Eva Mendes Wearing Glasses Prada Postcards

The beautiful actress Eva Mendes has chosen a pair of glasses Prada Prada’s newest collection Postcards. Postcards The Prada collection is a capsule collection of sunglasses very pretty and particularly the sun that has been proposed by the brand in the spring summer season 2010. The Postcards Prada glasses are a capsule collection consisting of 6 glasses, each dedicated to a location different, Prada is as if from each of this city would send a postcard home, kisses from here, hugs from there, an interesting and lively way to celebrate the summer.

Eva Mendes was conquered by Prada eyewear collection Postcards and wears them to do a little healthy shopping, she is still beautiful even when opting for a very “home” look like in this case.

The Postcards Sunglasses Collection Prada includes 6 sunglasses, each dedicated to a seaside resort of every major city, postcards Prada arriving from Milan – Forte dei Marmi, Los Angeles – Santa Monica, Manhattan – Montauk, Lisbon – Setubal, London – Cornwall and Paris – Biarritz.

Eva Mendes was photographed in Los Angeles with her ​​new Prada glasses but its postcard arrives from London because chooses glasses Cornwall.