Globe Telecom Free Internet

Actually you would not necessarily use his cell phone on vacation, in many places the Smartphone with Internet access but a useful source of information has become the one not want to go without on holiday. Who for example mobile phone navigation GPS uses this location can significantly improve data roaming activation through the use of A-GPS. Thanks to the Telecom you can surf now a week free from abroad on the Internet with all devices that are connected to the Telekom network.

Of course, that its a Telekom have tariff is prerequisite for free surfing the mobile net of Telekom. How to take part in the campaign? As a Telekom contract customer you must be in the EU countries (country group 1 at travel & surf). Just go to with your Smartphone, tablet or laptop with UMTS stick (data roaming must be turned on – that creates no costs because the Internet connection is only made after booking of WeekPass!).

There you will automatically get a voucher (during the promotion period 01.07.13 – 30.09.13), which you can redeem for the booking of a week of Internet in the mobile network. The booking of a Weekpass (a week throttling surf 150 MB, then) is otherwise €14,99, but is free through the use of the voucher. The action has no pitfalls: there are no hidden costs, the booking is unique and ends on the expiry of 7 days and you have to cancel anything.