Dual-SIM phones – two SIM cards in one mobile phone

Two different tariffs and numbers in a cell phone? This of course only works if you can take two different SIM cards. For our customers who are particularly interested in this rare genus of mobile, we have established extra a category containing only dual-SIM phones. If you don’t know what you should think of dual-SIM phones – learn more about the devices offered by us! You can of course already take a look in our category: Dual SIM mobile phone at bridgat.

Dual SIM – purpose

They are

often underestimated possibilities of dual SIM phones. In this country, the principle is unfortunately not very well known. Here you can work around some problems by dual-SIM, you may already know. It is so simple: with dual-SIM phones, you can simultaneously place two SIM cards in your mobile phone and use. This has some advantages, the possibilities are endless. You must be not particularly creative, to understand the benefits of dual-SIM phones. Here are just a few examples:

• a number for business use, is a private? No problem with dual-SIM phones!
• A plan to make phone calls and a cheap data flat? With two SIM-cards a little something!
• No reception? Simply change your SIM card!
• A number for your wife, one for your weekend flirt …? We are of course not silly thoughts bring you, but show how diverse the purpose of dual SIM phones can be!

Samsung SGH 980 DuoS

The Samsung SGH 980 duo is our dual-SIM Topquality. Expensive phones are so far unusual, in this area so that the touch screen cell phone with the 2.6 ″ display here stands out. Otherwise you will have at the Samsung SGH-980 DuoS on nothing. In addition to the dual-SIM feature the phone still multimedia features that are otherwise not integrated with dual-SIM phones. Visually the Samsung makes here yes already some SGH-980 DuoS. It is the first dual-DIM phone in the world, which is equipped with a touch screen! Briefly the multimedia features of the Samsung SGH-980 duo:

• 2.6 ″ touchscreen
• 5 megapixel camera with photo light
• MP3 player and FM radio
• JAVA support for games and programs
• real tri-band with two SIM cards!

Samsung SGH-D880 DuoS

We have

still a Samsung device in the program: the Samsung SGH-D880 DuoS has no touchscreen, is for slightly cheaper than the Samsung SGH-980 DuoS. The cheap slider SGH-D880 DuoS comes in a simple design. Here the main focus is on certainly function and less on the dual SIM multimedia gadgets. So if you are looking for a reliable device, which contains two SIM cards, we can give you the Samsung SGH-D880 DuoS with a clear conscience at the heart place. Multimedia is not the strength of the Samsung SGH-D880 DuoS. Nevertheless, some nice functions are integrated:

• 3 mega-pixel camera
• Mp3 player
• JAVA support for games and programs

can it be even cheaper?
Course down a lot is priced to make without having to give up the dual SIM feature. Simply click on one of the following phones to view them in our shop. All phones are dual-SIM phones, which you can order from us at a very special price! Of course once again find all featured phones with price at the end of this article.