Galaxy Alpha: Samsung is Building An iPhone

Samsung Increases the Pressure with Galaxy Alpha on Apple

Planning the attack on arch rival Apple Samsung with the Galaxy alpha? Already, rumors about a really noble Samsung Smartphone, which will be on the market are circulating on the net. Now a report came out, showing that the Galaxy name F or Galaxy Alpha should be listening and ultra thin noble smartphone from the House of Samsung iPhone of company. The noble mobile is already to come out in August.

Galaxy Alpha Samsung is Building An iPhone

The South Korean Korea news magazine Herald according to Samsung wants to equip his new noble flagship, which probably will hear alpha on the name Galaxy F or even Galaxy and is in an aluminum housing, with a mere 4.7 inch big AMOLED display. So far all rumors and Munkeleien were assumed by a display which should be much larger than 5 inches. The display but not only small, it should be also significantly thinner than when the current Galaxy S5. Insiders that the Galaxy will affectionately known as Alpha internally only “Card-Phone” Samsung – a clear sign how thin it actually is? According to the Korea Herald, the Galaxy will be just 6 mm thin alpha. Thus, it would be thinner than the current iPhone 5 S, appointed for September is expected even to some.

It seems pretty obvious that Samsung’s with a noble so ultra thin Smartphone like the bridgat alpha on the customers of Apple’s iPhone saw off 6. The iPhone 6, there are probably two variants. The smaller version of the two iPhone 6 is probably also a 4.7 inch display equipped with be – as the Galaxy alpha. And ultra-thin like the Galaxy Alpha should be also. The release of the Galaxy Alpha is expected for August, no later than September. The new iPhone will come out in September. Let’s see which model makes the race among customers at the end.

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