Finally: Samsung Appstore launches on September 14

Which convince series devices of Samsung Omnia but by a good extensibility of the operating system Symbian, but unfortunately at the time barely usable downloads ready. With the games by themes or programs that are not designed for the Omnia series, already one or the other user has the operating system “ shot ”. Since then only the complete reset of the mobile phone helps. Now finally to be thus: from 14 September open the doors of the Samsung Appstore.

As of this date the Omnia users can look forward to at least ever series (Omnia and Omnia HD) from France, England and Italy, because there the Samsung Appstore is introduced for the first time. Initially, only the Omnia and Omnia HD models will be supported. Later, more smart phones are also supported. Samsung calls here above all the Omnia II I8000 and the Omnia Lite B7300.

, Programs will be available according to specifications of Samsung from the start at approx. 300 available. Among them are finding reputable Publisher such as Gameloft and electronic arts. It will be so curious what tease out the manufacturer from the powerful hardware of the current mobile phone models from Samsung.
Called the Samsung Appstore incidentally quite literally “ Samsung application store ”, likely to deliberately to differentiate from the Apple Appstore. If the start happy, may soon also German users about the opening of a German “ Samsung application store ” enjoy. How long it will take until then for now unclear.