card

“When a guest number of 124 people a little order and planning includes. That is why we opted for a seating plan. To spice the whole thing, something we have hung old key on the small even reselling and attached to an old farmer door. There the guests on a sign the note read: “Find the key to your place”. At the time, where we took pictures, the guests quietly might be looking for your key and their place. So they were on the one hand and also have a little reminder on the day.”

3. top of cake: the highlight for vintage weddings

“Cake boxes are a great material, something to give a wedding in vintage style-and above all, they are also inexpensive. So wrapped around simple boxes, Grandma’s Mason jars and jam jars are easy to the eye-catcher. Also at the market for retro wedding decor, we were looking for and purchased the one or other small vase. We have decorated approximately 250 different vessels with little cake boxes, top tapes, various bands and Bandarolen. The lids of the jars and the old coffee saucers and cake plate of wedding dishes of my mother-in-law served as candle cups. Gypsofilia seeds, pink Spray Roses, Hyperikum and hydrangeas were the flowers that we have chosen. Also my bridal bouquet was matched to these cut flowers.”

4. the papeterie: Expiration, menu, name card, Church bulletin and table numbers

“Together with a friend we have worked on the design of the invitation. It was matched to the blush/pigeon blue/dark blue color concept. The trace has proved particularly handy, which we had designed as a bookmark: so it fit handily in each bag. We took advantage of the front of the menu, to make some words of thanks to our guests. Small flags that we set at straws served as a name card. In the Church bulletin I have installed at the beginning of our love story. So had the guest in time, where they wait in front of the Church enough conversation piece. Also the table numbers were of course the wedding design. Set up they were then in a small IKEA frame.”

“Our friends have organised balloons for us as a surprise with greeting cards to attach. These were matched to our wedding design. We let you get at the jetty. In the meantime we got back even a card that has arrived in Maribor(!).”

Dear, thank you, that you have offered me to these wonderful pictures! It was fun huge this article together with you, so the bride and groom & Josef, to put on the legs. Thank you!