Gelert Hebog 250E Sleeping Bag Review

Versatile sleeping bag for overnight stays at low altitudes, spring and autumn, Gelert Hebog 250E sleeping bag is designed by PimaSleepingBags to be practical and easy to use and to maintain a temperature as constant. All in an excellent value for money.

Sleeping Bag Review

Technical data of the sleeping bag Gelert Hebog 250E

  • Covering 170/70 D Polyester (material is the bag that the housing).
  • Folded dimensions 35 cm/20 cm.
  • Dimensions when open 190 cm/75 cm.
  • 1kg weight around.
  • 9.6 Comfort Temperature c°; temperature limit 5, 4 c°.
  • Drawstring closure at the top.
  • Simplex poly- padding.
  • Opening to the left.
  • Top zip closure with double tongue to open either from the outside than from within. Lower zip.
  • Available in different colors.

Characteristics of the sleeping bag spring/fall Gelert Hebog 250E

Gelert Hebog 250E supports dynamic use of the sleeping bag, which can also be used as a regular blanket. Use clearly depends on the context and situation where the Gelert Hebog 250E is used: whether indoors or on a mat and in tents or even on the beach. The variety of openings allowed by zip facilitates also the internal temperature regulation. In this regard, do not forget that the temperatures shown in the temperature data relate to adult men, while in the case of boys and women the comfort temperature goes up by a few degrees.

In any case, the sleeping bag keeps the body temperature stable – Island real from the outside environment and ensures good breathability. Heat loss is clearly limited if the lot is used correctly; also the drawstring on the upper side, with its padding, allows to obtain a particular warmth around your neck and head.

Custody/ compression bag supplied is particularly small and handy in case you move into backpacking and being of the same material of the sleeping bag, allows a minimum disperse moisture accumulated during the night if he retires in a hurry. As always, it’s still good to do take air lunches each morning.

Being a sleeping bag with synthetic filling, if you weigh more than those of much more expensive – but offers feather – simply reheat well even in conditions of high humidity.

A final significant detail: the zip has a strap made of felt, which prevents accidental opening during the night causing Awakenings with colds or muscles locked.

Best use of the sleeping bag for two seasons Gelert Hebog 250E

Born for the spring and summer climate and extreme conditions, the sleeping bag Gelert Hebog 250 can be used both during the nights in a tent as a sleeping bag for camping and as portable blanket for nights of all kinds, also in “home” while traveling, or as a companion of backpacking.


  • Top hinge adjustable from inside in case you want to lower the temperature inside the bag.
  • Very good value for money.
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Drawstring in upper side convenient and effective.
  • Small size which makes it transportable.
  • Heats even damp, having a synthetic filling.


As in much of sleeping bags, careful not to pull the zipper up too quickly: may become jammed.


The sleeping bag Gelert Hebog 250E represents an economic solution, efficient and versatile: being a rectangular sleeping bag that can be completely opened, it can be used much like a regular blanket can be closed and, at the same time, it is definitely not a low-quality sleeping bag.