Dresses with Straps: Discover How to Combine

Prepare a nice look requires common sense and of course, know which drops better with certain clothes. Nowadays, many people wear dresses with belts, for example, but there are so many varieties, in both parties, which is a little confusing to the combinations. To clarify this, here are some tips.

Learn the advantages of using belts with dresses

There are so many models, widths, colors and types of belts that women are in doubt about what is ideal to put with dresses. According to the personal stylist Cristina Zanetti, on your Web site and image consulting firm Style workshop, the attachment cannot be forgotten, on the contrary, it should be used because it gives a very different trim on clothing, in addition to garnish enough. Therefore, if the desire is to stay beautiful without having so much trouble, just put it that makes a really big difference in visual and also contributes to highlight the beauty of the costume.

Belts favor body parts

A great trick to leave the body with more pronounced curves and mark well the waist is to use belts . Here at allpubliclibraries you can get more information of the accessories. According to the expert, they are perfect to highlight the region and give an impression of more feminine silhouette. Even in helping to highlight the natural appearance of the woman or hide those small parts, a great tip is to put the lap belts go hip, in the case of those women who have this part very narrow body and the small trunk, for example. In this way, the accessory placed in that area changes a little waist to hip and still increases the torso.

What type of belt must be worn with dress?

Another very common question concerns the appearance of the belt. According to the personal stylist, the belts more discreet should be placed when it wants to acinturar a wide dress. In this case, worth made of leather, in neutral tones and smooth. Those with strong colors, and textured prints are indicated for garnish.

With these guidelines from those who understand the subject and works directly with it, it becomes easier to dress up well and kill.