First test – news from Sony Ericsson – Yari, Aino, Satio and co.

Touch screen, mobile Internet, mailing and huge display. It was previously on Sony Ericsson does not, or only on a very small scale. That should now change with the new. With the Satio comes a camera phone with 12 megapixel camera and huge touch screen. This is very suitable for multimedia playback. The Aino is the new video and audio star by Sony Ericsson. Also the Aino has a huge touch screen. It continues with the Yari, which is the new mobile phone game and the Jalou is a small Desginhandy with mirror function.


, The Satio makes a good impression. The menu looks really great, the screen is brilliant and the photos look great. If the price is right, it could be the a real sales hit. Although Samsung has been a device with a 12-megapixel camera on the market, but are the devices of the Cybershot series known for your quality. So the Satio is expected. The processing is very good and the materials used are high quality. The Satio a looker was especially in the colour white.


Touch screen display and keyboard in a single device. Unfortunately the touch screen still did not work, or only restricted what detracts from something the good overall impression of the Sony Ericsson Aino. The phone itself is not only chic but also well processed. The materials not so high quality look like in the Satio. The mobile phone will be the new multimedia device and compete so that the Nokia N96 and Nokia N95. The menu is reminiscent of a Sony PlayStation 3. And right there we are talking about the right theme! The Aino can connect with the PlayStation 3 and play so, the media content stored on the console on the phone. You can utilize this in Wi-Fi networks outside their own. A small video showing the already functioning technology and the great image of the Aino. The film is rendered on the PlayStation 3 and received via WiFi from the Sony Ericsson Aino, stutter-free.


the new game Pro from Sony Ericsson. The phone should be relatively günsitg. The games can be either by movement of the mobile phones or through movement of the player, which is perceived by the camera of the Yari, control. The first impression of the phones and the games: Great idea, but unfortunately not yet matured. Since the device a prototype was can you so hope doing something before the end of the year is.


Pocket mirror and phone in one. Do not scratch the idea, but as clamshell phone so had not built. The Sony Ericsson Jalou is very light and very chic. As a man I would not buy probably me but the small for the handbag is ideal for women. The phone is through stylish designed and impressed with the great purple hue. The mirror function of the display we have equal time of course tried and captured it on video. On the keyboard of the Jalou, an extra button for the mirror coating is integrated. Whether the Jalou is thus really fully fledged replacement for mobile and compact mirror of the ladies will show up.


Sony Ericsson has a few really hot irons in the fire, which be will certainly find a lot of fans with the new. If the teething problems of the prototypes were repaired a few real TOP phones expect us.

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