Fashion Rings For Summer 2016

Fashion trends are not limited only to the items we find in the closet, but also to the accessories. And to be more specific, I mean the rings .They are beautiful, elegant and of high quality, becoming a perfect final note for your look.

Rings with precious stones

The best option for summer 2016, are the rings with gemstones as described in Click for a tweet

It may be a ring full of small crystals and could also have a single stone , but make it very huge.In this case, the stone should have a light color.

The shapes of the stones, should be round and square , as for colors, should be blue, pink and emerald.

A large stone is an indicator of good taste, making any hand look feminine. These rings are very similar to cocktail ring style, you can learn a little more about this style, here: ” Cocktail Ring – A Cry of Freedom “.

The use of several rings can be combined perfectly with duplicate bracelets .And the big rings on top of gloves will not lose their relevance this season.

When choosing the rings, it should be the same as in the winter season, you should pay attention to larger models, including large stones and aggressive designs. Designer Daniela Villegas presented rings with beetle shapes.And he made them of gold with sapphires, diamonds, and other precious stones.

Such rings give a bold and interesting look.But to create some harmony, you can use them in pairs.

Minimalist style rings

The ring you choose should be inlaid with stones, as long as it has a minimalist style.

The trends of 2015 will come to life in the new season of summer 2016. Recent models have letters, numbers and symbolic signs.

Hermes rings have simple shapes, but they are not common because of their sophisticated design, as in this ring with the letter “H”.

Mixed rings

Stylists recommend decorating our fingers with mixed rings.

Designers prefer to mix with gold and silver, so that we look perfect. The rings of Pamela Love , are cute and universal.They are made in gold and silver colors with a lot of semi-precious stones in the middle, to suit each style.

But there is also something to remember about metals for the summer season, and that is that gold and its imitations are the option that is more fashionable.

They are also used more frequently, those that are made with natural or artificial stones, beads and metals.

The rings in the De Grisogono collection have silver and fine crystals.

The combination of colors is also full of all kinds of tones, especially when it comes to pieces made of plastic .Stripes and patterns with geometric shapes will be especially noticeable.

Mixture of style

An unusual mix of retro rings with the latest fashion trends , will be used in summer 2016. Big beads with aged metals and pearls, is what you need for a night of luxury.

Floral motifs

And, of course, none of the warm seasons can be without the floral style.So the 2016 summer season will be no exception.

The rings and pendants with floral motifs, are the main words in the fashion of summer.

Engagement and marriage rings also have floral motifs.

Such jewelry will have a form of “drop” and square stones.

We must not forget that the shape of the ring, must adapt to us. Women with short fingers should not wear rings with a large stone . In that case, the best option are oval or drop rings.

Style boho

The desire to be close to nature, is the basis of the boho style.

These rings are made with natural materials.For the most part they are simply, intentionally natural.To this is added a look with atmosphere of freedom and feeling.

The main favorite of 2016 is a huge ring with round shape.

Several designers showed their preference for such a ring because this shape is ideally suited for any lifestyle . You can use it in everyday life and also in important meetings or an evening event.

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Original article: ” Fashion rings for Summer 2016 season ” – Translation: Valentina Gama.