Not so expensive: Samsung Omnia II (I8000) in the millionaire package

, One of the hot he be test smartphones at all is the successor to the Samsung Omnia I900. In France, the Samsung Omnia II will appear as an alternative to the normal execution in the so-called Omnia millionaire Pack II. Fortunately, that is cheaper than it sounds at first. The package will cost around €649,-and a leather pouch for mobile phones, as well as a voucher for the luxury magazine “ millionaire ” contain.

Apart from the millionaire package, the Smartphone will be of course soon available with us. Still no date has been announced for the publication of the Smartphones, it is sure that it will come in October 2009 in the stores.

By the way, mittlerwele is unclear, whether the Windows Mobile Smartphone really comes with the latest version 6.5. It is likely that in this country only version 6.1 will be installed and the upgrade will be provided free of charge. One can only hope that Samsung directly installed the Windows Mobile version 6.5 and at least for the time being spared annoying software updates so users.

Lets you like from us free of charge find out, if the Omnia II (I8000) at bridgat is available. We will notify you by E-Mail!

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