Google nexus 5: it comes in October with LG G2 design?

In the meantime speculated very much about the Google nexus 5 – which manufacturers should get the contract for the new Google Smartphone? I thought I’d now after the acquisition with Motorola, but apparently it is again (as with the Google nexus 4) LG has become. The Chinese side (Google translate translation) speculated that the new Googlephone is based on the LG G2 (we reported) and it will continue to operated the aggressive pricing policy by Google.

Optically to the Google nexus 5 get the LG G2 and possibly also the special volume rocker or the on-off inherit switch on the back of the housing. When the display is on a 5 ″ Panel with full HD resolution set (1920 × 1080 pixels) and I hope yet strong, that even the Google nexus 5 receives the very narrow frame of display of the LG G2. Hardware technology of the new Snapdragon 800 should be but too expensive nexus 5 cheap Google, therefore comes the predecessor Snapdragon 600 used, however only 10% – 20% is slower. The camera should be less quality with 10 mega pixels on LG G2.

Otherwise the same specs with 2 gb memory and 16 are expected however gb or optional 32 gb internal memory. Should be installed on the Google nexus 5 Android 5.0 (key lime pie) – that corresponds not only with the name of the Smartphones wonderfully, but fits also means that Google would like to place the own smartphones as Android flagship. In October his (from 299,-€ with 16 gb memory) supposedly nexus 5 Google available, we keep you up to date!