Geschmacksverirrung – the 5 ugliest phones – Andreas flop 5

Colors, shape and appearance are a matter of taste, about the fight can be. However, some design missteps are not excusable. Come here my personal top 5, the ugliest phones ever.

Samsung W7100

the Samsung W7100 is to be a cell phone for women and children and not only with 100dB alarm, but also visually.  Is the Teletubby antenna just marketing gimmick or funds to the Selbstverteidiung? This phone is guaranteed to steal none.  For emergencies, the SOS function that passes the coordinates to the nearest Rescue Center by GPS, is but be useful.

Panasonic A100

As can be seen on the black and white display with more expensive abandoning background image, if the Panasonic A100 to eheres older model.  But it is not quite as old as you would expect, then don’t. in 2004 it came as dough phone on the market.  Really on call but not really is lust at the sight of.

Haier P7

What is this? A pen with which you can make calls? But a Higthech temperature gauge? The benefit to have a such strange proportioned phone is unclear. That in the spring Pocket as well as the use of undercover is negatively striking.

VK Mobile VK 4100

Who has concocted this Specter of blue, is punished. This phone is completely wrongly constructed by its dimensions and forms. The ocean shark look seduced there to throw this thing where it would finally be lifted: In the water!

Nokia 9110 Communicator

Where we have seen so far only colorful models, go’s back now to the roots to the design of black and green display. What perhaps even progressive may have looked, is now bulky, clunky, and somehow perfect over proportioned. A miracle, that now even quite good looks and yet the Commnunicator prevailed series by Nokia.

, Have you found also a particularly ugly cell phone? At there are also ugly phones? Then you write something. Your opinion interests us.

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