Google nexus 4 – alternatives

Who the sales launch of the Google nexus 4 directly on Google experienced white: long not everyone is Smartphone subsidised by Google to the course came. Most potential buyers are presumed empty, some have accidently double ordered and many came just too late. After the chaos at the start of the sale, many looking are for alternatives, because the nexus 4 can continue waiting.

The classic among the Android smartphones Samsung Galaxy S3 offers a nearly identical facilities compared to the Google Smartphone and has even a slightly better battery life and a 0.1 ″ larger display. Also a version of the Galaxy S3 with LTE is also available, what about the Google nexus 4 does not. For those who like bigger, will love the Samsung Galaxy touch 2 with top facilities, huge 5.5 ″ display and top battery life. HTC with HTC one X + also offers a top Smartphone with current hardware and HTC of typical very good processing the case.