Don’t Fall into The Trap of The Betas of Super Mario Run, Hide Malware

Super Mario Run is one of the games more launch has drawn attention this year, at least in iOS, because in Android yet it has not been released, and we will have to wait for the coming year. Some eager to leave the game once, while for others it is so interesting to see an elephant to sleep.

In any case, already you commented a few hours ago that you can access the registration so that, once it is finally launched on Android, you receive a notification, and you can download it whenever you want. But this It does not prevent people with bad intentions to try to take advantage using as an excuse that you can download the beta of the game until you exit.

As you said a few days ago, one of the reasons why we didn’t already Super Mario Run is for safety, they wanted to make sure that the application is completely safe and will not be used as a weapon to attack users. Even so, there are some who claim to have a beta of the game, but what they don’t say is that it hides malware.

It must be clarified that There is no official Super Mario Run beta, and should at some point be, only some fortunate could enjoy it, and at all times he would be on Google Play to avoid precisely the entry of malware on user devices.

For all the above, We strongly recommend you do not case to any website that says having the game, albeit in beta, before its official launch. By very convincing as they may be, these sites do not have access to the game, so best you have some of patience if you’re that anxiously await arrival.