Glamourum Box February

This month, the box of Glamourum has come up with a little bit of delay and is since this month they become JolieBox. Therefore, now we will not receive the box “to the Spanish” but “à la française”. Do new bring will this change? Then we will know very soon the next installment is just around the corner.

So far, way to tell you what brought my box of February, which to many has been criticized and others disappointed them, on the contrary to my I loved. And why? I tell you in seguidita.

As you can see, the color of the box has changed. So far was Fuchsia pink and this time, the box has been black. Besides that, although perhaps aunque quiza sea be late if you petece buy it (which it is) tell you that in the month of February was launched the GlamourumBox Men limited edition, which as its name does foresee, it’s the male version of our boxes. But the price of the male version is slightly more than the of ours, 18 euros, since it’s a limited edition. The male box is not acquired as our subscription, but by direct request. And although at the moment there is no scheduled, it is possible to have it later again. Guys, stay tuned!

Inside, as always, the products and a little card with the details of each of them.

Anne Möller 8 Jours Serum:

It does not come in original 30 ml size but in an envasito of 4.9 ml. It’s a serum anti-aging that fights wrinkles, sagging and loss of density of the skin. It has a dense texture, but that to apply the product on the skin disappears almost instantly leaving skin super soft and with uan very pleasant fresh sensation. Its smell is soft and would not know how to describe it. Reminds me of the smell of classic creams range high… is a dusty and clean scent.

I can not assess whether it meets what promises because the sample was small and given to some applications just, but it is a product that does not me mind at all buy and test thoroughly because I like very much the finish that leaves me on the skin. They say the results are noticeable at eight days of use. I imagine that Yes, because the sample not I gave for 8 days.

As positive, saying that he has not caused me any type of skin reaction (that lately I have especially reactive).

An active ingredient that is a complex called Sinerbox and says that it acts on the gestural wrinkles descontracturandolas and reducing the appearance of grooves.

What if I have noticed is that it leaves the skin more luminous and as that unifies the tone.

It is not a serum that is specific for a particular skin type, but since it’s an anti-aging product, I would advise it for mature skin and not for young skin.

Size of sale price is €31.99

Bruno Vassari Aqua Pura:

It’s a cleansing water for face and eyes. The original size is 250 ml and the sample is 40 ml.

I must say in honor of the truth, that this product has not seemed much. It plays its role precisely, I do not deny it. Rub removes makeup, but not found me a water’s the best I’ve tasted.

In its description says that in a just gesture removed in depth any other make-up and impurities without irritating the skin, but personally it has irritated me the eyes and the skin of the face. Advise it to all skin types, even the most sensitive… don’t know what to say on the subject… maybe my skin is a little bit special, I know… but since then this product is not suitable for my skin.

As positive, it contains no alcohol or dyes or mineral oils and they say that it neither perfume, but its smell is a little strong for me.

Definitely, it would not invest in this product. The price of the original size is €15.10

Of this House, I have tried some products that you can see reviews here.

Galenco S.O.S. Bar Lip Repair:

A refreshing and nourishing lip stick format and original size of 4.8 g. special anti-cold and UVA and UVB filters.

Its components include aloe vera, beeswax and cocoa butter. It has an aroma that makes you want to bite the lips of who carries it:-P so very sweet… between cocoa and coconut… a delight.

It is very comfortable to wear on the lips, because it leaves them deeply hydrated and is not at all sticky.

Another thing that stands out positively, is that despite being a very creamy lipstick, its finish is not quite bright but rather between matte and satin, so the kids can use it without that it is striking. It may seem like bullshit, but these things give my boy repair and does not like the balm if leave you the lip gloss. This liked him.

It fulfills what it promises, keep dry lips very hydrated and free of cracks.

This product, in my opinion, only it has sunscreen lack to be perfect. I love it!!

Your price €2.95. At-home repeat with him.

The Hydreane Roche-Posay Legere:

It’s a fluid moisturizer for sensitive skin of normal to mixed. The original size is 40 ml sample is 15 ml

In general, the products of this House I like much since my skin reacts very well to them.

Specifically this and more now with the cold, me falls short in hydration. But it is normal since it’s a special for normal to mixed skin fluid and my skin is dry. But I think that in summer, can be a very good option since I always use lighter products at that time.

Contains no parabens or perfume and is only cream, so it is applied morning and night.

The left on the waiting list for the summer, but I am almost sure I’ll buy it, you I love its smooth texture and the beer that leaves the skin after application.

The original price is €13.50

Gift Glamuorum Nail File:

Obviously, it’s a nail file. By one of the sides nail file and on the other hand it has stamped in black and Fuchsia Leopard NAP.

For what is used the face Emery know all, to give shape to the edge ibre of our nails, but what is the side of hair used for? As well, in my Academy used use this type of files along with a drop of sweet almond oil moisturize in depth the nail. In fact, many professional nail brands, sell files on both sides are therefore of hair.

I liked this two in one.

Korres Questionnaire

A card with a few questions that if we answer them and went with her to one of the two points indicating by Korres, redeemed it us by a gift is from Korres.

It seems to me a good idea of the gift and go to look for it, but why only in these two Lords of Korres sites? Not only the people of Madrid and Barcelona are users of their products.

M.A.C. Makeup Session:

And finally, and no less attractive, brings a little card that is worth by an in charge of the brand M.A.C make-up session, well-known and used by all.

There is no more than make an appointment at your site purchase and enjoy the professionalism of inventiveness.