DLNA – the new communication standard

Today is already possible to establish network connections between computers. What is the LAN connection for the computer, is Bluetooth cell phone or Smartphone today. But what if you now want to control your DVD or BlueRay player via mobile phone. Not possible? Soon – thanks to DLNA!

DLNA – digital living network Alliance

The DLNA is a merger of companies; not any but the largest companies from mobile phone, computer, and entertainment technology are in the Alliance. Among them are such as: HP, LG, Sony, IBM, Microsoft and other well-known companies from all over the world, so that the DLNA has more than 250 members from 20 countries. The forerunner was called digital home working group and was developed by Sony and Intel in 2003.

The goal of the DLNA

, DLNA is not a new network and transmission standard, but rather a single merger of existing protocols and systems that will enable communication between devices in principle in a single merger. Be used as Internet protocols (such as HTTP or FTP) and the procedures of UPnP (Universal Plug and Play).
Of the whole aims to provide fundamentally different devices so that a smooth communication between devices is possible with a standard. It is already possible to remote control media player or other devices, which are equipped with the DLNA-certified with some current phones such as the Samsung I8910 Omnia HD and the Sony Ericsson C905,.

How many devices already exists?

Since the current DLNA standard already by 2006, one could conclude that many units are available, which are certified with the seal of the jade. There are the REGZA series from Toshiba (flat screen TV) and the Sony VAIO, amongst others so far and at 2400 devices that are certified DLNA series. Also a (sadly incomplete) list of devices remains can be viewed on the homepage of the DLNA, currently around 1500 (publicly accessible) containing devices.

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