Final Fantasy and More Games from Square Enix Discounted Up to 50% on Google Play

Christmas is just around the corner and Square Enix has a gift for you: discounts on a lot of their games, including classics like Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Secrets of Mana and more. The discounted price will be available from today December 22 until the next January 5.

Square Enix is somewhat famous for having a somewhat high price policy on Google Play (the “remake” of Final Fantasy VII costs 15,99 EUR) so this is a good chance to get one of them to a tighter price. That Yes, discounts vary from one title to another, going from 20% to 50%.

Games with a 20% discount

We start with those who have a discount retail, 20%. “Basically they are the”heavyweights”those Final Fantasy for PlayStation and PC have been reissued for mobile devices. The minimum requirements of these games are somewhat high for a mobile game, so check it before.

  • Final Fantasy VII: probably the most famous game in the series, will now cost 12,99 EUR.
  • Final Fantasy IX: it accompanies to Zidane and the Garnett Princess in this epic adventure for 16,99 euros.

Games with a 50% discount

The rest of Final Fantasy and some added more have a lot juicier discount: available half price. Although most of them are the remakes of Super Nintendo, there are also some 3D remake of Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV Nintendo DS.

  • Chrono Trigger: the original Super Nintendo RPG, with graphics optimized for Android phones and two additional areas that will be yours for 4.49 euros.
  • Secrets of Mana: leave that nostalgia will invade in this RPG with a glorious battle system in real time and adapted to the mobile gameplay. Now for only 3.99 EUR.
  • Final Fantasy: the story that started it all, the original Final Fantasy of 1987 with improved graphics will be yours for only 3.49 euros.
  • Final Fantasy II: the continuation of the saga, of 1998, also available at half price. Now, only 3.49 euros.
  • Final Fantasy III: the full remake of Final Fantasy III (Nintendo DS version) 3D graphics cost you only 6.49 euros.
  • Final Fantasy IV: another full remake of the story of Final Fantasy IV, with 3D graphics and the gameplay of their par reprint Nintendo DS. It will be yours for 6.49 euros.
  • Final Fantasy IV: After Years: If you’re with Final Fantasy IV, don’t forget its continuation, also with 3D graphics. The same price, EUR 6.49.
  • Final Fantasy V: It protects the crystals in this original RPG of Super Nintendo that comes to life with more customization options and optimized graphics. It will cost you EUR 6.49.
  • Final Fantasy VI: for some, the best Final Fantasy of all time. Relive the epic adventure by only 6.49 euros.
  • Final Fantasy Dimensions: take control of the guardians of the light in this Final Fantasy designed exclusively for mobile. Now it will cost you 6.99 euros.
  • Chaos Rings II: enjoy this RPG from Square Enix designed and thought from the beginning for mobile. It will cost you EUR 9,99.