Almost already commonplace – navigation with mobile phones

With newer smartphones GPS is almost de rigueur. Since istund also still significantly more manageable than from traditional navigation devices, the cell phone always the conclusion is home to the navigation system and easy to navigate with the mobile. There are now several ways without integrated GPS receiver.

, Seen less and less the image of desperate and completely overextended people with street maps in holiday areas or large cities. The parts are too bulky and sometimes also really difficult to read. Especially if the technology makes so easy it with navigation equipment. Enter only the destination address and you will be guided acoustically on the way to the target. Navigation devices are no longer only the big bulky things for the car, but more and more often are small and handy navigation cell phones on the market. This is of course particularly convenient.

GPS on board

Smartphones like the HTC Touch Pro 2, Nokia 6210 Navigator, the new Nokia 6710 Navigator are conventional PNDs in nothing. You have a big, bright and legible screen and are even antireflection coated. Especially in the car you should make sure with phones, which should serve as Navi, that the screen is not too small. In diagonal screen size of under 3 inches you lose track pretty fast times, when you should pay attention even on the road.  In addition, the speakers should be loud enough so that you can understand the instructions still good for streaming music or other noise.

As also happens with normal navigation devices battery no charging possibility to navigate fast to its limits. That’s why you should watch to get a car charger for mobile phone, so that the fun is over already after a short time.

GPS Ext.

For mobile phones without built-in GPS receiver is possible to navigate it. For little money, there are GPS receivers that connect via Bluetooth with the phone can be.  Another possibility is without navigating GPS receiver via mobile phone positioning. This is because the cell phone often needs to update the route and thus ever consumed a few dozen kilobytes for rides in the car but still quite inaccurate and expensive. Who has no data package, should consider again more accurately the.

The software

There are two different types of mobile navigation software: namely onboard and offboard.  When the onboard variant all card materials already on the phone are installed, which means you must each time to retrieve the data from a server and go for it on the Internet. Therefore, there are no additional costs in this variant. Phones with onboard are purchasing for the first time usually a little more expensive solutions.

When the offboard variant, there are no pre-loaded maps. However, many vendors offer often free offboard solutions, such as, for example, Nav4all. However you should consult before what you’ve got for a data plan with his provider. You have a cheap data plan, so a navigation can beat fast times record. Already the download work often only directly through the mobile what should devour Schonmal a few hundred kilobytes.  With low data rates, the cost of keep but within the framework and the offboard variant is therefore definitely thought.

And then the accessories

For the perfect replacement of the navigation device should be but also not the accessories aside.  For the onboard solution, man, if the software is not already on a memory card is installed, must first buy a CD or DVD and then install on a memory card. Anyway, you should consider beforehand how much GB for a memory card for your own cell phone are ever permitted and whether that’s enough for the software. The software is detected normally but also without installation directly from the device. Of course also the holder for the car is essential. Before buying a Universal Mount, you should rather look in the accessories section of his cell phone manufacturer since they are adapted to the respective model and are therefore safer. Meanwhile, there’s also brackets with integrated electricity.

If navigation phones like the HTC Touch Pro 2, the Nokia care for 6210 Navigator or the Nokia 6710 Navigator, are you on found.