Fashion Bracelets – the Best Options For Summer 2016

Bracelets are something every girl needs , because in reality, a necklace only requires a simple outfit with extravagant earrings, but a bracelet is a beautiful and versatile ornament, especially in the summer season.

The details are important

For many women, the bracelet is the final stage of their style as described in hand accessory.

After seeing some fashion shows for summer 2016, you realize that there are a lot of new and fresh ideas. In order not to miss this variety, let’s take a look at the main bracelets for summer 2016.

Every detail is important for women , from the color range, to the different combinations of materials.The bracelets should be carefully selected for each look, since they can complement your look well or destroy it.

Bracelet styles for summer

The choice of accessories depends on your own taste, however, the modern woman tries to follow the movement of the latest trends. I must point out that in summer 2016, the boho style is particularly popular.

In the summer season 2016, the main accessories are very natural and the perfect boho style supports this trend, making your look interesting.

Therefore, the bracelets in any combination will be very fashionable. Click for a tweet.

Calvin Klein, Celin and Marni presented bracelets with a minimalist and elegant style.

Chanel and Ralph Lauren have bracelets in the form of rings, which resembles shackles. Rag & Bone, Giambattista Valli, Balenciaga, Valentino, Lanvin, Chloé and Elisabetta Franchi have also presented bracelets with a unique style.

Indian bracelets for the ankle get a second air thanks to the introduction of the double bracelet, as well as different styles made of crystals, stones and metal.

When it comes to trends for the night, the summer season joins the popularity of vintage. Now 30’s and 60’s styles are very popular with young people. To wear 30’s style jewelry, you need to pay attention to the brilliance and if they are bracelets, they must have a thin chain.
Materials and combinations

The combination of small and large metal bracelets with stones will make the wrist have shade and look much thinner.This type of bracelets for summer can be purchased at the Nammu store.

Metal bracelets will continue to be popular next season, in Lanvin they preferred the use of large bracelets and in Louis Vuitton they chose the minimalist style.

This season promises to be adventurous, energetic and surprising in many ways.

For now fashion designers refer to different times, with more interesting mixtures, bright and unexpected variations.

Another trend of jewelry for summer 2016 is the use of wooden jewelry with asymmetrical shapes , as in the collections of Nina Ricci, Donna Karan and Marni.

The wooden bracelets are at the peak of popularity in the new season. Click for a tweet.

“Super delicate strings, or even beaded styles are the best choice for all occasions, the finer the better.”

The bracelet ring is another trend for summer 2016 … This is a bracelet connected to a ring with thin threads of some metal or leather.They have as much impact as the rings on all the fingers.

Stylist recommendations

The modern bracelets are huge Click to tweet.

For this reason, when professional designers are creating looks, they emphasize the hands. You can choose a thin necklace as a companion or complement the look with just bracelets.

The bracelets with stones, can be worn with a T-shirt or tube dresses , since they are universal.