Google Maps App For iPad Street View

Google maps is finally available in the new version on the Apple iPad. It is a novelty that I waited even quite long because Google maps is one of my most used services on the Apple iPad. So far the use in the browser was not particularly comfortable, it was felt even easier on the Apple iPhone with corresponding app. Now get an app as well as Tablet user benefit.

In addition to the explore function, which displays certain POIs to the user by clicking on the magnifying glass built into the app (categories: eating, drinking, shopping, going out, overnight), there are hardly any new features compared to the version for the iPhone. The internal cards for buildings are striking. In the picture in this article, you can see E.g. the 4th floor of the Alstertal Shopping Centre in Hamburg. Whether this really does anyone? An integration of offline maps would be really nice, as Google has pushed them on Android. Maps can use the command “ OK maps ” are stored, a real offline maps function is missing but.