Extensibility of current mobile operating systems: Symbian, Apple OS, Android, Windows Mobile

Not remember many probably first and foremost, what’s about his cell phone software-side extensibility. But current mobile phones and smartphones in particular offer many opportunities to expand the existing software through meaningful programs and small gadgets. Now first and foremost fun is required or you seriously looking for a function, often you will find it. Reason enough to make a comparison between the current mobile operating system Symbian, Apple OS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Extensibility is already an important

It is important to customize your mobile or Smartphone on their needs

particularly young people. The simple integration of so-called apps in the iPhone is certainly a reason for the enormous success of the phone. Here there are not only many games and games in the app store but really useful programs (such as image editing programs, timetables, schedules, directions, etc.) to purchase, – it cost then but mostly money. But not only on the iPhone, the extra programs play an important role, also Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile are extensible.

Apple OS: open with a wide range

, Apple has a lot of software on offer. This is not exclusively programmed by Apple, but also by third parties who can then offer their software in the Appstore, but through the Appstore are these programmers in a certain dependency on what has caused even problems. This that much money was earned by small programs in rough set (even with only $5 per download), which had actually no value, Apple’s controls were tightened significantly. Who would like to offer an app in the app store now, have mostly days and weeks to wait until the app has been checked and approved.

On the one hand this is certainly necessary to keep high the quality of the offer, on the other hand, Apple is in the criticism because the controls take too much time. Yet: A great throw succeeded Apple with the Appstore. Very easy and comfortable you can cover himself here with the most varied programmes, which are available from €0.79. Many application are free to download, this is often Lightversionen, are restricted in their functionality. More elaborate applications already times well and like the can cost €10.

Symbian – compatibility and quality problems

At the current Symbian 5th Edition is somewhat more difficult to find good programs. The problem here, that this operating system in the latest edition is still quite young, but the missing touch screen support of old versions. Basically is the 5th Edition that backward-compatible: I.e. older programs to run on the operating system. Unfortunately still no appropriate update was made after many programs, so that the programs while running, but is not or not properly with the touch screen to operate.

OLI by symbians60.mobi 2008 made at the end of the effort and summarized the programmes already adjusted at this time. Now, there are of course much more programs, even extra technology adapted to the new touch screen. There’s unfortunately no prescription sure to find a program, because there is no official collection. Fairly extensive search results can be found at Google with the keyword combination “ Symbian freeware ”. The vast majority of the software available for Symbian is just such freeware, so freely accessible software.

Google Android – trend to growth

Also on the Google Android operating system is there a “ Appstore ” (the Android market is), which both attendant technical as visually strongly reminiscent of Apple’s Appstore, but not quite as mature works. The range of applications for the Android operating system is still limited, but after all, a clear trend towards free applications is noticeable, if you look at the number of available programs in the respective categories.

According to wikipedia there despite the low age of the operating system already 5000 programs for the operating system. It appears however problematic that restrictions comes here as the operating system itself and it that restrict the variety of programs for Android app market is itself not a open source. You can however hold that the market for such programs is growing steadily and the diversity is increasing, partly because Google itself in this area particularly eingagiert.

Windows Mobile – known from desktop Windows

Windows Mobile operating system for mobile phones, PDAs and Smartphones currently is the business. Here are Office programs all things installed, such as E.g. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (both in mobile versions). Also here is emphasis placed on the extension programs, but not exclusively offered by Microsoft, but also for program authors.

Is here to highlight that many known from the desktop Windows programs on the mobile operating system is ported and also very useful are available, such as Skype. This allows, for example, the telephoning over the Internet when Wi-Fi is available.


So far, Apple is superior to all competitors, in terms of extensibility, what comes to the variety and quality of the offered programs. Unfortunately here quality has usually a price to pay, yet enough for a little game for in between usually also the free light versions of.

Symbian has the whole slightly disorganized, what probably lies in the nature of the platform. Maybe a big step is done here soon forward if Symbian is open source. Android is the platform that has put the most amazing growth and Google is planning here big for the future. Windows Mobile is somewhat disorganized as Symbian, regarding the creation and distribution of apps, but here especially the free programs, score it already by the “ normal ” Windows knows.