E-plus time & more changes conditions – eBay special auction planned

The time & more tariffs from E-Plus are very popular. It sounds so also tempting: depending on the package you get a specific inclusive balance you can Talkety or may defer to the next month. This condition has been changed to July 1 now: unused inclusive units will expire at the end of the month.

No monthly transfer

the change come quietly. The condition that so special and customer friendly has made the time & more tariff by E-Plus, will be abolished: unused free minutes can not be transferred to the next month. This mobile phone tariff is the time & more to a normal flat rate. But E-plus what a is dropped:


is without question the time & more 1000 family the gem of the time & more. With monthly 1000 inclusive minutes in with the time & more 1000 monthly 1000 free units for only 57,50 euro rate you will get. This results is a calculated price of per minute / SMS from under 6 cents. A strong piece, apply the included minutes in all German mobile phone networks. Any more SMS or call minute costs 29 cents.

If you are interested in rates of E-plus or cheap mobile phone flat rates for the time & more, you will find it on bridgat.