Gianfranco Ferre Glasses Collection

Gianfranco Ferre fashion show in Milan fashion week with a collection that exudes elegance, style, sophistication and femininity of every piece of clothing or accessory. On Monday of the fashion week catwalks of Milan, so here it is now the turn of a sacred monster of the Made in Italy style, these days the subject of doubts as to its permanence in our country. Looked like it was ready to fly to Dubai and the brand has confirmed that it will remain in Italy. He’s just looking for another venue, where they will continue to give us great collections like that of women’s fashion for next spring-summer 2013 that we have been presented.

These days in all stores carrying the brand sets we can find the collection autumn-winter 2012/2013 of ehangzhou blog, always very elegant and chic, as it is in the Dna of Italian fashion group. What they have created for us, instead, the two new creative directors for next spring-summer 2013?

The dresses are short, strapless or one-shoulder, but also long, with deep slits to showcase the models ‘ legs. No shortage of sensual shirts with transparencies that are to accompany in shorts or miniskirts ton sur ton.

The Accessories are simple and sophisticated and accompany with style every outfit worn by the models. We have Black sandals with heels and clutchesdiscrete matching perfectly to any oufit embellishing clothing style. There are also elegant belts buckled and sometimes also very curious and original.

Among the most popular colors for Ferre we, of course, black and white, symbols of elegance and refinement in its purest state. There is no lack of transparency that will be a trend to be reckoned with in the next season. As we do not wear animal prints pitonate protagonists of many dress brand!

And to think we thought it was the last show completely milanese for group Gianfranco Ferre, who a few days before the catwalk has released a note in which he explains that he will not be the last show: no transfer to Dubai for the brand, as suggested above, since Gianfranco Ferré Spa will remain in Milan at a site still to disclose “First of all, with regard to the ongoing allegations of transfer by Paris group brands in Dubai, the company insists Gianfranco Ferre firmly its intention to maintain its headquarters in Italy, particularly in Milan, declaring that” not having invested a considerable sum in the purchase of an Italian company to transfer it to another region“.

No worries then!