Doors and Windows Accessories Ensure More Protection

Doors and windows help make the decoration of the external spaces.

Doors and windows are to ensure more protection to people against climate actions or to assist in the installation of furniture. They are items indispensable for fulfilling different functions on a daily basis. Learn more about the products available here, as the prices are unbeatable:

Screen and panel

To get separate rooms with charm and without reforms, consider purchasing the screens and panels. Found in size 180 cm x 135 cm, these pieces are available in smooth finish or truss (with raised wood bars each close to the other, giving a more rustic look). The screens are produced with wood pine or MDF.


Commonly found on windows and doors, mosquito screens provide more protection of the children and pets, as the accessory eliminates the will of the parts. Much also used to prevent insects from entering the environment, the attachment is found in different heights, widths, finishes and materials (such as aluminum, steel and polyester).

Amendment and junction

To mount your window, especially the maxim-air version (of only one sheet model, which opens completely), you will need some accessories like the seams and joints .These parts are responsible for the perfect fit of the window in the holder.


The awnings are installed over the windows and doors, awnings guarantee under the people at the time the rain or the sun clench. Made of polypropylene, manufactured with UV materials for protection from sunlight, and polycarbonate material resistant to impacts, these accessories are found in different widths and colors. Choose the product whose size fits the window or the door of your home and be sure to get a model that combines with environmental external decoration.